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Complete Side Story Quest (Raids) In Solo

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Hello everyone.


I don't know if anyone else has this craze: I really like to record the various clips of the game's story in single files, just like they were movies.


For this reason, to finish the various side stories, I waited until it was possible to complete them in single mode. At the moment I stopped at Emperor Tomb.


Have subsequent raids already been provided with this function or is it possible to finish them only in groups?

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14 hours ago, Hime said:

Hello@Ioseppo TiLtEbUg, there is no "solo" or "story" option for raids. 😞

Yes there is, but only for the "Orange" Emperor Tomb and lower Raid Quest Lines, they all offer an option per ingame NPC to finish the mini questline without doing the actual raid. Personally I think it would be time to add ET to that list. But it fits the image, that you prefer to handle early 2019 content as highend stuff.

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