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  1. Yes please im too lazy to do dungeons that take more than 3 min
  2. And if you name them, it's you who gets banned.. while they are allowed to keep playing. Ncsoft at it's finest..
  3. Yep, the GM team is terrible.. They rather protect their cheaters from mean words like "cheater" (which they are, it's a fact, it's on video for god sake...) then to ban cheaters.. Some been cheating over a damn year, we all know who they are... and after hundreds of reports, they still playing.. But say a mean word, and ncsoft will warn you or even ban you.. And the balance... is a joke indeed.
  4. So what i say is true, but i'm not allowed to say it.. cause it might hurt some peoples feefies.. And the game is as good as dead.. To get people to return, they would need to promise a lot of changes... and even if they did... they never do what they say anyway.. Ncsoft broke lots of promises by now.. Wish there would be a good reason to be happy.. And as someone who been playing ncsoft games since lineage2.. it's hard to trust anything they say.. Everytime their game is at a stage between life and death, they let people completely destroy what's lef
  5. That's just part of why people quit, they did quit cause of the cheating, wintrading and p2w as well.. (ofc especially pvpers) Also because of the ridiculous amount of things to upgrade in the game, etc.. And the performance problems been ignored by ncsoft for a long time, no word on it at all from them.. So why would people bother playing again, if the chance exists it will be good at the start... then get terrible over time.. and ncsoft will just ignore it again. To keep players, and to have them return to the game... you must show you give a f... And ncsoft shown time
  6. The goal is for ncsoft to wake up and stop destroying their game, or letting 12 year old cheating kids do it for them. Like i care if you think the game is dead or not... like i gain anything from that. And i understand you cannot ban all cheaters... but if they are doing it in the open... or on video, and are still playing a damn year later... then something is obviously wrong with the way they handle cheating.
  7. Stay in denial then and act like the game isn't dead.. The paid cheat program has more active members than this game. And it's basically because there's no other game atm.. Also was hoping ncsoft would one day wake up and see what a mess the game became, and actually start doing something about it.. But that hope is faded, now just waiting for a new game rly.. Not gonna spend a single penny on this one anymore.
  8. That would be nice, but they'll find a new way to cheat.. And that won't solve the wintrading in arena either... Nor the p2w that keeps getting worse every update.. Doubt many people that quit for these problems will return to the game with ue4.. why spend time on a game if the owner won't even ban cheaters for over a year.. just cause "whales are muh income"
  9. Why bother with ue4, the game is dead.. and all that's left is a bunch of cheating little kids who after a year still aren't banned.. Ncsoft already made everyone quit.. Not just by not banning cheaters, but also their endless p2w bs... terrible balance.. terrible servers etc.
  10. https://ibb.co/MRgBJCS Completely fair player right Deejays? Talking big at arena, like you're skilled.. Meanwhile paid member on Pilao discord, jeez.. i wonder why.
  11. And @Himeever thought about joining the discord of pilao and trace down the people ingame and ban them for cheating? Can give a list of 200 people using that bs
  12. Just like arena, and love how all these kids act like they play fair, yet they are all paid members on pilao's discord.. Ofcourse they all paying for cheats for fun, and definitly arent cheating. Huh Deejayz? Imagine playing the dumbest class and spec in game and still cheating
  13. sFMos


    No youre wrong.. A bunch of people have issues ever since Amazon cloud servers, im one of them.. Even if my ping is totally fine anywhere else, bns has ping spikes.. Also my basic ping is like 20ms higher on this server.. I known many people that quit the game for this reason.. There used to be lots of topics about this issue on the forum..
  14. sFMos


    There was one big problem.. a ddos attack.. Then they switched to amazon cloud servers and ping spikes began for a lot of players.. Most that are affected quit by now
  15. No idea who that is, but yeah.. this game has much worse problems that are being ignored for way too long now.
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