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  1. I did quests yesterday, didn't get points. Today was the same problem (I noticed that text was changed in some quests), but players still not get points for completing quests.
  2. As title says, event is bugged. Some quests don't add points, some quests don't get cleared. I had problems with Chaos Supply Chain (stage 1 and stage 2) and Forest of Echoes.
  3. If you have nvidia video card, then go to driver settings and check "maximum FPS" value. If it is set to "1", then change it to higher value.
  4. I have a problem with running the game, because some files are corrupted. I tried to repair files (many times) - it didn't work. I tried to delete those 0KB size files and repair again - no result. I am very dissapointed at this game. Launcher is still bugged (since day 1) and can not do such simple thing like replace 0KB files. https://imgur.com/a/Ev7qIJl
  5. Block is not working, I tried to block bots or toxic players and scammers and block only worked for chat (I didn't see what they say in chat). I wish that block wasn't broken in this game, so I could avoid toxic players, scammers and bots in F8 and raids.
  6. Raid party can have 12 players (have 12 spots). If party of 10 can clear raid, then 2 spots (12-10=2) are available.
  7. Sell them on F5, some people collect old items.
  8. Don't worry about Honing Oil, it is trash anyways. I did many crafts with it and it always failed, which means that I lost gold and materials. They should remove that crap from the game completely.
  9. Tell your friends to buy items at F5 (Marketplace), because most of the crafts are useless (materials + craft costs is higher than crafted item which you can buy from F5).
  10. Too bad than any GM didn't come here and exaplained it to noobs that you can not cheat by making any changes to XML file. It would stop all stupid talks. All skills cooldowns are server side and you can not change them by editing any client files.
  11. NPC Donyi is missing in Well versed quest, so it is impossible to finish that quest. https://imgur.com/a/HFk8c
  12. Sadly craft is dead in this game. You can buy most of the items from Marketplace for less gold than cost of the materials to craft that item.
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