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18/19th April Maint. Fails + Bugs


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Hello, @Primali @GM Minigusto @GM Oliey

-> Daily/weekly Time Reset now  5:00 PM CEST?

-> Login Rewards 8:00AM CEST?


-> No New Daily Dash Board? 

-> Debuff Damage Base Status STILL  not applied ->
Normally we should get now 125% Debuff Base Stat since March Update but we still.. dont get it.. 

-> Class Change Voucher only avail. until 23 May? should be normally the Permanent Version..

-> Is it Normal that we not get any Hongmoon Coins for our All-Ranking anymore? Last Season i thought maybe its just a visual Bug but its still empty there or is it a hidden Change again from NcWest without any Words about it? Or you maybe forgot to add them too ? 

-> Favoured Pet Pouches -> you started a good Action last Season to give People the Chance to get Old Pet´s from the Collector System.... and now you put only 1 Pet per Season into F10 with 8 other Options? 😄  -> Best Option would be all Fortunes Favoured Pets from 2021 ( Proud Plume / Songbird / Both Widows etc. pp )  into 1 Bag as previous Season with 2022 Pet´s .. 

-> Missing Mystical Key again in Login rewards?

-> When we get Octagonal Hongmoon Diamond? 
Should normally alrd.  been there a long time.. in the Next Time you should normally Release the Eminent Hongmoon Attack Diamond Version in the Game but we have still Heptagonal Attack Diamond? 



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...Look, I really feel for you guys if you are making an honest effort to fix and improve this game, but, my daily dungeon list has not reset. It shows 3/4 done, from yesterday. Normally I can knock out a few before going to work in the morning, but not today, as, its yesterday's news... Got my sign in award, but, naught to do about nothing....

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Great Job Zalerius for listing a majority of the recent problems.  I would like the add that the login rewards have not only been missing the mystical keys, but there were a few weeks were there weren't any login rewards to claim at all (and still no compensation).  Not to mention that with the new maintenance time on tuesday nights, it completely disrupts anyone on a normal 9-5 work/school schedule and prevents them from playing the game for that day.  I live on the east coast, so by the time I get home (usually around 4 or 5 pm EST) - the servers are taken down at 6 pm EST.  If i'm lucky, the maintenance is short and I can maybe play for an hour before bed, but if we get a 7 hour maintenance like yesterday, then the day is lost.  Lastly, the F2 portrait change is just stupid, no clue why those had to be removed.


Even though the maintenance is bad, the worst change was the DC reset time change.  Why in the world would you change the reset time to 5 pm EST?  I actually have no idea what day it is right now.  Is today the tuesday or wednesday daily challenge?  What will it be in 30 minutes?  Will it be wednesday or thursday?  I like to plan around when I do certain dailies and manage rest days.  Now I need to make sure I'm not trying to complete dailies anytime near 5 pm EST or it can just reset on me? 


This change is completely anti-player and does not even consider the timezone of NA and life of the average player.  I can stomach and understand the maintenance to a degree, but the DC reset timer change is illogical.  What's next? Changing the koldrak/hamann times to only spawn between 5 AM and 11 AM EST that way 99% of the playerbase can't do them?  Whoever has been put in charge of this needs to re-evaluate what they're doing.  This change has no benefit and only hinders the vast majority of players.  This playerbase of this server is on NA time, not KR time.  Change it back.

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