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Daily Dash Resetting On April 22


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Hello everyone, 


We’re going to reset the Daily Dash on April 22 as part of the Blade & Soul: Steel Uprising. We’re going to be swapping out a few items on the board. Those items are:

  • Expired Raid Treasures Selection Box → Raid Treasures Selection Box
  • Expired Weekly Challenge Upgrade Box → Weekly Challenge Upgrade Selection Box
  • Expired Dungeon Treasures Selection Box → Dungeon Treasures Selection Chest
  • Honing Oil (old) → Honing Oil (new)


We understand the Daily Dash reset is inconvenient so there will be (1) Devotion Chest for 0 Hongmoon Coin on the Hongmoon Store from April 22 to May 6 for players to claim. The Chest is only available one per account.


Thank you!

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Don't worry about Honing Oil, it is trash anyways. I did many crafts with it and it always failed, which means that I lost gold and materials. They should remove that crap from the game completely.

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