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  1. Hello, Will the soulboost be extended due to missing a lot of time because of the bugs?
  2. Deep sigh. Most my friends already quitted but I stayed. But how can I continue anymore? The reason I liked this game, besides the amazing combat system, was that there were no RNG upgrades. One would know that after grinding for something, one would get something. But now... There is nothing more than rng left. Throwing everything you worked for away for nothing, over and over again. I was unlucky and never got weapon to +11. And i absolutely hate trying to upgrade anything now... I don't want to keep playing, knowing that all my gear from now on will be
  3. Hello, thanks so much for your post, I agree. I have played this game since launch, and now I've discovered that I will not be able to catch up anymore even if I spend all my time off work in BnS, because of this issue of bad RNG luck and not enough gold income. ( I have always tried to stay high gear, not max but very competitive) Also due to the RNG upgrades, I don't want to throw away any real money just to fail and fail and fail the upgrades. I failed 27 times to get one accessory to +6, I wish I would've recorded it as I think the chance of being that unlucky is l
  4. I agree about removing fusion stones entirely, that would work too. RNG stats on new accessories aren't an issue, because nothing gets downgraded and I won't lose anything. I don't mind the grind, I mean I play this game afterall lol, not asking to get stuff after just a few runs.
  5. @Hime did you see this thread yet? As a result of the disappointment because of this upgrade/downgrade system that is very unfair, combined with the depressingly high amount of runs needed from the new dungeon for gear, almost all my friends have moved on to a new mmorpg... The progress of gear should be determined by the work one puts in the grind, not gated by luck. This is a very depressing and unmotivating system. If fusion stones would be craftable in the same way as transformation stones, this system would be more acceptable. But in it's current state, some players might never upgrade th
  6. Oh and to note, I only wanted to go initially to +9, then only until +8 to gain what was lost, but in those 135 stones my wep never even went past stage +6 again, so it's not like I tried something impossible.
  7. Oh and if you're worried about whaling make it so that it can only be used until certain stage like +10
  8. I used 135 fusion stones to get my wep from +8 to +3. I want to quit, took me like half a year or more to gather those stones because I hate pvp. Why is the system so stupid, that when you fail the upgrade the enhancement stage always goes down? The most punishing + rng system fo all the games I've ever played. Other games had protection items in cash shop and there the downgrade on failure wasn't even 100% chance. So why can't you sell those too?
  9. @Hime I'd only bother to post here now when something outrageous happens. So now it's time. I sent a ticket asking to change my tokens into the rewards obtained from the letter-tiles, but my ticket was responded with a refusal to help. When others have already shown their ticket response where the support has offered them the service that I was denied, that makes the reply I got nothing but a lie and disrespect. Treat your customers equally, and not with rng. Make the right choice and enable the transmute for the Halloween tokens into letters again
  10. Soon the whole server will run out of them. The price is just going up and up every day as there is not enough supply to satisfy the demand. Prior to this update we could get Ascension shards from the daily challenge, which was easier to complete on alts too. Now they have been completely removed from the dc chest! The only source to get them via ingame farming is weeklies now, giving you 3 orb fragments. Half an orb per week is not enough. Please add the shards to the 2/2 dc, or give more of them as reward from the weeklies. The problem is only going to get worse and worse over time.
  11. 1 out of 11 weeklies this week. Why was this droprate change not in the patch notes? Why was the droprate even lowered?
  12. This time after doing 11 weekly challenges and only receiving 1 fragment, I was wondering if I was just extremely unlucky or if the drop rates were changed. After asking my friends and seeing the price of the new fragments (100 gold+ in EU, now 170 gold for ONE fragment) I noticed my friends had similar bad drop rates and the price in the f5 suggests the droprate has been lowered (when the previous challenge mode was new, the new fragements costed less than 20 gold at most)
  13. I didn't read all the posts on this topic, but I want to say my opinion on the fishing system. The fishing in this game is extremely boring and unrewarding. Ncsoft should have simply released this feature as afk-fishing in the first place like in many other MMORPGs. The way it is now is as exciting as watching a loading screen. One can't even watch a video on the side because the time frame for pulling the fishing rod when the symbol changes is so short. So even though I would never risk to attempt using any script for fishing, I can see why some people would do it. And I blame thi
  14. I can't count how many times I've gone to celestial basin to kill the miniboss for the daily quest, and the boss was just killed. So I switch to another channel. Someone there just killed it too. I have to either go through character selection to try another channel, or wait for the entire respawn time just to have some other player come wait at the same spot and try to hit the boss before me. Sometimes the people are smart and will accept party invite so both the players can get the quest. Sometimes not though. If I manage to hit the boss first, I can invite the other person to party. If the
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