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  1. [1v1 match list] please fix it

    That's kind of you but i'll be very busy this weekend unfortunately (social responsibilities and all that stuff :( ...) Don't worry, i can wait until they fix it hopefuly cheers
  2. [1v1 match list] please fix it

    Yes, but unfortunatly almost nobody streams BnS pvp content anymore and that's why being able to watch duels ingame was a good thing. Anyway, hope they'll fix it soon
  3. Spectate duel master - no games to spectate

    I feel you, it was very enjoyable feature, hope they'll fix it soon
  4. Hi guys, I would like to submit this bug. A few monthes ago, it was possible to go to "arena lobby", click on "spectate", and display a list of 1v1 games currently played. I've been able to choose a game and watch it This feature does not work anymore. When i click "spectate", the list of 1v1 games is always empty no matter what time log in: Thank you
  5. Hi Guys, Once upon a day, it was possible to go to arena lobby => spectate and choose a match from a list of 1v1 matches and enjoy watching 2 guys beating the heck out of each others. Now, i can't see any match in the list, i can only watch one if i already know the name of the player... What happened to this feature? it've been buggy for monthes and not fixed yet... is it a minor bug from a developer/business point of view? because its really not for me, i'd like from to time watch two skilled guys competing, instead of watching my ### being handed to me, and i don't think that i'm the only one who enjoyed this feature. This thing was working well before, thus it should not ruin your budget if you put it back. So please fix it, it was a good/major addition to the arena lobby and provided a lot of fun Should i submit a bug? Thanks guys
  6. arena spectating bug

    Hi guys, Can you give us some feedback about this bug? do you know about it? is it on the todo list? As Narukaba said, the problem has not been fixed yet. I personnaly enjoy watching good players beating the #### out of each others and i think many other players do. Thank you
  7. Okay, thank you :)
  8. Hi guys, @Grimoir does it mean that in order to change a skill effect from damage to cc for example, i must be level 60? It will become harder to do pvp before hitting level 60 :(
  9. What about this one?
  10. Bot report KFM EU

    Yes, this guy is a bot indeed, and guess what... he was my ticket to plat :D
  11. Un verouillage faciliterais le combat contre des classes à pet.

    oui mais toi... tu as tué quelqu'un d'autre au passage :p (oui c'est super moche ce que je dis mais bon)
  12. Need help fighting Blade Dancer.

    I didn't understand, what r key youre talking about? :) And no i do not use the classic mode 0_0 Oh i see, you mean the r in 3RF? it is bind by default to the left mouse button, so instead of using the LMB to do combos you can press the r key ;)
  13. Need help fighting Blade Dancer.

    Hi, BDs are not immune to knock down attacks when they spin, as a KFM you can always leg sweep them or "SS+tiger pounce" to knock them down. I'm not saying it's easy, but try this: knock them down and when they retreat (f) blow a comet strike to daze them, go for your stunlock and 3RF combo. Keep in mind that you have to make him blow his trinket/tab before you knock him down! Good luck
  14. Le stun en cours de déplacement

    Je retire ce que j'ai dis, il semble que tu aies bien raison. Je ne sais pas pourquoi j'étais convaincu du contraire! mes excuses :)