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arena spectating bug

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You can disable the feature that others can spectate in the settings, but it could be also the possibility that the pvp players were reduced to such a state that none queued at that time. I also can´t exclude the possibility that the latest patch is the cause. You´ll have to wait.

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The bug still hasn't been fixed...


When will you guys fix this? I've always enjoyed spectating late night matches while munching on some popcorn. But now I can't anymore and it's frustrating.


Like the OP has said, you can't see who's queing because the list is completely empty, even though there ARE people queing. Therefore you can't spectate because the ques don't show up in the list. It will appear empty when it's not, even during busy hours when most players are online.


Fix. This. Please.


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Hi guys,


Can you give us some feedback about this bug? do you know about it? is it on the todo list? As Narukaba said, the problem has not been fixed yet. I personnaly enjoy watching good players beating the #### out of each others and i think many other players do.


Thank you





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