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  1. I have tried everything i can, reinstall repair etc. but nothing worked. There were people like me did that but that didnt work as well as you can see on the forum post i made. It is by all means not about my game client it should be clear by now. İf there isnt a limitation on server side we could buy as many vouchers as we can but clearly there is a limit. Even the definition of additional slot voucher is still "11" so it is clearly server side problem. From what i see there is no limitation on free slot vouchers and if you have missed them on warden or zen archer patch you cant
  2. I have made several tickets to support and made a forum topic about this but since no solution or care provided i want to try my chance here as well. I have 11 chars on my account and on this official announcement https://www.bladeandsoul.com/uk/news/storm-of-arrows-store-update/ it is clearly stated that maximum char slot increased to 12. But when i try to buy additional slot voucher i get message "Purchase limit exceeded.Unable to purchase more." and i can see on the definition of this voucher that "The maximum available character slots in Blade&Soul is 11.You cannot purchase or use vouc
  3. This is second time you are answering me like this and i dont know how did i even offend you. Do you think i love trying to solve this problem on forums and losing time here? You answer as if you are a ncsoft worker or ncsoft fanboy. First of all you should learn reading since you said "multiple people have not used free vouchers said they bought char slots from shop having 12 slots just fine." Lets look those multiple people' post. So can you tell me where in the world they are saying they didnt get any free vouchers at previous patches or did t
  4. It seems you didnt see that i have answered you before as i have got the founders pack and i have been playing this game from start. The problem isnt about founders pack. It is about something else and i m pretty sure its about the free char vouchers i have missed since those vouchers doesnt have a limitation. Anyway if you have read all of the argument properly you should have seen the official Zen archer patch announcement link i gave: https://www.bladeandsoul.com/uk/news/storm-of-arrows-store-update/ It clearly says max char slot increased to 12 and i dont see anything about founders pack.
  5. This is really sad and frustrating. I have updated my ticket 3-4 days ago after finding their official announcement about Zen archer patch about max slot increasing 12 cuz they told me they dont have a definite answer about max char slot -.- I added the link in my ticket i asked them to edit my account from 11 to 12 or provide free char slot or anything they can do and i have also included some ppl even having 13 slots while i cant have 12 and i dont want to make&farm a new account just to try destroyer class, asking them to provide the normal game servise they announced. Unfortunately i g
  6. I have just found the Zen archer patch note link and on the patch note they say max char slot increased from 11 to 12. https://www.bladeandsoul.com/uk/news/storm-of-arrows-store-update/ But in my opinion this only works with free slot vouchers in my case. If you have missed free slot vouchers at warden, zen archer and earlier patches like me and only used hongmoon store Additional slot vouchers for increasing slots, then the limit is 11. Each account have a limitation buying this 400 hm coin vouchers and i cant buy anymore because of this so they need to change the data of voucher from 11 to 1
  7. I think its because i missed free additional char slots with new class patches. There should be a limit on account for buying Additional Slot Voucher and i think thats why i cant buy anymore. I have got the founders pack years ago as well but i still cant buy voucher even after new patch, still 11 slots. Else how do you explain him having 12+1 slots while i have 11 only? As i said before it think the reason is free char slots coming with new class patches. But still its unfair that i cant buy voucher for extra slot while some people have 12 or 13 slots on their account.
  8. I have updated my ticket and asked support if they can manually edit and add 1 more slot to my account but they said they dont have that kind of service and they cant manually add slots. On top of it they dont have definite answer about max char slots as support. I dont think they will do something about it any soon and i still cant buy additional slot voucher. I will try getting additional slot voucher by gift method, maybe i can get it with some1 gifting me i dont know. So if any1 wants to gift me additional slot voucher i will buy it with in game gold, please contact me here. I dont want to
  9. I'm trying to buy it everday but no I still cant buy voucher. I'm getting "Purchase limit exceeded. Unable to purchase anymore." error. I dont know what is wrong is it a bug or something else? I asked support for extra slot but they just redirected it to development team.
  10. I dont think i have client problem or bug. When i check Additional Slot Voucher information it says "The maximum available character slots in Blade and Soul is 11. You cannot purchase or use voucher in excess of this amount." and i cant buy voucher. So does anyone have 12 slots at the moment? I missed free character slot expansions during warden and archer updates maybe thats why i dont have 12 slots? Can any1 confirm this?
  11. I have 11 characters on my account and i play with all of them. Now i want to make a destoyer because patch is coming but i cant buy additional slot voucher cuz it says max char slot is 11. There are 12 classes to play in game at the moment so why is max char slot still 11? Is it intended or it isnt updated after archer class? I'm not sure about korean or chinese servers but i would like to have 12 maximum char slots so i can play with each class. I have already made a ticket about it but they just directed it to development team and nothing happened yet. I want to get a direct answer because
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