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  1. Forums Allowing Custom Profile Avatars

    world of warcraft solved this issue perfectly. You can post on forums as in game character. Your avatar=small portrait of your in game character. You can change it by posting as other character :)
  2. (Dumb) Personal "Playstyle" at Best

    Endgame in bns is dungeons and raids tbh. If you're not into those there's little activity. still, you can try doing event dungeons or just farm celestial basin or moon refuge. those are open world areas and doesn't require group for you to complete or you could try solo instances like tower of infinity, mushin's tower, outlaw island, ring of reckoning and so on :)
  3. Russian Patch comparison

    I thought the end of those coming soon. I imagined them having one stage instead 12. But this seems worse. Removing those things from game will be painful for alts. Now we can just keep buying boxes until we get 8 slot bale/seraph version and upgrade it to whatever we like (rift/dawn/raven). But without bale/seraph we won't get that option. Only upgradable version will be rift/dawn stage 3 (stage 1 and 2 seems to be useless after removing bale/seraph). which comes from quest with no option to buy it. It always has 3 slots. So unless bale/seraph are turn into one stage version (like immortality ring and stuff) or we are given option to buy it from naryu coin merchant, alts will be stuck with 3 slots or be forced to pay...110 legendary hammers (assuming that each stage for legendary is 22 hammers and amount don't increase) to get 8 slots...
  4. Remove Cerulean faction/remove factions completely

    outfits for cerulean and crimson should work same way as in example blackram and bamboo guard. This would allow you to equip both. Cerulean and Crimson outfits. Faction quests would work the same as now. Except you could choose which faction to fight for. Equip Crimson and you're free to fight Cerulean NPC, bosses and players. Equip Cerulean and you can fight Crimson. reputation system? Simple. Killing players or faction NPCs would give points just like it is now. Also you could get reputation by killing any opposing faction players. In example you could equip bamboo guard uniform and kill players with blackram uniforms for faction points. This way everyone could join the same clan and still fight for faction they want.
  5. [Suggestion] Login Reward addition

    so once again..NC Soft are listening for lazy people. Tbh I prefer one round daily dash with outfit at the end instead current multirun version. Why? because in one round version you get all items. You get not reward you land on but all rewards in your path also. Current system doesn't help players a lot too...I mean...if you need brilliant key...or some cores..there are chances of you never landing on them and getting worthless rewards. One round version gives you everything ..even things left behind you. Also since it can be completed only once, I see no harm. Tbh NC Soft shouldn't listen for not so smart people who don't like free outfits. Cool looking outfits for free? well...they give outfits via events, completing new story or as newsletter gift and everyone is fine with it..but as soon as outfit appears in daily dash, little kids starts to whine and NC Soft sadly obeys wishes of kids
  6. Ascension Pouch Available Until March 22 for 0 NCoin

    Tbh its time to leave this crappy game. I rather play swtor or secret world legends. Or even wow. Cash&trove (that's how this corpse of once great game should be called) can even get closed. Just like everything NCSOFT touches
  7. my friends quit bns

    Raven 6-9 is enough? nice. Still going above raven..that might need good gear..damn even raven itself requires raven gear these days...
  8. my friends quit bns

    fragments are tradeable. Except no one is selling them. I tried to put one for 10gold in auction. Got message: Invalid item. So until that nonsenses is fixed you won't be able to trade them...
  9. my friends quit bns

    But you need almost endgame gear to access brood chamber normal mode or ET and TT.
  10. Level 60 can kiss my buttocks

    Other 3? Tabula Rasa City of Heroes Wildstar
  11. Heaven’s Mandate & Cold Storage Antique Items

    I agree. But, most of creatures and bosses are at level 60 or below so technically your critical rate should be the same. New rate is against 60+ creatures. For anything below your previous should apply or even bit higher than previous.
  12. Level 60 can kiss my buttocks

    NC SOFT are known for killing their games. Killed 4 already. Blade and soul might 5th. Especially when 4 blade and soul mobile games are coming out soon...
  13. my friends quit bns

    Its still P2W. You know why? Gear gets outdated faster than non whales can get it. That makes endgame gear (while its BiS) accessible to whales only. If this game had patches every 6 months you could catch up to best gear, but with current rate of expansions being released,its impossible to catch up. If I calculated correctly this update (awakening patch) is 21st patch of game which adds better and better gear. 3 years 20+ patches...
  14. It's pretty obvious what's happening to this game

    Blade and soul story and voice acting sucks compared to secret world legends. Tbh star wars old republic has better story. Also guild wars 2 has better story too. And yeah,most people never reached endgame. And that's fine. Tbh I'm totally fine with idea that I will never reach max level in lineage 2. I'm totally fine with idea that that best in game gear is basically impossible to get. Problem with current MMORPG are that players are lazy and tbh stupid. They wish to have endgame gear fast even if they spend 1hour/week in game. They don't want to put any effort and have everything. That's why whales exist. Lazy,rich,stupid people. Such cancerous type of community is main reason why P2W is successful
  15. It's pretty obvious what's happening to this game

    It was never about endgame. Endgame was for selected few who are basically best in game. Leveling itself was a challenge and it actually effort to reach it. It was actually an achievement. Now everyone and everyone's dog can achieve it. Reaching max level is a joke now. Unless it's lineage 2. Have fun reaching max there. Compared to it HM 30 sounds easy.