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  1. Bug Summary: some visual and sound bugs in storyline campaign, Act 1: 1) Chapter 6 - The Honorable Mayor: when the player character approach to Abandoned Well, the flock of bats no longer flies away 2) Chapter 11 - Gone Fishing: as Dochun and the hero of Hongmoon make their way to the exit from Tainted Grotto, Dochun takes the last climb in jerks. 3) Quest "Going to Market", at Jadestone Village: the NPC named "Raysu" has manteined the Korean language in her lines. 4) Chapter 20 - Abandoned Post: when the player character is in sight of the Drag
  2. Bug Summary: some graphic bugs found during the storyline quests (Prologue and Act 1 up to Chapter 4) after UE4 The first (and probably the best known: it has also been present on the UE3 version for years, and frankly I hoped it was fixed now) is the minimum hp in the newly created characters when in the prologue they wake up in Heaven Reach: it is quite annoying for me that I record the story, but I assume it is also the same for new players who maybe scramble about how to solve the problem fearing that the character may die shortly thereafter.In the video I follow this bug with
  3. Hello to everyone. It is already several times that at the beginning of an arena duel against sf in ice stance this attacks me while he is gliding, just like a kfm can do. I'm using a sf too, but if I switch into ice stance, however, I don't see anything like this: no attack is possible while remaining in the air. I hope it's not a glitch or worse a cheat. Has anyone ever heard of it?
  4. Lol... I come here to open a thread about this, but seeing that this problem is knowed from three years and still not solved...
  5. Hello everyone. I don't know if anyone else has this craze: I really like to record the various clips of the game's story in single files, just like they were movies. For this reason, to finish the various side stories, I waited until it was possible to complete them in single mode. At the moment I stopped at Emperor Tomb. Have subsequent raids already been provided with this function or is it possible to finish them only in groups?
  6. Thank you very much, but i don't need your advice, and i didn't write this thread to get your advice.
  7. The earth stance also has pvp skills: this is my favorite spec, so I propose solutions on this. And sorry if I don't take advice from players who use a brainless class like ice sf: you just don't know what I'm talking about. Bye.
  8. Without prejudice to my opinion that it would be right to totally remove the 3rd spec from pvp and limit it to pve, I was wondering: is it possible that for the soul fighter it consists of a mixture of the 3rd spec of kfm and that of FM? Is there really no anticipation about it at the moment?
  9. Thanks a lot, I always try Sunday 😆 hope you're right, I see this week
  10. Unfortunately, finding people to fill the "Throne of Oblivion" raid is increasingly difficult it takes hours and very few time you can reach the necessary dps: perhaps it is better to reduce it to a 6-people raid, or at least allow the switch between Celestial Wings and Oblivion Fragments at the local merchant.
  11. Ok, if you say so 😂 don't be offended if in the meantime I go on like this Same matter.... ...and the idea that a "main" character at low level is comparable to an "alt" character doesn't even touch you? On the other hand: "Do you think we have enough players for such a system that takes gear into account ? We are already queing in a range of 300 rating or something. You can get a full Gold lobby as a Bronze player nowdays. You can also ask to remove 6v6 entirely instead would have the same outcome." your words 😅
  12. It is evident from what you write that you have simply never tried to evolve your pvp equipment only with pvp activities. The only things I got with the pve are some jewels (mushin tower's tokens), and of course the crystals for the upgrade you get with the dailies. Other things you take with pve can be gems to set in weapons and pets, but nothing else. For the rest you can do everything with battleground or zen beans points. And yes, at the moment with the jewels I am firm at the imperial level. Sure, if you play a brainless class like FM or BD or des or BM too with
  13. This is my pve gear... I don't play much pve, so of course the gear is low. All my resources is used to upgrade pvp gear. I was not afk... as I've already said: you can do nothing against 3000/3500 opponent (even with imperial gear) and if you don't cause 100/300k in a round you will be considered afk: this is why I suggested basing the "afk or no" rating also on those actions that bring an advantage to the whole team (capturing braziers and statues) that even a low-gear character can perform.
  14. Totally agree. And also ban them from the battleground.
  15. This is hilarius 'cause I've already a good part of pvp gear, including jewels, ss and dragonfang weap stage 1: I've crafting those whithout "a lot of pve" (taking into account that the bloodstones - which are a fundamental element to evolve the pvp equipment - you get them only in battlegroud or in the arena): unfortunately at the moment I only have 2100 pvp AP, which is NOTHING compared to the 3000/3500 of the whales that populate the battleground. I also use a difficult class (sf in earth stance), and this factor also affects (I would like to open a discussion on class balancing, but the
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