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  1. Actually I don't understand complaints. Literally. Getting gear isn't hard. It's just time consuming. But you can easily farm like 1.5-2k gold in week plus tons of mats. All you need to do is to have premium {which gives just +30% gold which means you still get 1k-1.5k/week} do daily/weekly challenges, BT,VT, SK raids tower of infinity and trial arena}. This way you won't need to farm any mats and buy only things like premium stones and sacred vials {even though you can farm and craft vials too}. As for UE4...most don't wait for it because of better graphics...they wait for it because UE
  2. Actually I'm really curious. I can find basically all presets for basically every major story character and even raid bosses. Still, what puzzles me is this: why there's no character preset for dowager {scarlet empress}? I mean...it's possible to get her outfit from raid,but...why I can't find character preset for her...it would be really cool to make my character to look like exact copy of her once I get outfit...
  3. It's easy for stages 1-5. Blackram narrows...(yeah..that dungeon which with some gems and unity lv40 can be without any effort soloed at lv15) 1st boss drops upgradeable ring....just feed in with other jewelry from same dungeon and you should be fine
  4. Actually they don't profit. F2P is garbage. WOW has like 15 times more daily players (like 4-5 million) than blade and soul (less than 200k) . Final fantasy like 7 times (about 1.5million). Both of those games are buy to play with sub, but both have so many daily players that it's higher than rest games in the list combined...tbh FF XIV might have more daily players than all free MMORPG combined. And I'm talking about daily players. Average amount of players which are online each day...not useless thing, like number of characters or accounts
  5. Good. That's the point. Let current crappy version of bns die. Let's go back. Reset. Without making mistakes were done in current. Get rid of : unity system, hongmoon point system. Make max level 45 and max hongmoon 30 but with 10x less exp needed for each hongmoon level. How to solve ults and lv60 passives? easy. Just make them lv45 skills which will be added when required content comes out. New areas and progression? Well..game is gear based..that number which defines level is basically useless. All stas comes from gear. You actually don't even need to level up to complete story. This game
  6. Only visuals? Well... literally no one cares about that. People are waiting for UE4, because they hope that it'll fix performance. Only visuals will make like 90% of population to leave. Maybe even more...and full upgrade at 2021 or never? Well...game will die before it reaches 2021. Especially with only visuals upgrade instead of full UE4. They don't care about f2p players. That's stupid. Why even make game free to play then? Why not make buy to play with monthly sub, if you don't care about people who play for free? And actually B2P plus sub could save game. Most successful games
  7. I know which publisher this is...they already killed 4 games...
  8. And they would do it 2000 more... New content isnt priority if it kills the game. I rather have game with lv45 patch and only outfits in cash shop, than a trainwreck which it is now. Actually blade and soul now is just parody of itself and looks more like insult to gaming industry, than an actual game. Only way it can be fixed by starting overv and avoiding making mistakes they done with latest version. And they should get rid of unity system and reduce max hogmoon level to 5 or 10. Even at lv60 patch. Get rid of hongmoon point system. Max hongmoon level reacheable by everyone in like 2-3 mo
  9. Horrible is the pay to win state the game is now. Tbh I hope they'll shut down current servers and start again from lv 45 patch on ue4. bringing it back to lv45 version actually would save game. Max hongmoon level 5. No need to upgrade billion items. No OP gems. No soul. No gloves,badges, heart, or brain. No stupid things like unity system and upgrade paths which make sense. Now game is such trainwreck, that I'm no longer interested in it.
  10. Actually prices will drop. Most likely a lot. Why? Because there'll be at least 360 times more of any craftable item. Previously you could have billion of mats and craft only 12 times per 24 hours with single character. Now you can craft 4320 times per 24 hours. So basically you can spend those billions of mats in single day. In other words. Previously it would took you one year to craft all those items. Now you can craft it in single day. And those who have tons of mats aka whales will quickly flood market with various craftables... Actually this could actually cause craftable item pric
  11. I agree. No one use other channels? Well...it's time to start using. I have separate tabs for Region Party Clan Faction Pm NPC chat Normal chat (say, shout,emote) It's not that hard to do. Takes few minutes. Also party recruitment has separate tab. What makes it weird is the fact that no one use dragon spire to recruit, but instead pollutes chat with spam. We have perfect tool for finding parties for dungeons and raids, but no... people rather go full ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ and spam faction chat.
  12. They don't care about this game. They have 4 blade and soul mobile games coming out soon. They might be killing this game on purpose..and focus only on mobile games..sure AION and lineage 2 has mobile versions too..but at least those are just oen game for lineage and one for aion...
  13. Spiders? huh...I never farmed spiders....you can farm other things..maybe a bit slower, but at least no one would ruin your experience...there are 4 zones to kill monsters in moon refuge. you can always pick one where whales don't take your mobs :)
  14. Read my post again and again untill you get it...allowing quest to be completed 11 times..this time 12 daily account wide....is not infinite. There are no difference between doing same quest (s) 12 times on single character or one time on 12 characters...tbh you even get less on one character than on 12 this way..simply because you can do raids only once/week on one character...so by doing same quests 12times/day on one character you actually even lose some rewards. And tbh there's basically no difference if you get 50 sacred oils/event by farming them on one character or on 12...except you wo
  15. actually...it could eb done to work perfectly fine with one character without being unlimited. Idea is simple. Event currency would have limit on how many times/day it could be claimed from specific dungeon. Make it 5 dungeons with dynamic quests which give event currency, but event currency could be claimed only 11times per day accountwide.Each dungeon would give 1 coin.each weekly challenge (Fas,snowjade and both halls) would give 3 coins extra 12/week That makes up to 55 coins/day, and since things like sacred vial or pet pack has weekly claim limit, it shouldnt be an issue. Sure peopel wou
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