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  1. As the title says, is sheath/ice getting fixed? As everyone knows by now, it's overcoming everything, including personal iframes, which is to say the least, extremely annoying.
  2. Regarding the new event, when it got released I got happy cause I thought, after a long dry period I'm finally gonna be able to farm event on 5 characters(time consuming yeah, but rewarding) and get 1 oil each week on each character. But it's like taking candy from a baby, cause it's just flash news that the 5 vials u can get is not weekly, but for the whole duration of the event. So, I gave this company, mentally, a time-frame to either disapoint me for good or make be interested again. You just proved you don't care, you don't listen and you are legit and purposedly killing the game. I have
  3. 1- soulstones are not PVP material. We need them to craft transformation stones to transmute oils. 2- I know the map is pvp. I'm not THAT ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤. but the fact that an aransu whatever can 1 shot 1 mob and kill the farming entirely is just ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤. Doesn't matter how many times I kill him after he's done it. Farming is done. 3- I find it surprising that none of you find it a bit off that soulstones price increased when people started doing this, which means there's a group of people(probably crimson) who farmed SSP like mad and are now preventing others from doing
  4. So there is currently an issue going on in SSP. some cerulean are preventing the mining by killing the npcs defending it(1 shot cause its outdated content) not giving anyone a chance to prevent it from happening, we can kill them after the damage is done, which doesn't fix anything. So there is no way right now of getting soulstones from PVE, cause this is clearly a group of people monopolizing the soulstone prices. Not even gonna discuss how much selfish can one be to even do such a thing, gonna skip right to the fact that you should by now, give us an updated content that could provide
  5. As you can see, evolved stones price are sky rocketing, because there's no good way of farming them. SSP takes too long, MSP is nerfed to the ground when it comes to drops. You could revamp either CB or MR and make it available to purchase evo stones with a certain FAIR amount of peaches. That would make them GRINDABLE, as any mmo should be, and it could possibly help this price nonsense.
  6. SO...auto fishing is bugged...as in it's not working AT ALL. and next event we are supposed to fish on all main+alts to get what we would usually get from these events(5 vials a week). What is going on? Why are you treating you're already short playerbase like trash? Wake up. After Hunter refuge's mass murder and disappointment one would expect a nice event to cover up for all the crap this company has been up to, but no, you are really into killing the game at an even faster pace than expected. Kudos to you.
  7. party protection Ice is after the last big patch, overcoming every other party buff, and personal iframes. Please fix this. It's annoying.
  8. Everyone: "QQ, bla bla, NCSOFT doesn't do anything. No one gets banned QQ bla bla" NCSOFT: *Goes on a banning spree, does some collateral damage in the process, which they solved PRONTO! Got rid of a bunch of ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ exploiting* Everyone: "QQ NCSOFT banned everyone!"
  9. What is this event man? Moon refuge everyday? that's the only way to be able to get a vial a week. Just don't make any event at all if you're gonna pull something like this out. Who got time to do moon's refuge on 5 alts? Not to mention people that have more alts. Like seriously. This current on-going event is time consuming, takes 4 DC's, but at least the dungeons we're doing are kinda paying off for the gold, but moon's refuge? Come on! Change that thing already.
  10. According to the event chart, in which says, accordingly: HM - Tier 3 50% Big 4 HM Rewards - 10x MSC + 10x Elysian crystals + 5x soulstone crystals + 5x sacred crystals + Premium bonuses: 10x MSC + 10x Elysian crystals) I should have gotten a total of 20x MSC + 20 Elysian crystals + 5 SS crystals + 5 sacred crystals. My rewards were 8 event boxes + 60 MSC + 60 Elysian crystals. I don't do NM ever. which means I did not participate in anything else other than big 4 HM. Also, there's no way in hell our parties this weekend only made it to 50% tier since last week without try-h
  11. So...let's talk about these precious fragments drop rate; Yay, a new challenge mode dungeon, can't wait for...Never mind, cause I did weeklies on 5 chars, my other group members did weeklies on 5 or more characters and guess how many fragments we had for our challenge mode this week? 3 - Not even enough for one clear(assuming we would clear it on first try, which of course we didn't). So, yet another content that only the wealthy can attend, since there are no fragments for lower than 100g right now. We got our clear, a really bad score, which is what our money allowed after 4 tries. I don't r
  12. So, yet again, you release an event with no proper sane way of actually doing it, while you give us one free orb a day for 5 days considering that will somehow FIX the situation. Zaiwei is DEAD - Why not make at least fragments drop there?! Cause you know, Zaiwei used to drop white orbs. Are you trying that hard to lose paying supporters? Cause this is EXACTLY how you lose customers.
  13. When this came out, I thought it would have a fair rewarding system. A challenge that would actually reward players for hard content, who did the whole mechanics, only to find out that my group, who actually clared challenge mode doing conduction+red mask+white mask+conduction again+again red mask gets 25k points, while whales who probably don't even reach first red mask phase get 50k+ points. This game already has enough rewards for whales, who can skip content; solo content, ToI, 6v6 etc. For once, I thought I would see a good and fair dungeon challenge. But again, players get rewarded for
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