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  1. Blade & Soul is officially p2w

    My friend this might be my last post because tomorrow my NCsof account will be deleted. You forgot to tell tp the new players "you also have to pay 60+ thousend gold for soul another 30+ thousend gold for pet and another 30+ thousend gold for talisman to be competitive in Blade and Soul" Every single NCsof game is pay to win like it or not.-
  2. Okay, this... This isn't okay at all

    From the start of your reply you violeted rules of conduct since you dont have the right to make a thread personal and tell me how to type. You are out of topic. I played it about 350/400 hours in 3 years. Thats not a lot. MR is your account level, each MR level gives you bonus 1.000 standing +1 mod capacity on a +0 level item. Thats the only advantage you have from account levels nothing more, you dont become stronger or something. Because an MR 25 player leveled 80 more weapons than i did and after sold them just to level up his MR aka account level is more OP than me because he can make 12.000 more standing than me is more OP? The cheapest item that worth and can be sold from syndicates cost 20.000 standing and can be sold from 8 to 12 platinum. So he is more OP than me because he can make 8 to 12 more platinum from syndicates? You do realise that there are many ways to make money in this game not just syndicates. I can play 4 defence missions win few relics, sell or open them and make the 8 platinum. Your argument does not stand here mate. Sorties give you 6.000 kuva just by playing the game 20 minutes per day if you are lucky, you dont have to spent a lot of time in game to gather it unless you want to grind in kuva missions. If you want to get it fast then go and grind for it. Dont complain. Arcanes can be farmed few times per day since it has to be night to play the plains of eidolon hunting missions. Some people might log in game when it is day and will log out before it become night. You said "Besides, you treat the Platinum like it's a real currency you can make physical, real exchangeable money out of" i never said i treated it like real money. What i said is that you can farm an item that worth a lot of real money very fast as a free to play player. You dont have to pay any real money in Warframe because everything is farmable. It took me too long to response to your reply, because i am deleting my NC account and in 2 days my account will begone for ever. I just wanted to reply back to you when you talk nosence and calling me liar + violated code of conduct by making your reply personal and attacking me in forums.
  3. Okay, this... This isn't okay at all

    "How would a F2P player catch up or compete in Warframe" I will tell you now how he will compete. If you think that it is hard to make platinum in warframe and you compare it with blade and soul money making system, i will give you a quick tip of making thousends of platinum in no time. First farm about 100.000 Kuva then buy a cheap unrolled scoliac riven reroll it, get stats with range / slide attack critical hit and sell it for 900+ platinum. After you sell the first one continue the same procedure with a second riven untill you get good stats. So 1.000 platinum cost 45 euro. You sold one rerolled riven that costs 45 euros my friend. And if you are lucky enough you might have Kuva left for another 3 rivens. You whine about making money when you dont know how to make money. In warframe you dont need to spent money to get platinum or gear fast. Because you can make thousends of platinum without much effort. Can you do that in Blade and soul? I doubt that.
  4. Okay, this... This isn't okay at all

    Stop it dude you are making fun of your self to other people, this is public forums. I am talking about pay to win // damage and one hit kills here and you bring a video "from arena" where all the "stats are EQUALIZED" and you are saying "I don't see this person 1 hit anyone" I have no reason to talk with you anymore, you are a lost cause and you just proved it with saying this phrase.
  5. Okay, this... This isn't okay at all

    Oh you changing the topic here, i see that you are running out of facts. How come and my example to this game have nothing to do with it? Because you dont want it to? It will be a chess game where you can use the cash shop like you can use the trove in Blade and soul. Truth hurts my friend? I am not triggered at all, i just like to hammer white knights like you in any forum, from a game to politics. And yes as i said you are changing the theme again. Asteroid is 1 hit kill but you are so hungry to win a conversation and now you talk about iframes on a conversation about damage ahahahaha. I've actually beated you from the post i mentioned yu gi oh forbiden memories, blade and soul is exactly like that, if you dont pay real money you are never going to get the good stuff.
  6. Okay, this... This isn't okay at all

    So a cc and then skill is not considered as one hit kill to you. Then take a [moderated content] asteroid to your face from a force master and RIP clever guy.
  7. Okay, this... This isn't okay at all

    I once saw a cool guy saying this to people like you who say it is pay to progress and not pay to win. In chess if your pawn moves to the other side it gets promoted and when it does you choose between queen, knight, rook, or bishop. Imagine if you could swap your credit card and promote all your eight pawns into queens. Is this pay to win or pay to progress? Does your opponent have any chance of win? This is the perfect example of a free to play player pvping with a guy with max soul/pet/accessories/talisman.
  8. Okay, this... This isn't okay at all

    Maybe because we die from 1 hit in battleground? This game is all about showing your wealth, take a look at my Dragon ball super video that i uploaded. To farm around 120.000 GOLD you will die on screen before you obtain them, also the game will shut down and you will still be farming the 120.000 gold. Some people commenting like you are funny. You are one of these guys back in 2.000 era where they was saying You can farm 999.999 stars by farming in Yu Gi Oh forbiden memories. If someone bealive this he better go see a doctor. If you dont know how forbiden memories was working let me tell you, each win had ranks D C B A S. D ment 1 stars per victory C ment 2 stars per victory B ment 3 stars per victory A ment 4 stars per victory S ment 5 stars per victory There was people saying you can gather 999.999 by playing when you get max 5 stars per win yea right. And the funny part was that you could buy only one card with the 999.999 stars then you have to farm another 999.999 to buy one more card. The deck have 40 cards.
  9. Okay, this... This isn't okay at all

    Do you even read? I didnt mention Warframe Snowyamur did. You reached that AP so fast because they reduced the price of everything. And added heptagonal gems almost to every event this year. In the past ivormoon/seraph/raven/aransu needed a lot more materials than now. Same with soul, it was more expensive than it is now also now they giveaway free awakened souls. You are talking about transmuting sacred oils? It is not worth it at all. You better buy from marketplace it will be cheaper. With that being said marketplace sacred oils comes from people who troved them or bought them from the f10. So sacred oil is a p2w item, because if you craft it yourself you pay more than buying it from someone or from the marketplace. I never cared to reach top gear. The game is just redicilous because you can make 3 millions DPS if you have max gear. I made 1,1 they make 3 and? I didnt even cared about doing big raids because the good money was comming from battlegrounds. But as i said many times pvp is broken because any player with max soul can 1 hit kill anyone no matter how much defence they got. Now about the pvp part you seem like you have answer about everything. With the mouth it is easy the act is hard though. Being hit from a CC and then combo isnt 1 hit kill :O ? Blade master Z pull 4 lighting draw bye bye if this is not 1 hit kill then what is? And i was playing arcade games and other stuff since i was 8 years old my reaction time is above average. Also i have kicked some people asses in real life so i think that i can predict attacks in games.
  10. Okay, this... This isn't okay at all

    Nope i didnt spent a lot of time there. Each mission can be done in about 2 minutes with volt or a frame with full speed mods maxed. So if you are playing relic missions, every 2 minutes you can make from 2 to 40+ platinum if you are lucky. Also you play sorties each day, it takes about 30 minutes max to clear it, and you might win a riven, you either sell it like that or open it reroll it and if you are lucky you make 500+ platinum just from this. I stoped leveling up account at MR 14 too. Because the only thing you get from leveling up account is +1 mod capacity and 1.000 standing. It just wasnt worth it. You said it yourself : there are better games out there that have better PvP: Fortnite Apex Legends World of Warcraft Planetside 2 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Thats why i said you cant compare MMORPG pvp with first person shooter pvp. The difference between microtransactions in warframe and in blade and soul is that you can farm in a simple mission 10.000 material resources in about 15 minutes and in blade and soul you get 1 or 2 from 15 minutes dungeon. Also in blade and soul only once per day you get rewarded from a mission in warframe each mission might drop something good you always get rewarded from playing a mission. Also i never "ever" had a problem with resources in warframe, because it is so easy to be farmed, you just aoe with an ability or a whip slide attack with max range and every box/container breaks and you run and it automaticaly loot the drop. Also the game gives so many times credit boosters / affinity boosters (XP boosters) rescource boosters for "FREE". And everything goes x2 speed. To level up a character you need to play 25 waves in defence mission and boom 30 level(max level). Everything is accessable, even "cosmetics". You cant p2w in warframe because even the highest bundles that cost 50 euro can be farmed in about 1 day of gameplay. Open a lot of relics with volt extermination mission and you can make 100 platinum per hour. Playing a game for 5 hours to get the same amount of money by spenting 50 euro is considered pay for convenience? Its just 5 hours of gameplay. Even if you play 2 hours per day in 3 days you will manage to get the same item that cost 50 euro. BnS pvp is not pay for convenience because you cant farm oils, so you cant make max soul. Oils only come from events. This is what p2w means, when a free to play player have no way to farm an item, no matter how many hours he play, when a guy who spents money can get it from trove. You might farm 10/20 oils from runing events with 10 alts but if you spent 1.000 euro on trove you get 100 oils. This is not called pay to progress this is called pay to win.
  11. Okay, this... This isn't okay at all

    I can undesrtand that you want to support this game and i cant say that this is a bad thing but what you saying does not stand. As i said on my first post i also have aransu 9 3 accessories at awakened level ultimate pet 1 etc. without paying anything. The real problem is the soul/pet/heart/talisman. If you dont pay real money you have zero chance to catch up, because they add new weapon stages, new accessories, new soul stages, new pet stages, new heart stages every about 3 months. What the hell will you grind first when you can make about 300 gold tops per day? If you grind events with 10 alts for 2 hours you dont have time to make 300 gold per day, if you dont run events you wont get the oils you need to upgrade your soul. Even if you play for 5 hours per day which are many you wont make 300 gold in 3 hours. Because most of the gold comming from battlegrounds and battlegrounds are dead because the pvp is broken. I talked about numbers not who makes damage with Gems. If you trove you reach my AP in less than a month when i played for 2 years. Also i am at 1.500 AP if i had full triangular or square gems the 1.500 would be around 1.700 is this a big difference or not? As i said will you upgrade your soul? The weapon? Or the gems? Lets say you focus on gems/pet for 2/3 months, after 3 months new weapon stages will get in game so you will left bahind. You talked about Grand celestian 6 do you know that they will put new stages that will outdate grand celestian weapon and you are still at aransu 9, that means you are 9+ stages bahind from the new weapon dude. What about the players with Raven or storm dragon weapons? How they will catch up when they have to upgrade accessories which need 2.500+ gold each one to be maxed, soul which is only obtainable threw p2w and all the others>? You said you dont need max soul anytime soon in game. . .have you ever played battleground or you are spreading lies here? Any class with max soul + good badge can one shot others. Either from pull lighting draw like the Blade master either by aerial combo from blade dancer / gunner / warlock. I've seen players with +10 pvp accessories and 450.000 HP fighting with another guy with max gear and the guy who will make the first hit is the winner. You get cc you are dead no matter your gear. (if two people with the same gear fight). "Blade and Soul is "Pay to get ahead" or "Pay to spend less time grinding your ass off" but certainly not "Pay to Win". Seems like you have no idea what p2w means. . .let me tell you what it means : an item that cannot be obtained by farming and can only be obtained via cash shop is called p2w item. No matter how many hours you grind you cant get sacred oils, you can only obtain them via events and trove. Read what i said just now about the pvp then come and tell me it is pay to go ahead. Make the freakin calculations how much Gold you need to upgrade "JUST" your soul and tell me how many days it will take you to max it. You are full of BS my friend, dont spread lies. I am sorry if i offended you, i dont have anything with you, i am just saying that your comment does not stand. There are many broken classes in PvP first is the KFM perma resist // Warden CC immune, x2 the HP of every other player, the piercing damage is very high // gunner with good soul, one aerial combo and you are dead "YOU CANT EVEN TAB AERIAL CC" // Assasin perma invisible // Destroyer freeze to heal + perma spin, if he has Max soul with low cool down he can 1 v 6 easy. But no matter how many facts i give to you, you will always find something to say that will make me look bad because you just cant accept the truth.-
  12. Okay, this... This isn't okay at all

    If the game had soul/pet/heart/talisman upgrades max level for soul true awakening which gives 200 AP for 5 seconds // pet level ultimate 1 // heart level virtuous // talisman true hongmoon stage there would be balance, the game wouldnt be so broken (making 3 millions DPS wtf is this?). Also another thing is like you said there are so many content released every few months and they add more and more things to upgrade. I started playing Black desert and what i am doing there is gathering money to aim for the boss gear. In blade and soul you are forced to get 1 weapon at stage 0 and upgrade it 60 times to make it good. You cant just buy a good weapon or win one from a drop give some money to enchants and make it better. You have to pay bazillion amount of money on it to upgrade it from scratch, and trust me if you are new player you will never "ever" catch up with all of these upgrades unless you swap your credit card and give them your money. Another p2w thing are the gems. My main had only 1 triangular gem because i never troved. A guy who pays 1.000/2.000 euro to the game from the day 1 he starts playing he can reach my AP only from the gems, because he get like 25 AP more than i do per gem. Edit : Soul no comment about it, it gives the most DPS in game and the only way to get it is by running with 10 characters events or swap your credit card.
  13. Okay, this... This isn't okay at all

    Take a look at the last event if you say that if you fighting AI and not pvp it is pay for convenience and not p2w. Also there are plenty soloable dungeons where you cant kill them if you dont have good gear. (I had decent gear i could run most of the things in this game, but now i am speaking as a normal player). You said that Warframe is having microtransactions. I've played Warframe and it is 100% free to play, you pay nothing to be stronger. Every single thing is obtainable from playing a mission / killing a boss / doing a quest / or buying with platinum. Doing sorties / selling syndicate mods / selling relics / prime parts-sets / selling primed mods, to earn platinum and buy what ever you like from cosmetics to weapons-arcanes-rivens. You want to reroll your rivens and sell them for higher price? Then go and farm Kuva. There are so many ways to make money in Warframe and the game is absolut free to play. I was OP there without even spenting a single euro. You cannot compare this game which is full p2w (you need about 100.000 Gold just to reach max stage to your soul, thats just one part from your gear and if you make about 200 gold per day make the calculation how many days you have to play it to reach max stage of just one item). Yes i agree that the pvp in BnS is pure thrash because some classes like KFM and assasin are stupid overpowered. Also if you get aerial CC'ed you cant even press TAB escape. I used to play Aion in the past from the same company (turned p2w and i quited) the pvp there had its faults too but there was a good balance. You could play spiritmaster have curses/silences and many other CC's and kill almost every class in the game (talking about same gear people) but you couldnt kill a ranger. From the other hand Ranger couldnt kill the tank. Tank couldnt kill the mage. And goes like this. Here in BnS every class beats everyone if you have max soul which is 100% p2w. You just have to press 1 click and you kill the opponent thats the true definition of p2w. You cant compare an MMORPG game with a first person shooter or battle royale game. Thats just stupid.
  14. Okay, this... This isn't okay at all

    I uninstalled this yesterday. I had aransu 9 weapon 3 accessories at awakened stage ultimate pet 1 virtuous heart and around 1.500 AP But you know what? They never fix the pvp and it is the only game where a class can permanent resist the whole game. From my view only the 15% of the BnS playerbase is playing battlegrounds. I prefer playing another game since this is a real p2w pve game where you can show to other people your wealth power. This video describes the f2p BnS players and the credit card players that 1 hit kills you even when you have 300.000+ HP.
  15. Now when server are merged...

    Sad to say this but even in frenzy hours you only que with the same people over and over again. I really liked this game because of its anime style graphycs and its cool story but at the last chapters they . . . . . . the story so hard that it became a big dissapointment. Also because the population is so low the game does not even have a proper matchmaking. It is putting HM 15 players vs HM 22. How do i know that? Ive played a lot first person shooter games and i know how a high playerbase game balance works and how a low playerbase balance works. If the game cant find people with the same levels/ranks it just fills the teams with under ranked players or super high ranked players.