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Wind KFM PvE Talents & Skills


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I tested both builds on simple mode and manual mode without any accessories and badges. To me fire build is ahead on dps by 20-25% on both. I am not a pro kfm so cant say for sure but fire seems better atm. However I still play wind on my alt kfm and its fun.

Simple mode on wind works like a charm, while on fire maybe manual is a little better. 

This is just me though.

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For fire kfm, using manual (if you master the rotation and you have proper fps and ping) you have the best output dps. Though, simple mode on Kfm is like 90% accurate, mostly because smolder(F) is used before you actually use comet strike(4). (On fire kfm, smolder lowers cooldown of comet strike which lowers cooldown of tremor(V)) -> so manualy is like: V + X(searing palm) + 4 + F then Tab for BB and your good to spam burning first (2). What ruins is after, because you need to keep lowering your V as more times as possible but simple mode ruins it. He does it right at start, but after the opener, simple mode uses F whenever active, so you can't have your V as much when playing manual.

Sorry for the fire kfm intrusion there @Eckogen :P
I watched your video, another great one! Good job

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Note  i just came back to BnS after a long time not playing, so i'am just at the end of the main story, and didnt really grinded any gear or thoses badges things, its to take into consideration regarding my  "opinion"


i know its an old post , but do its still worth play something else than the 3rd spec ( for pve ) ?

For the 3 class i like to  play (BM / SIN / KFM ) the 3rd spec seem just totaly over the top compare to the "old ones", but when it come to the kfm, i dont  like that wolf thing transformation, and the wind spec end to be the one i have fun with, is it worth to stick with it as it seem to lose a big damage boost because no big gautlet & no wolf ?



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