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  1. Well the difference with call of duty is, here you get rewarded with gear and in pvp with hmcoins.. So they basically rewarding the cheaters.. I don't care about losing to a cheater, then i just think they sad.. but when a company rewards people for it, it's a diff story.. Especially if you spend money on trove or other events/f10, or buy premium.. It's not like these cheaters are the only people that spent a lot on this game, i don't know how much i spent since beta... it's not a small amount either. And cheaters often just make a lot of people quit the game, which ends in less i
  2. I'm mainly talking about XML(both 1hit and changing your skillbar in diff ways), wintrade, multiclient.. All things that should be easy to track down.. And many of them been reported with video, screenshots, them admitting to it personally etc... There was a whole group of pvpers that reported some of these people.. most of the people that send in a report quit by now cause they so tired of ncsoft not doing anything about it.. There were screenshots of f11, where you can see they queing into their own chars and or clan members at 1am.. There were people that recorded it
  3. Yeah, very disappointing banwave.. Can name like 50 more cheaters who aren't banned.. 1v1 arena cheaters still not a single ban.. Top den of the ancients list, even though they might not have cheated for that score... are still known cheaters who used many types of XML cheats.. Step your game up ncsoft... this is worthless.
  4. Yeah they banned 3people from den of the ancients ranking.. But their 2 favorite whales from a certain p2w clan (nice how easy it is to point at them without naming them) still aren't banned.. They are currently rank 1 and 2 in den... and i know for a fact that both are cheating... There are multiple videos of both of them, which i personally sent to support.. and they don't get banned.. Guess they friends with the GM's? cause there's no other reason for them not to get banned. A temp ban would also be completely unreasonable with the amount of cheating they done.
  5. Good that ncsoft finally starts doing something though.. Hope they'll also ban the whales that been abusing the 1shot xml.. and are wintrading on platinum in arena ^^ And no, they only ban you if they have evidence.
  6. Wow first time you're not on ncsoft's side.. It's a miracle. But yeah, that as well.. And i know for a fact that ncsoft can see who was bound to a specific raid and how long it took people to finish.. Yet they still aren't banned.
  7. Well it's kind of a vicious circle.. They can't find opponents, so they farm low ranking.. and that will stop new players from playing.. and keep the people who do play silver.. so then it's normal they don't find matches at higher ranking.. If the lower ranked people being farmed by 10 people with each 10 alts all day.. then they'll never reach the rank of their main.. Also a lot of these people farm low ranked people, and then boost their 2nd account to plat that way... Limiting ranking to 1 char per class (and actually banning wintraders) would probably help a lot, but then you pro
  8. Sadly its never gonna happen.. They did the same to aion.. Already gave up on sending tickets about cheaters.. They dont even do anything when its recorded on video.. Some been reported months or even a year ago and are still playing.. Better just try enjoy the game with some friends and ignore everything, or find another game to play.. One thing i know for sure though, ill never start playing a new ncsoft game.. cause its always the same story..
  9. Well like you said the rating system is designed for a much larger player base.. They could just let people lose less rating at lower ranks for example.. but keep it the same at higher ranks.. And this would also get more people to join, same goes for 1v1 arena.. Most new people won't even bother trying cause they'll face a ton of top 5 people before they even reach gold.. If new people can at least reach gold, then at least they'll feel like it's worth it.. and not just an utter waste of time..
  10. So what you're saying is people without gear aren't allowed to play 6v6? That's ridiculous.. How about you tell ncsoft to fix their rating system instead so gearless people can fight at bronze, better geared people at silver, even better geared at gold.. and good people + good gear at plat.. with exceptional players at diamond.. Like the system was originally designed. They should ban the afkers and flamers though.
  11. Then you're just wrong. Cause it's really a huge problem atm. The whole top pvp list is full of cheaters, 6v6 is full of cheaters, moon refuge is full of the same whales cheating to farm EXP. And it's a fact many of them been (mass)reported, with evidence.. and support doesn't do anything about it.. Guess you never been to moon refuge? And you don't do arena/bg? If you just do your daily challenges and raids, then you probably won't notice much yeah. *There are also literally people on platinum in arena who play like bronze players.. a random 1500 would beat t
  12. Nothing will happen, some people been cheating for months and been reported like by literally 50 different people.. yet are still playing.. I really wonder why though, i don't see a reason not to ban people to save your playerbase... it made more people quit than are cheating. And we all know the basic response, thank you for your report.. we will investigate.. but due to privacy reasons we cannot tell you the outcome of our investigation.. and then months later, they are still not banned and still doing the exact same thing.. And it's not even like they hiding they are cheating
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