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  1. Auto-Fish Fail Bug

    Stop trying to be smart. We already know the pearl limit. Auto fishing just stops randomly. I am yet to discover the real reason but I suspect it could be the system messages. I just dont know which and if all of them. Its definetely a bug.
  2. Auto-Fish Fail Bug

    I just came back from afk auto fishing for 2 hours just to find out that my char has only spent like 20-30 auto baits and is iddling there. This happens regularly unfortunately and I am not talking about server reset. Today I also checked messages and couldnt find any "auto fishing failed". If this doesnt get e fix than auto fishing is another failed BnS event. Like many.
  3. 07/24/2019 [Bugged] No credit for weekly rewards

    Well....this problem has returned. On my SF i didnt get weekly TOI reward..and I am rank 66. I got them on my BM though. so I guess its a random bug of some sort.
  4. Treasure keys and 108 boxes

    Everyone and their mothers know that Korean RNG game boxes have always been/are and will be a scam. I cant believe that there are people who spend real money on that. You cant expect someone to feel sorry for you I hope.
  5. This has the potential to become the dumbest statement of the year. Is like saying "only workes are responsible for the economy, government has nothing to do with it". I do know some politicians who think the same though
  6. People are adressing different issues related to the new update and while many arent realy spot on, I do recogonize that some are justified (like gold nerf). However, my biggest problem with this update is related to daily challenge quests. 1. I dont like that PvP quests are removed from dail challenge. This way you discourage people to do PvP and also lower the number of arena participants. I dont see the reason for this since non-PvP-ers could have completed daily challenge by simply doing PvE. 2. I dont like that you need to do 4 quests to actually gain something useful. Doing daily challenge was a pain even before since they are realy useful only if you do them with multiple alts. Now you need at least half an hour to complete them which means forget doing them with alts. In long run this will leave players with les mats in disposal and more frustration. I dont see the logic in increasing the number of daily challenge quests tbh. I know this wont happen, but I still suggest that you reverse these changes.
  7. After a period of relative quiteness , goldsellers are back again. You can easily see this on f9 by the number of low gold amounts on sale to drive out real player sellers. I dont know if NCSoft is doing something, but since this is going on for quite a while, there are no results to be seen.
  8. Where else to get Raven Feathers?

    I dont know of any way to get feathers beside Skybreak Spire and other weeklie raids.
  9. How many you see daily , 2-3? vs 100+ 10 gold stocks on f9. I would say your asumption has no standing. I am not saying there are no players who sell 50 or 70 gold ocasionally on f9, but that number is irrelevant. What we see is gold spam on f9, which you can check easily.
  10. I would asume that you didnt check f9 lately and didnt see that all transactions there are from 10-100 gold. No real player spams 8 pages of 10 golds in f9 unless having some "other" intents than purely selling it.
  11. The aim of the goldsellers is not to sell gold for HMcoins, but to drive real players out of f9. This way the only "currency" circulating" in the game is theirs. Either in f9 or through selling it to new players. As a result, the price of materials ingame is inflated cuz players have too much money they cant spend on anything else exept in marketplace. Before, gold value was always 1:1 during trove, but afterwards gold value would raise to even 1.6-1.7:1. Now thats not the case. Since last trove 3 months ago the gold value have been always at 1:1. The fix for this cant be done in f9 (though lowering the minimum amount to 100 gold per transaction might give some result), but must be dont by fighting goldsellers on different territory and by also controlling the amount of gold ingame.
  12. Additional Dungeon and Daily Challenge Changes Coming

    I cant say I am satisifed with the changes. My main problem with this update was the removal of PvP/solo dungs dailies from the challenge, and the fact that we are kinda forced to do Moon refuge daily, especially for new chars. Although changes you have done are nice, for me problems remain almost the same.
  13. Thoughts on Zen Archer

    Lightbringer archer is a no no for me. It looks very unnatural for a ranged class and is quite anyoing to play . I do realize that is stronger though. Windpiercer feels much better...but yea....moving restrictions are a pain.
  14. I dont like new daily challenge changes. Here's why...

    I will add that removing solo dungeons was also unnecessary. I would understand removing ToI since its different thing, but cant see a reason for other ones. I however, unlike most, fully support gold nerf. I will also suggest to nerf it even more since the game is overflown with gold. I see people offering 9k gold for 5k NC coins, which is crazy.
  15. Treasure Trove Guide

    You just proved my point!
  16. Revert patch changes please ....

    The problem of removing solo quest in Basin si not related to the fact that an easy quest was removed, (although personally would have want it to still be there), but more about having less reasons for many players to go to Basin. I cant count how many times I have done Basin bosses just because I happened to be there for the solo quest. If they wanted that easy quest removed, than the best option would have been to add Basin boss quest as a daily challenge option.
  17. Treasure Trove Guide

    Any1 spending real life money on korean rng games needs a thorough brain check. If you want to support the game you like while also getting some aditional advantage, buy e premium.
  18. 07/24/2019 [Bugged] No credit for weekly rewards

    Voila...this poblem is on again...but not on tuesdays as before but after maintenace. I just did 4 weeklies and counter is on 0/3 and no weekly rewards.
  19. what the hell is happen to warlock ?

    As someone who plays almost all the classes (exept Summ and BD), I can asure you that Warlock is completely destroyed both in PVE and PVP. Both builds are crap , look crap, and are not fun at all. Warlock was kinda OP in PVP before, especially vs some classes, but now its not only bad, its to put it...."no way someone desires to play this class" territory.
  20. Blade and Soul performance on Ryzen?

    Both gonna perform the same. Just go with the cheaper one.
  21. What ever engenier tells something this stupid needs to be fired imediately. FPS is CPU/GPU related and no servers can make up for game optimization. I ma sick of people who have no idea how game works and just troll forum trying to find excuses for their game poor performance. I have an i5 2500k with AMD 7800 card and game runs on 10 fps in raids and 30-50 normal fps. Yes it suck but its because my PC is not good enough for the game, which is also running on old engine and not optimizaed properly for the flashines of this game. If you have ping lags then the problem is your ISP, or the rout your ISP connects to the game servers. If it was servers fault, ALL woul.d have ping lag. And I never do, and i live in Balkans not Germany. When people like you relate FPS issues (I doubt there is an engeneer involved here), immediately rises trolling suspisions among people who actually know something and they dont take you for serious. So next time, at least try to open a disc ussion about something you are familiar with. As for those who have monster PC but still have fps drops, there are already at least ten fixes on this forum only, mostly related to bluetooth, nvidia drivers, defender, or smth else.
  22. Fresh Level 60 and Confused

    Weekly and daily quests for sure. Rest is up to your playing time and preferencers. You can farm Basin and Moon refuge or just do dungeon quests. There is also PvP.
  23. Tower of infinity: new scores won't save.

    TOI is stupid anyway so this bug just adds to the whole idiocracy. Hope they never fix it.
  24. Legends Reborn Event extended until May 15

    Yes, but you still can transmute them and open the chest. Just make sure you dont sell them as antics.
  25. Victory Token Why unable to trade?

    Almost 4 sentence lines of complete nonsense :D