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Soul Fighter as a main?


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Hello everyone,


I am considering maining a Soul Fighter. I currently have a Summoner that would become an alt since she is a little too boring for me and I just can't come to terms with playing a Lynn. Main reason why I chose Summoner is their healing capability and ability to solo PvE content. I heard Soul Fighter can also heal. Is it easy to heal and/or solo PvE with this class? Will it be easy to find a party later on or is this class already too saturated?


I am not confident enough with my skills and I don't trust my ping/fps enough to tank or I'd main a KFM in a heartbeat. I love hand-to-hand combat and I've heard the Soul Fighter does a fair share of this.  Is their ranged stance viable enough to use in places where a ranged class has an easier time farming?


Thank you in advance for your feedback. If you have any tips or suggestions about the Soul Fighter feel free to let me know. (For example: What element is better suited for the Soul Fighter in the current meta? What equipment should I be aiming for?)

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i had a friend maining an fm making a kfm alt and it took her some time to even understand how to block the boss' yellow AOE and stuff like that. if you swap to melee you worry about twice as much mechs and boss rotations than distance classes. timing well iframes, blocks is a key to maintain your dps. for example, sf's new block, the "chi cloak" blocks frontal attacks for 3 seconds, and every block gives 1 stack of chi (5 stacks give 1 frost storm, your 1st or 2nd source of dps, depends on element and bracelet), so for example  the iron monkeys tornado-like attack, or any spinning attacks which cause knockbacks are easy to avoid now, and you dont waste your melee Q/E evades in the process.

ranged stance got a buff, so its easier to clear trash with it for sure, but its really just an extra to gain chi stacks with it, not really worth to stay in it for a longer period of time unless the circumstances demand it. yes, they can heal, but the effect which gives the HM skill's extra 40% are a bit harder to maintain, recently it was 30 secs and always up if the fight was going on, now its 15secs so you have to use it wisely, but nowadays almost everyone has potions and enough hp recovery,  you will find yourself healing noobs who dont know the boss' rotation. raid-wise its pretty viable, sf's are needed in twin asuras to boost the tank's hp for example, so the tank wont die. every class can solo if they have the dmg and knowledge to do so, and i dont know why would you solo anything other than main quests, its a team-based game. as for yunsang, outlaw, anyone can clear it with raven6 if they know the mechs.



i mean you just gotta experience being a melee class and learn the class' burst and basic rotation, we all about chi stacks and maximize the dmg of our dragonfury, and to boost rmb/s ratio. ice sf is really a ping dependant choice, dont play it above 120ms. i dont know much about earth, you gotta see some vids and decide it for youself, also i and others made a lot of input in the sf topic recently, so read that, reddit, and check youtube.  your questions are not so specific, you cant tell people what element to choose cause its up to the player, they're the same, i supoose earth hits harder now with end gear.  these questions with 'gear' i dont understand, check f11 and see what others use, check their training and see hm skills, or use google, youtube, anything.  the main thing with sf now is to take your elemental stance into the rotation and use to gain chi faster. its a fun class, good luck

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I'll say this right now about healing as a Soul Fighter... the heal can be very good... but it's much more situational than a Summoner's.


To heal properly as a Soul Fighter, you need to have a certain buff (Rising Spirit). This buff is only applied after casting a new spell (Ice Helix) after reaching 3 stacks of Golden Dragon (by building up chi and using Frost Storm). Essentially, your Frost Storm key changes to a new symbol to use Ice Helix instead. Once you use Ice Helix, you have 15 seconds to change stances from melee to ranged to use your Chi Burst (healing skill), since Ice Helix is only on melee stance and Chi Burst is only on ranged stance. Fortunately, changing stances is almost instantaneous now and has little to no cooldown. Still, it can be a pain in the butt to set up all of this, only to find out Chi Burst still has a cooldown on it and you have to build your Golden Dragon stacks all over again. Considering how Summoner can just heal and be done with it, it's kind of annoying by comparison... but with the right set-up and HM skills, you almost fully heal the party and yourself. Your second ultimate skill (the B skill) is also a full heal to the party, however, and also gives some bonus max HP on top for a short time. Your party resurrection spell is also fantastic, as it will pick up any dead party members, teleport them to your spot and fully heal them. Also, Alpha Call can reset the resurrection's cooldown. Used that little trick to salvage a Raven King run or two in the past =p


If you want to use Soul Fighter as a main, you'll want to gain two hongmoon skills right away. The first of which is Right Punch (RMB) which is obtained from getting the Chilling Flame Elixir. This will help you maintain focus in your melee stance... which is very useful. The second is for Chi Burst, which requires the Offals of Silence, Luminance and Darkness. Fortunately, they made it much easier to obtain Bravery Coins to buy these skills... so more power to you in that regard.

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compared to before its a walk in the park to get 3 golden dragons

3, Frost nova M3 (forced into melee stance WITH 5 chi levells) press V for golden dragon 1
Z, focus chi, press V for golden dragon 2
By that time you can get more chi levels from other skills quickly enough that the next dragon is ready in 6s and you'll get 3 chi stacks.
Process is roughly 11-15s and you'll have 15s to use Chi burst.

If the SF can stay off his bum for the fight your team will get basically full heals every 30s in addition to your own management.

Play as a melee class (preferably with animation cancelling) [Destroyer/KFM] sin is acceptable for the button spam you'll be getting used to.
Play as an FM
Soul fighter will be an easier transition then.
Ideally most of your damage comes from melee as an SF. I like both modes.
Self heal is quite nice in Ice because your V and RMB in ICE FM mode synergize massively together.
There's also a bad mystic badge that synergizes around self heal by reducing your V's cooldown by 2s per every RMB fired.

If you're dealing with mobs then Earth's FM stance has the better heal since its  per target within the area and Whirlwind is better at containing many enemies.

HM skill Chi Burst after entering Rising Spirit heals the way the original SF did with a 40%-80% flat heal for the team and a good chunk for yourself too.
Technically its the best heal in game after conditions are met besides your Ultimate B healing skill.

As far as making content easier to solo? Not until late game after you're heavily geared.
1-45 = sin/summoner cake walk
Sin struggles vs bosses with true sight thereafter so calling it "easy to solo" wouldnt be that accurate.
The cat's taunt still functions after 45 so you could solo with a summoner given you have the dps and no enrage timer.

As for what's better? Both are more or less even at the moment. 
Things to consider:

Animation cancelling

Self heal

Earth has animation cancelling Ice doesn't
Earth is ping friendly compared to Ice
Earth does not offer the levels of self heal that Ice does.
Both are flashy and fun to enjoy.
Try to get in a helpful clan if you plan on progressing through content as you'll need more support getting your SF geared up to an acceptable damage range.

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