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  1. When this came out, I thought it would have a fair rewarding system. A challenge that would actually reward players for hard content, who did the whole mechanics, only to find out that my group, who actually clared challenge mode doing conduction+red mask+white mask+conduction again+again red mask gets 25k points, while whales who probably don't even reach first red mask phase get 50k+ points. This game already has enough rewards for whales, who can skip content; solo content, ToI, 6v6 etc. For once, I thought I would see a good and fair dungeon challenge. But again, players get rewarded for bursting, instead of actually having the skill to do the whole mechanic as a group, which takes hours of practice. So other than our personal sense of achievement, we have literally wasted days of our life practicing for another bulshit dungeon who does not reward our skill. Thanks NcSoft, you did it again!
  2. As title says, it's not a big thing to ask for. I'm sure I'm not the only one stuck with 2 outfits+adornments. Please make Revelry outfits + head piece salvageable.