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  1. You need F(smolder) to lower cooldown of 4(comet strike) which lowers cooldown of V(tremor). Despite the buffs they give, you have to keep your rotation of skills so you can have as much tremors as possible, since its the main source of damage when it activates incineration effect, and you need that effect to spam more burning fists. Now the thing is that simple mode is good yeah, but it doesn't care if you already used comet strike or not, it simply uses F(smolder) when available, so u might end up using smolder before comet strike and then you wont have smolder to lower cooldown of comet
  2. For fire kfm, using manual (if you master the rotation and you have proper fps and ping) you have the best output dps. Though, simple mode on Kfm is like 90% accurate, mostly because smolder(F) is used before you actually use comet strike(4). (On fire kfm, smolder lowers cooldown of comet strike which lowers cooldown of tremor(V)) -> so manualy is like: V + X(searing palm) + 4 + F then Tab for BB and your good to spam burning first (2). What ruins is after, because you need to keep lowering your V as more times as possible but simple mode ruins it. He does it right at start, but after the o
  3. For some people, fire kfm R requiring a target may be like a downgrade or unpleasant way of targeting, but in fact it makes sense since like there is no point that you should be able to use Dragon Claw (fire spec R) without a target, because its a waste of focus when for example you are killing something and you end up facing away your character from it or a boss simply goes away... you will end up wasting focus that might be needed for the next mechanic or another pack of mobs. Focus wont be there if u randomly swing your fists in the air xD The fact is that, having the need of a target is wh
  4. Talking about damage, fire and wind are fairly even at max-gear with the perfect rotation on each specs. There was a time when fire kfm was way below wind in terms of dps, but that was way before awakening patch. Nowadays i've been seeing more fire kfms in top ranks than wind kfms. Despite the differences, you must play what you enjoy the most since blade and soul is a grindy game. My personal advice, go for fire kfm!
  5. " Este é um clan do Blade and Soul fundado no dia 25 de Janeiro de 2019 e criado no propósito de proporcionar oportunidades a todos os jogadores portugueses que tenham vontade de progredir no jogo." -> Só se aceitam personagens principais; -> Aceitam-se jogadores com/sem experiência; -> Regras de atividade (2 semanas de inatividade sem aviso-prévio resulta em expulsão); -> O objetivo principal é aprender, treinar, evoluir e progredir individualmente e como grupo. Todas as mecânicas de dungeons e de raids estão expostas em guia no discord, assim como são explicadas na prát
  6. [AwakenPT] VT+TT Raids Semanais. Só Portugueses main character e ativos. DM para link do discord ;)
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