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  1. QOL suggestion about events. could eb done to work perfectly fine with one character without being unlimited. Idea is simple. Event currency would have limit on how many times/day it could be claimed from specific dungeon. Make it 5 dungeons with dynamic quests which give event currency, but event currency could be claimed only 11times per day accountwide.Each dungeon would give 1 coin.each weekly challenge (Fas,snowjade and both halls) would give 3 coins extra 12/week That makes up to 55 coins/day, and since things like sacred vial or pet pack has weekly claim limit, it shouldnt be an issue. Sure peopel would get tons of octa gems..still..pretty sure you can easilly claim 11 octa gems during current event if you have 11 characters...and those who actually play each aday and do all daily and weekly challenges could claim like 20... lets see... weeklies gives 6+6+3+3=18 Daily challenge gives 6 login rewards most likely will give 3 as usua for premium. So if you're premium you get 9 event curerncy eah day with extar 18 from weeklies maximum 9x7+18=63+18=81. Octa box is worth 80... So in 4 weeks you get 324coins....aka 4 octa gems..and that's with single character. Having 11 characters would give 44 octa gems and 44 coins remaining 3564 gems in total... with my idea you could get 55x28+ tbh its low. very low..up to 20 octa boxes per event. So tbh it could be double. 2x from dynamic and and 6x from weekly. so it would be 110x28+24x4+3x28=3080+96+84=3260...or 40 octa boxes... still lower than now having 11 alts and doin daily+weekly challenges and having premium..lower by wouldn't get infinite tokens if there are limits applied. :)
  2. Archer Hair Style

    stands of on original hair? You already seen how it looks like? If not..then its possible that item comes with specific hairstyle..still, cant be sure untill patch comes out :)
  3. I wonder whether to come back to the game?

    I agree. Story is a joke. Want good story with good voice acting? Try secret world legends. Still...there is nothing wrong with endgame being hard to get. You think gearing in blade and soul hard? Try getting best gear with Max enchant in lineage 2 pre goddess of destruction patch...
  4. I wonder whether to come back to the game?

    tbh problem isnt with game. Problem is with players. They want to have everythign here and now. Get best gear without effort. Thats why whales get good gear fast. Sure, its basically impossible to catch up to them wihtout spending real money, but it shouldnt be your goal or focus. Just take it slwo and enjoy the game, join clan, learn mechanics of raids and dungeons, farm outfits, participate in events and so on :)
  5. Possible reason for bad performance in Blade and Soul

    weird..because Nvidia settings+ high priority process made game playable for me at 64 bit geforce I use worked decentyl even with older card. Still..that works for PC..not sure about laptops
  6. Play in Polish

    "As for the guest from "Languages under the Sun" if something doesn't suit you, you don't have to read it or comment on it.?" That's true, but...people see problems with that,because of how big game cleint becomes. Sure, you can have game translated into all languages in the world, still.that would make game like 10-20 times bigger, it would take ages to download or update it. Especially those with slow internet. Thats why game is translated into most popular languages: English, German,Russian and French. While Poland is big country, its using its own unique language which is basically not used outside country. I mean..if Polish language gets in game, then if should be posisble to ask for them to translate into languages of all 9 Baltic states, or into arabic, since accepting muslims is new trend in Europe...
  7. Game dying

    Most likely....still...even if patch is 2 weeks later..on sep18, I hope they'll give us at least a little info this week... Also stream might not happen if it'll be focused on p2w stuff (just like current trash tier reputation and purple ascension stone sales on cash shop)...
  8. Possible reason for bad performance in Blade and Soul

    Reason is simple. UE3 is VERY bad choice for MMORPG game like blade and soul> To solve it try running game is high priority Press ctrl+shift+esc to open task manager Go to details tab. Leave task manager open. Then run the game. Once you press play button ther should be blade and soul process in details tab.It has blade and soul logo next to it. Right click on it. Choose "set Priority" Select high priority Confirm priority change. Changin priority is recommended while game is loading. P.S You can change priority of any program if you wish to make it work faster Information is not saved. Next time you run program it'll be set to normal mode so you'll need to set it on high priority again. That means you need to repeat all steps when you close and re open the game
  9. Play in Polish

    They could do it, but most likely they won't. Simply because translating all of game requires lots of resources. . Its not one of main languages (english, german, russian, spanish and french) used aroud the world so its not easy to find person who can trasnlate polish isnt easy. And it would benefit only one country...
  10. BnS is taking 50gb space on my SSD

    50Gb..but that's nothing tbh...some single player games are larger than uses similar amount too..and considering graphics of bns and its combat system , its natural for it to require 50Gb...
  11. Game dying

    Its not dying. It is dead long time ago. Now they are just putiing nails into coffin. Sure game is popular and has few players left. Still...the state of game is tragic. Pay to win events and no streams..twice in a row(?) I patch should come on 9/11. We have zero news about it. Not only they don't mention anything about stream, but we have zero information about what's in patch. It's like they don't care at all. Compared to game we had in 2016..this one is just broken shell of it. Producers letter with roadmap for 2016 (whole year) vs this...keeping players in the dark about what's about to happen in less than 10 days... what's in next patch NC Soft? Ultimate packs which Gives ET jewels, BiS soul, pet, dyad gems 8x and ET weapon stage 1 for just 99999NC Coin?
  12. So Many Broken Promises, It's Time to Go

    It is pay to win..sadly you're blinded by evil NC Soft, pay to progress is just another word for pay to win. Sure you can get everything just by playing. Except one tiny detail. You'll never get Best in Slot gear while its still best in slot. Game release updates way to fast and introduces new gear faster than you can achieve it. You'll always fall behind compared to whales. In example you need 2 weeks to get one octagonal gem. To get gilded traingle you need 3 of octagonal (thats 6 weeks total) and 32 hongmoon gem powder. To get gilded square you need 3x gilded triangle (18 weeks) and 128 hongmoon gem powder..but here's more fun part. dyad gems exist. You need to fuse two gilded square to get it (36 weeks) and 256 hongmoon gem its 36 weeks to get one BiS gem. Plolt twist: you need 8 of them..oh and lets not forget all other gear..soul,pet.weapon and other things..and you need 254 weeks just to get all gems. with alts? divide that by 11...still ~23 weeks. Thats 6 months..just to max all gems...getting all gear could take like 2 would be fine if game didnt introduce much gear..but during 2 years you might get...2 new raids...tons of new stages for pet and stuff...each of item requiring more effort than before..being more expensive and requiring more and more farming. So its like treat game like second job without ever seeing a top, while whale runs past you with BiS gear few days after that gear got released. Not pay to win? actually its heavilly pay to win. Also lets not forget that whales manage to do 40million DPS burts while free players have hard time doing more than 10 million DPS burst... Just..create new character today..on freshly craeted new account and see how long it takes to catch up to current whale...
  13. Game started terribly tbh. Sure, idea is fun, combat is fun, upgrading items is unique. But their attempt to control market failed epicly. Stable prices of mats? bullshit. I rather have moonstones costing 100g each while being able to get 1k gold from just questing than have current system. bound mats are cancer. get rid of those. Let us sell everything..except equipped items. Get moonstones from dungeon? sell them , got sousltones? sell them. Got weapon box from dungeon? sell it on market too? outfits from store? sell them on auction house too. Also what with everything costing 1 copper..or max 1 silver? And dungeons giving basically no exp, monsters dropping so little. while in all other (normal) MMO you can just farm your levels just by killing monsters or by doing dungeons oevr and over again. Its done to combat gold sellers? I REALLY doubt it. Its to force us to spend money on game.There's no point of buying any of packs if you can get them in game by buying from auction. Also gold sellers might suck..but they aren't a threat...I mean...all games had them and still have, still those games live much longer than blade and soul....maybe they should turn blade and soul into buy to play or buy to play plus sub.... anyway..this game is marked for death...NC soft are slowly pushing game to its doom and making shutdown date closer and closer...proof is those boxes with radiant stones and reputation exp...getting one purple stone is rare thing. I have like 10 blue and none of purple. who knows..their chance might be 1% or 10%...never got them..but here we can buy those things for cash...they don't affect stats much..well...all purple stones surely is great boost....whats next? hongmoon skill point sell? tbh sealing charms were horrible they thought of somethign more evil... As I said..this game is marked for death...tabula Rasa, City of Heroes, Master x Master and wildstar are victims of NC Soft's greed. Next in lien seesm to be blade and soul...after that most likely AION and finally Lineage 2..that's because they don't care about PC gaming..they only care about their cancerous 4 mobile versions of blade and soul and other mobile crap they are going to release. Why crap? Not because mobile games are bad..soem are might be good..but because they drains your phone battery faster. How does buying new phone each year or even faster sounds like? Fun, right? Mobile games wouldn't be a such big problem if phones had replaceable battery. That makes all environment protectiona big scam..who cares how much we try to recycle and avoid pulitng air if we are forced to throw tons of electronics because phone's battery is dead...
  14. actually..drop rates and stuff can be altered by NC west..also costs to upgrade. Hongmoon gem powder is good proof..other regions still have radiant stones...also Korea has option to salvage outfits (all of them), chance to fail when evolving weapon and stuff. We dont have those. We even have different underwear for female characters. NC west can alter game at some degree. Bundles are just can easilly alter what's inside. NC west can change that.
  15. 40M DPS realy

    ancient weapon levels..damn if I understood those correctly maxed out ancient level weapon gives extra 600 or 700 gems fro accessories exist in korea too...that wouldnt be an issue, but imagine ET having 4k AP requirement :D