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  1. How to install the new Laucher?

    Error 0xc000007b
  2. Anyone ever mention how god awful PVP is?

    Arena is great , 6v6 is... a joke
  3. Remove Moonstones from 6v6

    PvP ? 6v6 seems to me more pve , when whales one shoot everything , you don't kill mob but player , just another way of farming. (I'm the one who got oneshooted) I come to think that's all in this game is made to us , use the cashshop , that's how it's. Atleast desable badge in 6v6 it's so retarded.. And yeah you do pvp for pvp or ranking not farming moonstone another stupid thing
  4. Bonjour, suis je le seul l'avoir remarqué mais la branche est bugué ( 2 points tout a droite ), apres un cancel de défence celui ci ne m'est plus jamais proposé et je ne peut plus le lancer.