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How to install the new Laucher?


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-Once the download is completed, locate and run the BnS_Launcher_Setup.exe.

-You will then be prompted to install the new NC Launcher. 

to me it does say "that there is an old version of the program and i have to unistall/delete it", i did but it still does say "there is an old version".

i did look at some videos, old posts on the forum but it still say the same thing

(i know i did not add some more info but im trying to translate all the things i did in  english so people can understand, but for now if someone have already understand what is the problem, please help)

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Couple things I did that fixed the issue for me -


1. Do the refresh to get the correct launcher so it doesn't ask you to reinstall the whole game. Its should look like this -



2. The Blade and Soul shortcut still redirects to the launcher 1.0, you have to either update what file the shortcut points to, OR navigate to the NC Launcher 2 folder, in the NCSoft directory and pull a new shortcut from the NCLauncher2 exe file and use that.





3. The Launcher 1.0 has a tendency to attempt to launch the client, but the game doesn't launch in lieu of the new launcher update. This can cause the client to run at the bottom of you processes window, in the background and cause the update to throw an error.



Close the launcher, run the task Manager, kill the client process and then relaunch the NCLauncher2 to reinstall the update. It should work now. (Doing a full power cycle on your computer would also likely work).


Aside from the top one, none of this is mentioned in their troubleshooting steps, but this may work for you.

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@Thece, This isn't the right launcher. Go back until it shows New Launcher and doesn't ask you to reinstall the game. You can do that by pressing Ctrl F5 to hard resfresh the download site. then the page should look like the one I posted above.

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On 20/3/2019 at 11:43 PM, Riwn666 said:

How to fix this?


Try disabling the firewall and the antivirus opening the application as administrator. If it gives you an error, but with another file, keep opening it, updating it little by little, I did in it that way

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