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  1. Tower of infinity: new scores won't save.

    I cropped a screenshot of my BD having cleared ToI floor 63, it shows floor 67 as best record in the ToI reward window, yet ranking is wrong for me even in the f11 my ranking, showing floor 25 with clear time of 6000 minutes (lol). Starting floor in ToI was 44 btw so somehow the best ranking is saved yea but not transferred into the rating like you said. My BD false ranking
  2. This bug where new scores won't save affects the Tower of Infinity -rankings as well, I posted a topic about it in the bug report forum section.
  3. Tower of infinity: new scores won't save.

    That's not the case here, as last week I tried to improve my kfm ranking that was already false, showing lower than the floor I just cleared. It stayed at floor 47 no matter what, even when I finish the ToI runs at much higher floors and get the stage 6 rewards (floor 66+). I didn't get any weekly reward, cos after the maintenance the floor saved was still at floor 47 which isn't even top 1500. And this week the floor saved still always remains at 47 even if I clear much higher floors.
  4. I had this bug already last week, and it seems to still be here this week as well. On some of my alts, I cleared tower of infinity for the first times this season. Yet no matter which floor I will clear, for some the score will be stuck at floor 41. On my gunner I cleared floor 83 I believe, and the score that is saved is floor 67 and cannot be improved. For my BD, i cleared floor 67, yet the score saved for the rankings claims floor 25 with the time of 6000 minutes... Could this be fixed asap, as the season end is near? Server is Jinsoyun btw.
  5. Seriously, I was glad how so far this game in the west doesn't have stupid rng weapon/soul upgrades where unlucky people have to suffer for absolutely no reason. But as I saw the unity stones upgrade system I already know I was going to suffer with my extremely bad luck. The last 8 times I tried to combine 8 radiance stones, I got a crap blue stone as a result, no purple ones. So even with combining 8 (max amount you can) stones the chances must be really low. So I'm suggesting to please allow us to combine 20 stones or something for a guaranteed tier upgrade please. So please give an option to combine more stones for guaranteed upgrade. Do not punish the unlucky people when this whole thing is time gated already, and nobody wants to waste their time for nothing while the lucky person gets everything with same effort while you get nothing. Update: Now 10 times failed in a row trying to combine 8 blues for a purple
  6. Just let the orb user get loot from both bosses imo. The orb is worth so much right now. I just got screwed not getting CS 2nd boss kaari after sitting in f8 lobby for 10 mins trying to find cs moml where I'd be fast enough to join. When I finally got into a party, unfortunately a hepta gem ticket drops from winter mane. And you guessed it: one greedy kid bids on it. Not the one who was going to use the orb. And the orb user naturally doesn't feel like using his orb anymore for kaari. The greedy kid even dares to brag how he has an orb but won't use it. And that he won't leave the party and is willing to waste everyone else's time as long as it takes. I don't know how the situation ended up because I had other commitments to attend and wasn't willing to spend another 15 mins waiting on just one character trying to get kaari lord. Deleting everyone's white orbs and making the new orb supply far too low was the worst change ever seeing how you made the new event revolve around cs and hm too. Do you really think frustrating your playerbase is going to make everyone oh so happy to play? This event is almost impossible to do. And seeing the community of this game the moml rule is not even going to work cos of too many greedy and shameless ungrateful people.
  7. This is not OK you lied to us!!! People held on to their white orbs or bought them even, because you told they'd be exchangable for the new variants. But that's not the worst part, the worst part are the demon spirit stones! Everyone could have crafted their oils before the patch, but some didn't because you told they'd be exchangable for the lesser demon spirit stones. But this was a lie and cause many people not being able to craft oils anymore. I could have crafted over a hundred myself... First time ever I'm seriously thinking of just ragequitting over this.
  8. This please. The droprate of that costume is horrendous, and unlucky people might not see it even drop ever. Add an achievement requirement to buy them, and please add Ravenfall and the mask to a merchant, it's about time.
  9. DST Challenge mode - A disapointment

    At least you had the right class to even get a challenge mode party. All my maxed out TT gear, psyches, w/e didn't matter one bit cos my friends tell me that my class isn't suitable for challenge mode for best points. So they ditch me. And I doubt this will change at all in the future challenge modes. Very demotivating if the challenge mode point system is designed in such way that my only options to join a competitive challenge mode group is to reroll my class... But at this point to gear up another class to such high gear, all for the sake of doing challenge mode doesn't seem like worth my money or time anymore.
  10. It's getting too much, way too many events requiring daily challenge in a row now. I'm burned out. The events are 0% fun, just grind that takes too much time. Next event we will get 1 token from one event dungeon, 1 token from another event dungeon and 4 from daily challenge. Now imagine someone who has 11 chars and would like to try aim for max rewards, that would take far too much time to complete all. Why is it soooo hard to make the tokens a reward from the 2 event dungeons alone? I don't care if you'd make it less max tokens per day total then, just make it for example 2 tokens from one event dungeon and 2 from the other one. And none from the daily challenge. Some people won't have time to play 24/7, and if they want nice rewards (oils!), time efficiency reasons it is better to skip the event dungeons and only do daily challenge on multiple characters. That is saddening. You keeps adding more and more items that require oils. People are forced to do events not because they really enjoy them (or maybe only the first 2 days, after that it's just grind where missing one day of dc could cost you an oil=stress), but because it's the best way to get oils. Could you please make a single event between the super grindy ones with only costume rewards for example, and just make better ways to farm evolved stones in game outside of events, that would be far more preferable.
  11. Not a problem for me since I don't even get any wheel pouches. 21 elder tables and 3 kids tables= 1 single wheel pouch, and that was during the the second day of the event before that nerf patch? ANd that one wheel pouch didn't have the costume. Luckily the costume can be bought from the marketplace.
  12. 15 elder boxes: Trash. Best thing was a single TT wing and 1 wheel pouch, gave a blue ginseng worth 100 gold. Doesn't cover the costs of making the tables, could have made so much more gold just selling the mats. also had to grind circle of sundering for such crap rewards. Other rewards were 1 element and 2 jewels, 1 silver fragment, 1 sea glass and 1 blood pearl, some bravery coins that I don't need anyway. I recommend everyone to save their time and simply don't participate in this event, or if you craft on your alts, just sell the mats in f5. The droprate for the wheel pouches is horrendous, and the tables themselves don't give much at all. You will lose so much gold opening the tables vs. just selling the mats.
  13. Since due to the weapon upgrade changes, raven will once again be a super expensive upgrade path vs riftwalk/dawn: riftwalk doesnt require any premium transformation stones while the premium transformation cost of raven path didn't get reduced. Why can't you simply make the upgrade costs of raven and riftwalk the same?? Just make raven require the raven souls but keep other costs same between the 2 upgrade paths. First people were punished going raven path, then they were punished going riftwalk, now they're once again being punished going raven path. After the patch, it's better to upgrade a baleful 1 to riftwalk 9 than to continue upgrading your raven 3 weapon. It doesn't even cost an empyrean spirit stone to go riftwalk/dawn anymore.
  14. I didn't see if this was brought up yet. While I've been doing Temple of Eluvium or Nightfall sanctuary , whenever I accidentally press a recently dead player instead of using a skill bound to the same key as the key to resurrect a person, my client freezes for like 5 seconds. I don't have lag or freezing issues otherwise, using a new pc with GTX 1080, i5-8400, 16 gm ram. This freezing is extremely annoying as it's not only a dps loss but sometimes those 5 seconds freezing could even kill me.
  15. I really don't like how all the events always take so much time and make you feel bad for missing just 1 day. Because missing one day might mean not getting the reward you worked so hard to get. The current event is the worst offender, because lower geared people actually needing the soul can only do daily challenge + NS reliably every day, so they really can't miss many days of dc if they want to be able to reach the 100% pity timer to get guaranteed soul upgrade success the next try. So missing some days could mean you'll have the pity timer at like 90% in the end, so you end up just getting 1 oil out of all your hard work, same as anyone with the event soul at stage 6 with 0% pity timer, but you just ended up wasting a lot of time. Events should be fun, instead of an endless grind that almost forces you to plan your life/free time around the event if you don't want to miss some extremely good/expensive stuff that would take a long time of grinding if you were to obtain it outside of the event. Imo the best event would be to not have any events for 1 month and let people enjoy 1 month of summer without feeling like they're missing oils/pet packs whatever.