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  1. Where is ....

    Bms dps is fine as long as you have good ping and do proper rotation.
  2. New bm

    Don't use lightning until you get bt/vt gear. Why? well, you'll be running out of focus rly fast, which will result in dps drop. . . And that means you'll be dead weight with your low ass dps unable to hold agro properly in dungeons and ppl will have to carry you. Stick with fire until you get good gear
  3. this page is true or it is false

    It is. Why would anyone even have a doubt about company such as steelseries
  4. WTB Frostburn Orb (Jinsoyun)

    As title says. Pm or mail your price. IGN: Yukimi Sayuri
  5. Title. Would really like to know the price of it. Anyone could help me out with it? Thanks in advance
  6. Introducing bt accs and soulshields to HM dungeons? Well, you need bt/vt gear to do those dungeons in HM in the 1st place. NcWest is on crack
  7. Seraph Razor Stage 9 not Stacking

    It's your alt, that means you have main. And that means you have some experience in this game, yet you don't know how buffs work on items?
  8. Selling Promo code for gold in game

    Let me guess. It's the code with 7 days premium and Night Luna outfit, which steelseries gave out for free?
  9. Path to getting legendaries

    This Awakened gives 550 crit dmg as a set bonus, true version gives 700 crit dmg as set bonus
  10. Path to getting legendaries

    Yes, I did. Cause it is easy.
  11. Pet packs no longer bound to account

    Not sure if troll or just stupid. The primary concern and complain when pet packs were introduced from the community side was - that it's not bound to account. Make your research before trying to prove. Tho I shouldn't be surprised, after all you're the guy who says trashstiny ring is better than than ele ring from DT: "No you keep Destiny ring at stage 1 and don't upgrade it. And somehow you think DT elemental ring with like 240 extra damage will outdo the Destiny which gives like 20% additional critical hit damage, that's not going to happen."
  12. Path to getting legendaries

    I'm out. No point in arguing with clueless ppl
  13. Path to getting legendaries

    Even if it's true, in what I have my doubts - that does not remove the fact that this ring is expensive to upgrade, which makes it a freaking bad choice compared to DT ele ring. So DT elemental ring->Trashstiny ring. Plus add set bonus from earring and ring - 700 crit dmg, good thing. And ofc a lot of elemental dmg
  14. Pet packs no longer bound to account

    No, pet packs were not bound to account
  15. Path to getting legendaries

    Do not mislead people. Srsly. This ring is trash, and an expensive to upgrade trash at that. People should aim for elemental DT ring before getting BT elemental ring. No, just no. While you can avoid doing it, you still should farm it. You need 10 kills achi if you want to buy divine or tiger bracelet with cores. Plus elemental earring drops there, which is best earring you can have before getting BT earring. And NS isn't hard whatsoever. Fat bosses, but no hard mech. With enuff HP you don't even need mechs, cuz there's no wipe mech in normal mode. So please, do not mislead people. Before they can do BT with pugs, they'll need 1.1k ap or so (that's what ppl ask in most cases for pugs). Plus those DT ring and NS earring are a must before BT accs, cuz it's huge upgrade over pinnacle stuff.