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Pvp is extremely dumb atm.


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Title says it all.. 
Even beta wasn't as terribly balanced.

Also not gonna bother saying which class is weak or op, it's just horrible overall..
Some classes are super strong vs some classes and near impossible against others ;/ 

And what is the logic behind removing def cancel skills from classes but not touching any iframes/blocks/counters etc?

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KFM pressing Q 5 sec resist + can block with by pressing 1. Pressing E another 5 sec resist. Pressing if i remember well C? another 5 strikes resist everything + SS i frame + Tab. So all this ime that he have immune he can CC the oppoenent + aerial and his Q and E are reseted (no cooldowns anymore) so again Q another 5 sec immune. Good luck killing him, especially in battleground with PvP weapon + pvp soulshields that reduce the Tab escape cooldown. 1 v 6 and nobody can kill him because he is immune permanent.

Warden garbage gear can tank 3872398472983748374 millions Damage.

Destroyer x2 shields that making him immune+heal. Permanent spin destroying everything in his way if he has the proper gear, you cant block because he pierce threw. You cant even run away because he spin faster than you run.

And many more that i wont spent my time mentioning.

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As a Burning fist KFM i can agree it's has been the worst nerf with no chanse to simply win aganst flying kick blue buff is too op to be counter warden can just by pass my q and always have more stun than i do can't really do anything in pvp and if i change to flying kick everything is out control before nerf i could take on destroyer but now i better off playing something else and stop waste my time on pvp i feel bad cause i loved pvp but they took it away from me.

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KFM still takes over bg. Many higher paying players will swap classes because they know destro and kfm run the pvp game. For the 1 time whale he just quits the game and moves on. Blade and Soul don't mind this because more toons generates more revenue. Its sad but fair business strategy . They want the same payers to buy as a recurring consumer.However the consumers who are like this feed the games death. People dont want to pvp against a class that rolls every class.( buff this class this now/buff this class later) So they leave especially if there main was a waste of cash.  They should be appealing to a wider consumer base. That's my opinion to why people are leaving BNS  . I'm more worried about trade swapping between matches.(matches where people don't participate because they want to help a friend rank up so they swap/ rig matches) So you get someone who goes out and basically feeds kills or hands a cap point over.Most people don't but a few elites do it. That makes the game even less appealing to players. BNS is not responsible for this though. Its your elites who have lead the way. 

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So, apparently my constant harping about how broken BM is will now finally be taken seriously? Because giving a class like BM a second escape, and untargetables for their Q/E and backstep and the most insane and braindead damage ever (which they already had) while removing block disable as a mechanic in the game, meaning our only way to get past their defense is through carefully timed tech chases and sneaking behind them (perfectly behind them).


GJ NCsoft, you somehow managed to make the most cancerous garbage invented in videogame history, and make it even worse.

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I just want the previous patch back.

You are not going to get new players in with extreme changes, but you sure are going to lose players who have been dedicatedly playing the game for years.

Another nail in the coffin for bns.

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