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  1. Disappointment in skill update patch

    Agreed. Had they not fixed the Gunner's hooking iframes, Sum's yellow beehive thing (w/e it's called), and WL's sancum skill? I've also been waiting for the PvP spectating bug to be fixed, but it appears they've never touched upon those... if ever at all. For real tho, I only care about THOSE bugs getting fixed.
  2. Earlier I saw two people spectating my match, which I didn't notice until after the match was over lol. I thought the bug was fixed, but then I checked the que list and it was still empty... bummer, I guess. If anyone does PvP regularly, do you mind if I spectate your matches? Just need to know your IGN so I could search you up in f8 lobby. I've been wanting to spectate some matches cuz I REALLY miss watching people fight against each other. It used to be something that I did all the time. Now, ever since this damn spectating bug showed up since July of last year, I can't anymore. :(
  3. As you all know, WL is considered low-tier in pvp post-awakening patch. Heck, I reckon it could even be the lowest-tier class for pvp, at least in arena. Therefore, if WLs could get a few tweaks to some of their skills here n there, it could make them more decent. Since I play Ice WL, most of my suggestions are for Ice WL: 1. A spammable block with a 1 sec cd just like BMs and KFMs. 2. Put perry for all three talent selections (As of currently, only the yellow sanctum talent gives perry for your 1 skill) 3. Give a 0.7 sec i-frame to the "spacial wrap" skill on Ice WL, which is your 1+V skill. 4. Give a 1.5 sec i-frame to E skill when you call back your Thrall, just like on Sum with their cat. 5. Extend the i-frame duration of Q/SS on Ice WL from 0.7 to 1.5 sec. 6. Extend Thrall's summoned duration from 31 sec to 40 sec. 7. For the sanctums, add resist to knockback, grabs, and pulls. 8. Reduce Dragoncall's animation cast time. 9. Increase Thrall's baseline HP and defense. 10. And lastly if it isn't too much to ask... make Time Distortion reset your skills one additional time - from 3 to 4. Overall, when the aforementioned tweaks are taken altogether, WL could be one hell of a decent class in PvP arena. I know my post would prob never get recognized by the devs in Korea, but hey, at least I tried. xD
  4. @ImoutoMaster I was just wondering, do you have any tips for WL in arena? Well, assuming you play WL yourself. As an Ice WL, I tend to have the hardest time dueling against 3rd spec BMs, Wind Sums, Shadow Gunners, Wolf KFMs... well, pretty much most classes if you think about it. It's like when I get qued up with those particular classes, I know it's an 80% guaranteed loss for me. For example, I will give a breakdown: 3rd spec BMs - Can 2-3 shot you with their double aerial skill. I found this absolutely ridiculous. Like... how the hell is that even considered pvp anymore?!! My WL desperately tries to get away, but eventually the BM somehow catches up relatively quickly and boom, I die. Also, the fact they have a spammable block/perry and a crap-ton of i-frames makes it even more difficult. Luckily, WL's dragoncall can pierce their blocks, but even then it isn't enough for me to win most matches. Wind Sums - Their rumblebee skill hits too fast and too freaking much. Seriously, idk if most of them use a "no-delay" script, but it sure as hell seems like it. Even most of WL's defensive skills such as the blue shield, sanctum, etc, aren't enough to counter Wind Sums completely. Cuz as soon as my defensive skills run out... guess what happens? My WL gets killed in less than 5 seconds. The only good thing about the sanctums is that it prevents their cat from CCing us, althought the sanctum unfortunately is relatively short-lived (about 10 sec of protection, lol). Afterwards, my WL becomes flatout vulnerable again. Running away doesn't help... cuz Sum is long-ranged, so they could hit you either way, lol. Shadow Gunners - They use their hooks to i-frame my dragoncalls. And as you know, dragoncall has a hella slow animation casting time, so it's always predictable and easy for them to i-frame it. Unless ofc I knock them down first and if they're too slow to escape (which seldom happens), my thrall shall aerial them if he's within range, ofc. This is usually the only times I could hit them effectively. On the other hand, Shadow Gunners aerial damage can wipe out your HP by over 70-80%... especially after the buff that Gunners recently got. Bascially, just one aerial is pretty much game over at that point. Wolf KFMs - They have almost an unlimited amount of i-frames, cuz they use my thrall to feed them i-frames. Honestly, I can't think of any other way to avoid this from happening other than to never summon my thrall in the first place. However, if I did that... it's a loss either way cuz WL needs their thrall to fight effectively. Oh yeah, can't forget that KFMs also have a spammable block/perry just like BMs. On the flipside of the scale, the only classes I've found to be "easy matches" for WL seems to be against WRs, ARs, FMs, and other fellow WLs. I mean, at least from my own personal experiences. My WL seems to beat those 4 classes relatively easily without much effort. Matches against BDs are about 50/50, roughly the same with Dests. As for Sins, I've gotten better at fighting them cuz I've learned to use my thrall as a sort of "shield" - so to speak, which prevents them from targeting my WL when they try to CC me while in stealth. It's quite easy. I simply stand in the middle of where my thrall is standing, lol.
  5. @ImoutoMaster That's true! I tend to have the hardest time dueling against KFMs, BMs, and Dests... unless ofc they're noobs and don't know how to properly play their class. But yeah, recently I've been beating this one Dest in arena a lot. Every time I beat him, he would cry and whine about it. Afterwards he'll start resorting to throwing insults at me in region chat saying things like "ur a trash WL who needs to run away in order to win, lololol. Learn how to actually fight, noob!, "stop humping ur thrall like a -insert bad word here-" etc etc. It's like... that Dest can't seem to admit to losing against a WL, therefore he HAD to justify his loss by insulting me just to make himself feel better. Plus, it's laughable when he once said that Dest has many disadvantages in PVP compared to WL - even attempted to convince me that WL isn't low-tier in PVP. Lol, is he being serious? Obviously, everything he says is complete BS. At this point I'm so sick n' tired of getting matched up with him in arena. That's why I started queing up at certain hours when I think he isn't online, so that way I could avoid him. But yeah, I think you kinda know which Dest I'm talking about, right? I'm not gonna say his IGN... but, uh, he's always angry and insulting other players even when he wins, lol. I can't stand toxic players like him.
  6. It was verrrrrry difficult! I literally had to play my WL using ALL its skills and utilities in order to get this far. Bascially, playing WL to its maximum potential. So now, I'm one of the top 3 in PvP rankings for WL class, lol. There aren't too many gold WLs on the NA server atm... therefore, it feels special to be the 3rd gold WL this season. You could even check the rankings yourself. I played WL quite decently to the point where I had a few butt-hurt keyboard warriors cursing at me on region chat, and even accused me of using hacks which is completely false. The truth is, I simply outplayed them with my WL and they just can't believe it, lol. Anyways, should I continue on or not? My WL is at 1600 points atm. I'm afraid if I keep going, I might lose my gold title from dueling against other gold players who are way better than me. Plus, WL is at the bottom tier in terms of 1v1 anyways. No matter how skillful a player may be at their class, they're still limited by the maximum capabilities of that certain class they're playing.
  7. Gunslinger iframe bugs that need to be fixed ASAP

    Looks like they haven't fixed it yet. For example, I got CC'd by a Sum in arena even after I used my X skill. It seems like this "iframe" bug is everywhere on Gunner. Could the mods do something about this?
  8. Gunslinger iframe bugs that need to be fixed ASAP

    Yes, please. Hopefully the mods see this so they could fix it ASAP.
  9. Gunslinger SS + E (hook) + Q bugged

    I hope the mods see this, cuz it's a SERIOUS bug that needs to be fixed ASAP!!! It would be great if they could fix it for this maintenance... but we'll see.
  10. Nope, I don't use mods and have no idea what they are. Maybe it's just my PC? Sometimes when I try to update to the latest patch, it gets an error message, too. Idk, perhaps something went wrong during the installation process and somehow that caused the patch to not update properly. :/ I'm going to uninstall, delete all files, and then re-install the game client to see if that helps!
  11. Idk if it's just me, but literally every item in my inventory and storage (even all the items in the market) have that error message called "Debug" at the bottom of the description when you hover over the item. It goes something along the lines of "Debug: X Class, random numbers, etc..." For example, I play Gunner, therefore all my items would say something like "Debug: GS 01, HM 17, LvL 13, 5674" or something like that. Furthermore, due to these message errors, I'm more hesitant to upgrade/exchange/obtain new items in fear that it would mess up the item's original effects - or worse of all cause the items to disappear. Idk, maybe I'm just being paranoid. Hopefully the "debug" message doesn't cause the items to disappear or anything, lol. Does anyone else get that debug message on their items, too?
  12. Gunner Hooks

    Yes, it's an annoying bug. Fix it, please! My Gunner always loved racing to the next area in the dungeon and be the first, but now everyone is catching up to me since I lose all my hooks after every boss kill...
  13. Spectate duel master - no games to spectate

    I sent them a ticket regarding this bug, but they keep saying they can't give an exact time frame of when they're gonna fix it. Looks like it's not in their priority list of bugs to fix... but hopefully it gets fixed soon. Worse case scenario they won't get it fixed until maybe fall of next year, lol. I really miss spectating duel matches. It's something I often did when I don't feel like doing anything else in-game. Anyways, I have yet to see how Archers are doing in PvP since we can't even spectate anymore. This sucks.
  14. arena spectating bug

    The bug still hasn't been fixed... When will you guys fix this? I've always enjoyed spectating late night matches while munching on some popcorn. But now I can't anymore and it's frustrating. Like the OP has said, you can't see who's queing because the list is completely empty, even though there ARE people queing. Therefore you can't spectate because the ques don't show up in the list. It will appear empty when it's not, even during busy hours when most players are online. Fix. This. Please.
  15. In f8 dungeons, I noticed how I tend to be the first one moving while everyone else is still in loading screen. Like, I can't remember the last time I was the last one... maybe once, only because my PC had that update thing and it dropped my ping drastically. Although in general, I tend to be the first guy that gets out of loading screen quickly before anyone else in the party. As far as I know, the BnS server is located in Texas. Well, I live a bit up north to that... so, does that mean I should have good ping, then?