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  1. Funny thing is, on Korean server the story we got now - gives TB weapon, ET Mystic Badge and BiS non raid soul badge. While we got nothing from that. I guess you can buy TB weapon form f10 pack. This company is a huge joke
  2. This. Nothing to do with carry or stuff like that. There's simply nothing I need from that dungeon apart from few cosmetics - but it's much faster and easier to farm those through pvp or normal non event dungeons. Festival coins - useless. The pot with 10mil xp - nice, but long cd and only a chance for it to drop - meh.
  3. Has nothing to do with gear, cause it's gear equalized. So a huge p2w whale will have same stats as f2p player.
  4. The screenshots are photoshopped afaik. There was no exploit or bugs
  5. Are you serious? You can get 1kk+ exp with premium, 200% soup and clan buff.
  6. The issue with adding modes and buffing hp now is - it's not the whole patch, so to speak. In Korea this change was in the patch with soulboost/soulpass (gives high tier gear basically), first ancient dungeon and with buffed gear rewards (Et weapon, elder scale tier accs etc.) from main story/raid introduction quests chain. So in Korea just by finishing story you get more or less same gear we get from current CtA. With soulboost/soulpass it's even higher tier gear. We basically just got small portion of that patch, which is ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤.
  7. You think they care? They implemented HP buff which was introduced with first Ancient Dungeon, which we didn't get. So we just got the bad part of "update" the f8 butcher and hp increase for bosses, while running CtA event along side (gl new ppl to do your CtA). They only care about money, look how much stuff they put in f10 after UE4 patch
  8. They timed dungeon hp buffs poorly (afaik on Kr they introduced that buff with 1st Ancient Dungeon, which we don't have yet). New/returning players will have a really hard time doing bosses with 3bil hp. So this CtA is the worst one so far and not new player friendly at all. With story gear you wont have enough deeps to do CtA, let alone if you'll be even able to survive. For Kr hp buffs were meaningless, cause they get ET9 and Elder scale tier accs from story alone, plus I think square weapon gems. Then they also have Soul Boost, which gives penta weapon gems, tria pet gems, IA gear, unity st
  9. Went to BC with randoms. 2 ppl died at 1st boss and considering the time it took to kill the boss, I just quit. CtA event for new/returning players my ass, ye right. Should note, I did 66% of dps (hm22 2.5k ap but overall outdated gear and unity). Now imagine some1 with story gear in reworked dungeons. Gl to new/returning ppl. Should also note that rework was needed, but not with CtA event. After the event would be better timing. The thing is, those hp numbers are fine for Kr, cause they get current CtA level gear from just story/raid introduction quests, plus they have soulboost.
  10. It's funny how ppl still expect some decency from NcScam. All they care about is money and their cashgrab "events" AKA rng boxes, material boxes, troves, fortune favors etc. And they almost never answer on forums in serious threads, unless those are involved with cashgrab "events" issues, like ppl not able to buy ncoins to spend on those etc.
  11. Keep dreaming. What @Hime said about bonus rewards etc. is nonsense. Premium is worthless now. At least it's not worth any rl money anymore. Buying 90D prem for gold tho is still somewhat worth it, if you have an abundance of gold. Dunno what Nc is even thinking. Killing their own products (premium) is really "good" practice /s
  12. Everyone and their mothers by now know, troves became bad long time ago. It's your own fault for spending rl money on trove and not getting anything good out if. Nc never forced you to do that, they didn't have you on gun point or anything. You ripped off yourself, not them
  13. @Hime finally an official answer, thanks for that. However I'm wondering whats going to happen with Arms Race Cashe? I'll open last box on Sunday and that box doesn't have the cashe in it. So will ppl like me get "compensated" somehow for losing 2-3 days of no cashe opening? That is if you're planning to add cashe at all
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