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  1. Tbh its time to leave this crappy game. I rather play swtor or secret world legends. Or even wow. Cash&trove (that's how this corpse of once great game should be called) can even get closed. Just like everything NCSOFT touches
  2. my friends quit bns

    Raven 6-9 is enough? nice. Still going above raven..that might need good gear..damn even raven itself requires raven gear these days...
  3. my friends quit bns

    fragments are tradeable. Except no one is selling them. I tried to put one for 10gold in auction. Got message: Invalid item. So until that nonsenses is fixed you won't be able to trade them...
  4. my friends quit bns

    But you need almost endgame gear to access brood chamber normal mode or ET and TT.
  5. Level 60 can kiss my buttocks

    Other 3? Tabula Rasa City of Heroes Wildstar
  6. Heaven’s Mandate & Cold Storage Antique Items

    I agree. But, most of creatures and bosses are at level 60 or below so technically your critical rate should be the same. New rate is against 60+ creatures. For anything below your previous should apply or even bit higher than previous.
  7. Level 60 can kiss my buttocks

    NC SOFT are known for killing their games. Killed 4 already. Blade and soul might 5th. Especially when 4 blade and soul mobile games are coming out soon...
  8. my friends quit bns

    Its still P2W. You know why? Gear gets outdated faster than non whales can get it. That makes endgame gear (while its BiS) accessible to whales only. If this game had patches every 6 months you could catch up to best gear, but with current rate of expansions being released,its impossible to catch up. If I calculated correctly this update (awakening patch) is 21st patch of game which adds better and better gear. 3 years 20+ patches...
  9. It's pretty obvious what's happening to this game

    Blade and soul story and voice acting sucks compared to secret world legends. Tbh star wars old republic has better story. Also guild wars 2 has better story too. And yeah,most people never reached endgame. And that's fine. Tbh I'm totally fine with idea that I will never reach max level in lineage 2. I'm totally fine with idea that that best in game gear is basically impossible to get. Problem with current MMORPG are that players are lazy and tbh stupid. They wish to have endgame gear fast even if they spend 1hour/week in game. They don't want to put any effort and have everything. That's why whales exist. Lazy,rich,stupid people. Such cancerous type of community is main reason why P2W is successful
  10. It's pretty obvious what's happening to this game

    It was never about endgame. Endgame was for selected few who are basically best in game. Leveling itself was a challenge and it actually effort to reach it. It was actually an achievement. Now everyone and everyone's dog can achieve it. Reaching max level is a joke now. Unless it's lineage 2. Have fun reaching max there. Compared to it HM 30 sounds easy.
  11. my friends quit bns

    It'll get worse. Once all 4 mobile games comes out PC version might get even worse and worse until they decide to shut it down. Actually I doubt that we'll get 5 year anniversary. Game in Korea might continue living but no NA/EU version...
  12. It's pretty obvious what's happening to this game

    MMORPG isn't video game. Its virtual world. A universe in which you travel across the world, fight and grow stronger. Its never supposed to be about endgame. True MMORPG is about journey not the endgame. True MMORPG is all about world itself. Closest to it is World of Warcraft. MMORPG genre is dying only because its mutating into something hideous, straying further and further from what its supposed to be. Grind? Its part of MMORPG. And trust me I rather farm one million gremlins for upgrade needed for my weapon,then rely on RNG. F2P? That's literally worst thing what happened to game community. Spending 30-60€ for game plus 13€ sounds lot but wasting 50€ each month on outfits and RNG boxes isn't? Tbh games like blade and soul work better as coop versions instead MMO. Just sell game for 40€ and expansions for like 10€ or something like that. It could be just like elder scroll or fallout single player games with coop option
  13. Blue Quests removed from Moonwater, Cinderlands and Viridian

    Blade and soul? More like blade and trove or even better Cash&trove that's how this game should be called. I rather play swtor. It might be P2W too but at least it has story quests and I can have different experience on 4 characters while playing. With 4 (really NC soft? ) mobile blade and soul games coming out,PC version will be left to die. UE4? It's like politician who never lies and keep their promises. It will never happen. They have more chances of them killing game before UE4 arrives. Tabula Rasa City of Heroes Master x master Wildstar Next in line blade and soul?
  14. It's pretty obvious what's happening to this game

    What's happening to game? Tabula Rasa City of Heroes Master x Master Wildstar Blade and soul (?)
  15. It doesn't matter. It dies too fast