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  1. I mean they could implanted better, why can't you just buy letters in that same tab after the event, also why didn't they just Antique the haunted token this patch then? I asked around and there seem to be a lot people that have Haunted token still thinking they could exchange it today.
  2. I was under the impression that after each event, you have extra time to exchange your currency for items you want. With that I been saving haunted tokens and hope to exchange them for some good cosmetic, once I have some time to sit down and sort out the numbers I need. However today I found out that the letter exchange function in transmute tab is gone, so the main currency we been grinding is now useless? What is the logic behind that... I hope NC soft will add them back to the tab so people can exchange their Halloween haunted tokens, without able to do that there is almost no po
  3. Hi, I am new to the game, about 2 months in, and I have to say, doing daily is pretty much my main source of income. I came after missing out the free weapon event few months back, so learn to grind mats and at same time trying to save $$ to buy things for upgrade has been a pain, especially when I can't access top global dungeons yet. This nerf to gold will dramatically hurt players like me who relies on daily gold to try catch up to long time players, and now with this I don't know how long it will take me to upgrade items, it is very depressing just to think about it. Please reconsider th
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