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prophecy vs thronebreaker necklace

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Unless something changed this should still be more or less accurate:


Fire - Even, maybe maybe ET? Lightning - Prophecy Soulblade - Prophecy

KFM: Fire - Prophecy Wind - Prophecy

Des: Earth - ET Shadow - ET

FM: Fire - Most likely Prophecy Ice - Prophecy

SIN: Shadow - Close, prob ET Lightning - ET

SUM: Wind - Prophecy Earth - Prophecy

BD: Wind - ET Lightning - ET

WL: Shadow - Close, prob Prophecy Ice - Prophecy

SF: Ice - Prophecy Earth - Prophecy

GS: Fire - Close, prob ET Shadow - Prophecy

WD: Lightning - Prophecy Frost - Prophecy


I believe one of the next dungeons we get will have the new Necklace which will be much better that prophecy. When its coming to NA i dont know.

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On 11.11.2019 at 2:50 AM, icekingvnj said:

Is it good for 3rd spec KFM using thornbreaker neck? 

You don't want to upgrade thornbreaker for any class anymore. In january/february we will get neck fro mnew    dungeon, the neck that outclasses current raid and pve neck.


Unless you're maxed, and I'm sure you're not,you do not want to upgrade thrornbreaker

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