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  1. It wouldn't be dead without the wintraders causing absolute ebola at low rank making it impossible for new people to play. And you don't fix it by deleting it, all you do is kill arena even more then.. Ncsoft should just do their damn job, it's that easy. Arguments like deleting rewards are just terrible. But yes NCSOFT WAKE UP, YOU BEEN ASLEEP FOR 2 YEARS NOW. About time you ban these 12 year old kids. And stop the invasion of Russians who don't belong on EU servers. And to everyone else, just give up really.. Ncsoft isn't gonna do
  2. All day long the same bs in arena again, all day long people with broken 3rd spec classes feeding their endless accounts to plat
  3. But then people just pay them to boost their chars to a top rank for premium.. eventually it's gonna come down to ncsoft having to do their job.. or just removing everything completely, or letting it die like Aion for example.. Where as far as i know, it's still in game but people haven't played it for years.
  4. Non-competitive arena... ok... The whole point of arena is to be competitive, and get rewarded for it.
  5. I still think that's a terrible way to fix a problem Ncsoft should just finally do their job.. that's the real problem. Removing the coins only would kill arena even more, might as well remove arena from the game and say it's solved then.. And yeah, que above 1700/1750 is completely dead there's nobody playing it.. With luck and queing a few days in a row you might reach 1750 if you don't end up getting farmed by someone on a wheelchair class holding rmb, to feed his endless accounts to platinum..
  6. Some people i reported a bunch of times, others just once.. In total i reported like 100/150x by now and nobody gets banned, you always get the same reaction from support "we are looking into the accounts, but we haven't banned anyone yet.. but rest assured we will ban them!" 1,5 years later... still not banned. And it's not like i guess they are wintrading, i know it for sure.. Some of these people i even speak with and they aren't trying to hide it.. Also i reach 1700/1750 (if im lucky) with normal que, but above that there's NOBODY... the only que's that pop up ge
  7. Why are you still not banning cheaters after reporting them? It's so tiresome, really i gave ue4 a shot.. and got hopeful after you guys told us you gonna create a new anti cheat.. But what's the point when you're not banning cheaters and arena is still full of cheating wintraders all day long?
  8. Good old times (45 patch) when sins actually needed skills instead of using 2 ranged cc's with half a year worth of stealth to then hold rmb. We all know this class is broken, so when it's finally gonna get nerfed? You were fast enough with light fm, why wait 3 years with sin? And a single nerf isn't gonna change anything about sins, this class has a kit for 3 classes in 1 for godsake.
  9. No, just like they still aren't punishing every other type of cheating Just look at arena ranking, it's just stupid.
  10. It's not about the launcher
  11. If your pc should be able to handle it, it's most likely FTH being triggered.. Google how to clear FTH entries and how to disable FTH and follow the steps.
  12. Why would they bother with ue4 update if they just wanna let the game die off? Why would they bother trying to make an anti cheat, if they don't actually wanna ban people? I know ncsoft never does things that are logical but, even for ncsoft that would make no sense.
  13. Know what will be pure sweet karma? when cheaters think they can bypass it and then still get caught in the next banwave. When people who been talking trash for so long while cheating their ... off finally get banned.. That would be karma. Not getting lag for wanting a game to be fair, that's just silly.
  14. FM Is fine. Buff frost FM though, just for fun.
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