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  1. Help!!!

    1. It's best MMO out there as of this day, imo. So it depends. Everyone will have their own opinion on this. 2. No. The only good thing about premium was - wardrobe. It's free now. So I wouldn't say it's worth it, unless you have spare money and you just want to waste it. I'm premium member myself tho, but I got 1 year premium only cause of the samurai outfit. 3. All classes are good. It depends what role you want to have and what play style you prefer. 4. No, unless you swipe with your bank card and spend a lot of money on the game. Or unless you play 24/7 and even then it will take some time. 5. Jynsoyun server. 6. I guess there are, but not as much as a year or so ago. 7. BnS community in general is retarded, toxic and new players unfriendly. But there still helpful, friendly and nice people and clans out there. 8. This game is pay to progress or nolife to progress. Nothing else noteworthy to tell about BnS. 9. Every online game is more fun to play with some1 you know. 10. Hard pass. Not cause the game is bad, but cause of how NcWest manage this game. IMO
  2. Help with this hairstyle :<

    It's not one of default hairstyles available when you create your character. It was a part of set costume named Dragonfly or something like that. It's not available as of now in the game but will be in future again, most likely
  3. Removal of Venture tokens from TOI rewards

    Top ranks still give venture tokens. So those who exploited it still will be able to do it. Only lower geared with lower placements are hit by this change. Whales still can go top rank and get venture tokens
  4. Removal of Venture tokens from TOI rewards

    Sadly, but I have to agree. See no point in running ToI anymore. Also I wouldn't recommend this game for any of my friends and even my enemies, cuz that would be a bit too cruel. Playing myself only cuz I spent quite a bit of money and time on this game, otherwise would quit myself
  5. Where is ....

    Bms dps is fine as long as you have good ping and do proper rotation.
  6. New bm

    Don't use lightning until you get bt/vt gear. Why? well, you'll be running out of focus rly fast, which will result in dps drop. . . And that means you'll be dead weight with your low ass dps unable to hold agro properly in dungeons and ppl will have to carry you. Stick with fire until you get good gear
  7. this page is true or it is false

    It is. Why would anyone even have a doubt about company such as steelseries
  8. WTB Frostburn Orb (Jinsoyun)

    As title says. Pm or mail your price. IGN: Yukimi Sayuri
  9. Title. Would really like to know the price of it. Anyone could help me out with it? Thanks in advance
  10. Introducing bt accs and soulshields to HM dungeons? Well, you need bt/vt gear to do those dungeons in HM in the 1st place. NcWest is on crack
  11. Seraph Razor Stage 9 not Stacking

    It's your alt, that means you have main. And that means you have some experience in this game, yet you don't know how buffs work on items?
  12. Selling Promo code for gold in game

    Let me guess. It's the code with 7 days premium and Night Luna outfit, which steelseries gave out for free?
  13. Path to getting legendaries

    This Awakened gives 550 crit dmg as a set bonus, true version gives 700 crit dmg as set bonus
  14. Path to getting legendaries

    Yes, I did. Cause it is easy.
  15. Pet packs no longer bound to account

    Not sure if troll or just stupid. The primary concern and complain when pet packs were introduced from the community side was - that it's not bound to account. Make your research before trying to prove. Tho I shouldn't be surprised, after all you're the guy who says trashstiny ring is better than than ele ring from DT: "No you keep Destiny ring at stage 1 and don't upgrade it. And somehow you think DT elemental ring with like 240 extra damage will outdo the Destiny which gives like 20% additional critical hit damage, that's not going to happen."