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  1. NCWest consists of 3 people sitting in a room reading 9gag and chatting all day is my image of the company right now. I doubt they even have a person that knows how to press the ban button on someone.
  2. Hello, to reply to the classic server demand, I am one of them. I used to play this game a lot, spending entire days in misty woods, practicing with people. As patches came I saw my character fleshed out in its combinations more and more and while it made it play out lot more smoothly, the game overall changed to be a much more fast paced pvp, more punishing, compared to back then only bd being able to pull off a fast 100-0 combination. Awakening was the point I quit the game, about one month into it, it was just not the same anymore, no matter how many time i tried. There are a lot of p
  3. I just want the previous patch back. You are not going to get new players in with extreme changes, but you sure are going to lose players who have been dedicatedly playing the game for years. Another nail in the coffin for bns.
  4. It's sad how not a ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ is given and they'd rather see their game die than to change anything.
  5. I heard people giving their own shots at reaching out to the company to change their ways, this is my shot. If nothing happens, no official response to this thread, I will throw in the towel and just play bns casually until it inevitably dies permanently.
  6. Hi I'm Shevi, I will now write a long list of issues in bns you should be able to fix without much korean help. More than fixing them to help me, I'm writing these to help the game, because its such a nice game and it's so sad to see it die because of such poor management. And again, these issues are like known for years, yet nothing got done, maybe either ncwest doesn't care to save it, just here to leech on ncsoft money until they can, or were just unnoticed despite having been told and reported a thousand times. Or, if there's no way to fix them, say that. So here it goes.
  7. id like to see minor buffs in force masters give ss escape a minor iframe so its not totally negated when you are pushed into wall make frozem armor stage 2 tier 3 non tech chaseable. make phantom grip a faster cast maybe? the time it takes after player gets up when phantom grip effect ends should be a few miliseconds longer. why? so you can rmb impact reliably without having to fear to lose the match because of minor lag. if only one of these things could happen, i'd pick the last one on my list. too many times i lose match because of that stupid thing.
  8. Hey, so there is this issue where I see the top players wanting to do only pvp and not seeing much rewards from it, whereas you need thousands of golds to get that end game gear. So what they do is boost players who otherwise dont play arena. They agree on it to get that outfit that should reward the good players who actually care about arena pvp in exchange for their rewards they will get end of season, which they will give to the booster. While it isn't a problem in Korea, i think, since it's not a second job to get end game gear there, it is definitely a problem here, as pro pvp player
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