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  1. Gunner Hooks

    Yes, it's an annoying bug. Fix it, please! My Gunner always loved racing to the next area in the dungeon and be the first, but now everyone is catching up to me since I lose all my hooks after every boss kill...
  2. Spectate duel master - no games to spectate

    I sent them a ticket regarding this bug, but they keep saying they can't give an exact time frame of when they're gonna fix it. Looks like it's not in their priority list of bugs to fix... but hopefully it gets fixed soon. Worse case scenario they won't get it fixed until maybe fall of next year, lol. I really miss spectating duel matches. It's something I often did when I don't feel like doing anything else in-game. Anyways, I have yet to see how Archers are doing in PvP since we can't even spectate anymore. This sucks.
  3. arena spectating bug

    The bug still hasn't been fixed... When will you guys fix this? I've always enjoyed spectating late night matches while munching on some popcorn. But now I can't anymore and it's frustrating. Like the OP has said, you can't see who's queing because the list is completely empty, even though there ARE people queing. Therefore you can't spectate because the ques don't show up in the list. It will appear empty when it's not, even during busy hours when most players are online. Fix. This. Please.
  4. In f8 dungeons, I noticed how I tend to be the first one moving while everyone else is still in loading screen. Like, I can't remember the last time I was the last one... maybe once, only because my PC had that update thing and it dropped my ping drastically. Although in general, I tend to be the first guy that gets out of loading screen quickly before anyone else in the party. As far as I know, the BnS server is located in Texas. Well, I live a bit up north to that... so, does that mean I should have good ping, then?
  5. Maybe! It hasn't been happening at all for the past 3 days, so that could be it. Plus a lot of people had been suffering from lag issues post-awakening, so I guess something like this is prone to happen. However, Gunner's awakened Bulletstorm is still broken. Same thing with one of Warden's awakened skills. xD
  6. Stuck In Water

    This was around the Desari Palace, right? Happened to me earlier today, too. If not, then I guess certain areas have this glitch. You can press the "Escape" button to transport back to town. First, click ESC and then it should be on your right-hand side in one of the options.
  7. It was against a BD, so nope. Plus it also happens outside of combat. Like, I don't even need to be in combat for it to happen. It can happen anywhere and at anytime when using it consecutively.
  8. This is especially true when soloing. In fact, this glitch has always been there... even since pre-awakening.
  9. As a Gunner, this happened in both PVP and PVE. Like, my Gunner would cast Whipline and I could clearly see the whip puncturing a hole on the ground forward, but my char would stay still in place. It doesn't happen often, but it does if I use Whipline very quickly back to back. I say it happens about 30% of the time. Can be problematic in "sticky" situations, especially when you're trying to run away from your opponent...
  10. Personally, I think it's fun and should definitely be in the game permanently. It adds variety to BnS. Some days I don't even feel like doing raids, so for me to be able to do other activities makes it more engaging. On a sidenote, what tips/tricks do you have for Shackles Isles? A lot of times I get really nervous, lol. And being the complete wuss I am, I would constantly hide in remote locations as to avoid other players from killing me, especially as a Gunner with a lack of defensive skills. Some key highlights I've experienced so far: Got ambushed by a BM when I went inside a random house. He did a surprise attack on me when I picked up the buffs. I CC'd him like crazy as to restrain him from completely wiping out my HP. I ran outside the house and used my jumping buff to fly away and escape from him... only to later get ambush by a KFM who 0-100 me just like that, despite my "mobile" Gunner desperately trying to run away. I begged for mercy, but she wasn't willing to let me live. I was hiding in a tent and waited for suspecting players to come inside, so I can do my surprise attack. Momentarily after about 5 minutes, a Sum went inside and got the shock of her life. I shot her with my Twin Barrels only until her cat aerial me inside the damn tent! It was hard to fight as my view inside the small tent was too obstructed, so I whiplined my way out and ran for my life. The Sum was chasing after me... but miraculously, I used my jumping buff to fly the hell out of there. I managed to survive with 2% HP left. Afterwards, the Sum somehow caught up to me again, but I jumped in a lake, so she was unable to attack me. She tried so hard. In fact, she jumped in with me as well, but when she realized she couldn't even target me at all, she gave up and left me alone! Lol, it was soooo funny. While gliding in the air, I saw a KFM standing on top of a mountain... like, super high up. I thought why not jump down and try to kill her? I did, but she fell down the mountain when I shot her. Afterwards, she tried to climb back up the mountain to get her revenge. I shot her again and she fell down once more. It was too hard to target her, so I thought it wasn't worth the effort and just glided away somewhere else.
  11. It has been confirmed in a korean interview. The dev himself directly said it's a long-range class for sure, so it's safe to assume Archer. But then again, the image they showed did looked very much like a mage, but it could just be her costume. So... it's either an Archer or possibly a Sorceress class. I'll take either one, cuz I like both. And lastly, fishing will be coming out this year as well. I saw the pic of a character holding a fish by the lake. 2019 looks like an exciting year for B&S. Wooooooooot!!!
  12. Yeah I agree. It looks like Gunner isn't their top priority. Oh well.
  13. So, I'm gonna brainstorm some "defensive skill" ideas for some of the classes. Also, if such defensive skills were added on for the classes that needed it the most, it will make PVP more balanced overall. Note: Sum, BM, KFM, and Warden were NOT included in the list as I feel they already have plenty of defensive skills, blocks, heals, etc. Anyways... here it goes! SIN: Evil Twin - Create a carbon copy of yourself. Your twin will assist you in battle and act as a sort of distractive for your opponent; confusing them during the process as to who is who. The twin has unlimited HP, therefore could never die. Press "tab" to instantaneously switch places with your twin. You can press tab repeatedly until the remainder of its duration in battle, in which case it simply puffs and disappear. Duration: 20s Cooldown: 1m GUNNER: Eagle Ascension - An eagle pulls you up into the air--making you invincible to all attacks (including projectiles). However, all your skills are unuseable until the duration of the skill runs out; with the exception of one special skill (Firebomber) that could only be used while soaring in the air. You can drop bombs repeatedly on your opponent by pressing 'tab', and the 'WASD' buttons to control the eagle. Duration: 15s Cooldown: 2m 30s BD: Angelic Intervention - A bright light from the kingdom of heaven will shine on you; bestowing you its glory bliss which deflects 30% of damage from all attacks, increases your att power by 5%, increases movement speed by 5%, resistant to all CCs, removes all status ailments, and regen heals your HP every second for a total of 10% HP healed. Duration: 10s Cooldown: 45s DEST: Earthquack Spasm - The ground violently shakes as you roar with all your might, bringing out the beast from within. You are invincible to all attacks and CCs for the whole duration of usage. However, you are immobile at this time and cannot use any of your other skills. Any opponent(s) standing within your vicinity will be inflicted with damage overtime; in addition to slowing down their movement speed by 15% for 20s. Duration: 8s Cooldown: 1m 30s SF: Iron Machismo - Your body hardens up through thick and steel by the strength of your own will . Both defense and critical defense increases by a staggering 300% and also makes you resistant to all CCs. On top of that, any of your skills with the stun or daze effects will extend their effects for 1.5s. Duration: 10s Cooldown: 35s WL: Demon's Tooth - The demon's magic calls upon you. A shadowy string used as a projectile with a demon's tooth attached to it. If thrown and it successfully penetrates the opponent, you steal 1% of their HP and one bar of their focus every second. In addition to that, the opponent's offensive skills are disabled for 5 seconds--making them unable to attack you. Duration: 5s Cooldown: 18s Oh boy, idk why that took me longer than expected... but yeah, that's what I came up with so far. I was literally sitting at my computer just trying to come up with random ideas in my mind. I've came to the realization on how much work it actually takes to make a game... Do you guys think some of them, if not all, could theoretically work in the official game? What were some of your favorites, and what else should be modified in order to improve the helpfulness of the skills while still keeping everything quite balanced? And do you think the duration/cooldowns of those skills could use a bit of tweaking? Or does it sound about right? If you guys could come up with other ideas of defensive skills for certain classes, feel free to tell it. Let your imagination flow. :D
  14. Any thoughts or guesses? For example, more classes rebalancing, better rewards in dungeons, better costumes, etc. I'm hoping they'll do something great to bring more ppl back.
  15. Personally, I really love Blade Dancer's skill combos, especially the aerial ones. It's aesthetic as hell, lol.