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  1. Haha stop making up excuses, we all seen the videos that prove these kids cheat.. We would post them here, if ncsoft didn't protect cheaters and delete such videos. Everyone with discord saw these videos, of P2W cheater clan
  2. Haha like you would be anywhere without your gear. And you're a fan of a cheater, can't say his name cause ncsoft loves protecting him.. But we all know how he and his clan been cheating their ... off. Must be hard getting max gear when you can solo raids with your cheats. None of you whales have any skills, you people literally think you're skilled for being able to press a single button to kill people, clowns.
  3. There's a better way "whynotwin11" The compatibility tool doesn't even tell you what's wrong, might just have to change something in your bios.. or might not be able to run it at all.
  4. The stuck 11fps is most likely windows FTH being triggered But bns does seem less laggy on Windows 11 thats true. Would recommend people to use it if they can, you don't even need TPM and secure boot if you can follow a guide to bypass those requirements. And it's probably just as likely for windows 10 to get bugged after an update than windows 11... The amount of times a windows 10 updates caused an issue with 1 or more of my pc's 😕
  5. So basically pvpers should be punished because ncsoft is too lazy to do their job and ban cheaters? Mkay.
  6. Because people are getting rewarded for cheating in this game and ncsoft doesn't do anything about it.. Everyone should care about that.
  7. Might take a while, they too busy not banning people that cheat in pvp
  8. I don't need anything, i also made a new account and did just fine because of pvp + making alts.. But if you are new, and play 1 char.. you gonna have a hard time to gear up.. I'm not saying this for myself.. i just made a bunch of alts, got a ton of gold from pvp and trial arena + used call to arms event... was indeed easy this way.. There's just a lot of people with gear who don't wanna "carry" people with lower gear, because they feel like they are special because of their gear... I never been like that, i always helped people with lower gear and never acted like im better
  9. All i can say is wish ncsoft would ban more.
  10. Try make a new account now then see if you'll need to get carried. Obviously those were different times at the start it was super easy to find groups and by the time they released new content you would have max gear.. And people used to just explain mechs instead of letting people watch a 60 min video guide where 95% of the information is irrelevant to your role and will only confuse people.
  11. You're the one that feels entitled to not having people without gear on your team.. Like you haven't been carried and had help to farm your gear.. How you expect these people to "work harder" maybe by making babies so they have someone to play with when they get older? Or how you think them "working harder" will get a group filled? Also you really think you "work harder" cause you got gear? you press more buttons than they do? As long as they don't afk, or que for one of the most recent dungeons... i don't see why you wouldn't help people.. unless you're as selfish .... fill
  12. What ranking? i'm currently rank 2, but it's the start of the season. I have top 5 title on 8 chars and platinum rank achievement from before the wintrading started. I don't use gcd, xml, don't wintrade and don't even use macros.. and i agree those people should be banned as well.. But that issue is nowhere near the level of wintrading, cause that's just destroying the fun for anyone who wants to try get into pvp... (Ex) top 5 people don't belong on silver ranking all season long, farming new/weaker players to feed 20 alt accounts to platinum.. yet that's all you see the
  13. Everyone knows people are wintrading, no point in argueing about it.. We also know how it works, and it's not hard at all... and has nothing to do with bots. You just need the right 3rd party launcher, press "launch" twice and you got 2 clients.. then login to 2 diff accounts, make sure they at around the same rating or nobody else is queing and you'll fight your 2nd account... Everyone knows how it works, everyone knows who is doing it.. it's not like they hide it.. We could name many people who are even on video doing this, they admit it in game, they been recorded
  14. It is if you run 2 clients at the same time, you obviously have no idea what you're talking about
  15. That's what i said lol, also used to have top 5 before this wintrade fest.. Now it's impossible without being a wintrading pos. (and abusing a broken spec/class)
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