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  1. you will regret going for undying. but have fun shooting yourself in the leg.
  2. i had a friend maining an fm making a kfm alt and it took her some time to even understand how to block the boss' yellow AOE and stuff like that. if you swap to melee you worry about twice as much mechs and boss rotations than distance classes. timing well iframes, blocks is a key to maintain your dps. for example, sf's new block, the "chi cloak" blocks frontal attacks for 3 seconds, and every block gives 1 stack of chi (5 stacks give 1 frost storm, your 1st or 2nd source of dps, depends on element and bracelet), so for example the iron monkeys tornado-like attack, or any spinning attacks whi
  3. if youve been around the class for a while you can pretty much figure out on your own without the video but seeing makes it pretty obvious. i mean its not some god tier keyboard smashing assassin rotation. hit ice coil to start off with frost storm, then V Z V and dragonfury. however he keeps the 2nd frost storm up until he finishes dragonfury to maximize aransu uptime. it depends on your bracelet as well, for the new bracelet you just smash everything after hitting lightning fist (12seconds bracelet uptime if im not mistaken), using tiger you pretty much do your basic 3 v z v rmb burst com
  4. depends on playstyle and preference. tiger is better for solo play and sustainable dmg, dragon is for teamplay, it has more burst, in f12 tiger outperforms divine significantly after it catches up with the use of iron shoulder. pretty much up to the player.
  5. well breeze kicks damage got buffed indeed but i wouldnt use it instead of limitless. limitless really fits into your frost storm based rotation, and with basic raid gear you dont need to worry about focus problems if your crit is good enough. its animation takes too long and even the increased damage doesnt worth it. not to mention your soulburn rotation, while alluvion's effect fits perfectly into stacking chi and hitting as many frost storms as possible, meanwhile breeze kick feels a little left out and too long to cast. then you gotta add in that awakened rmb's cast time is much slower no
  6. yup limitless is the goal right now, with aransu but pulse works fine since it got a little change as well, giving 10sec of its effect on frost storm after focus chi (i guess) this previous guy's comment gave me headache, yeah you want to use your head to use your heal, after every ice helix you get 15sec effect (basically down from 3golden dragon which was basically all the time if the fight was going on) to use your +40% health bonus which comes from the hm skill. i mean if someone *** up, getting hit and you are supposed to heal them as fast as possible. but its just small adjus
  7. jim carrey's awkward sister
  8. "EU Maintenance will be delayed with no ETA. We'll update once this has concluded. Thank you!" there goes my plans for my premium sub for the next month, ggwp
  9. as the new patch will bring new soul tier, can we expect required sacred oil nerf in the existing stages? sry if its stated or not stated anywhere, i couldnt find it.
  10. someone clever answer to this please, mainly the nerf part, cause im about to spend 2,5k on aransu badge
  11. [content moderated] okay so you can start with choosing your elemental, ice needs good ping(>120), earth is about anicancel. earth got a little love in the previous update and will get more, so it will be more popular in the future, since they will be pretty equal. keep an eye on bnstree and read the upcoming patches regarding sf, it will be a little different, but god knows when will EU get that. we expect a huge buff in dps. watch videos on youtube which element/rotation fits you better. you gotta do about the same dmg if you do it correctly, most of the times t
  12. nowhere. go hard sanctum with 1.2k requirement and hope for it drops :) nowadays if you complete every daily you gather only the quest gold because the drop loot got completely removed. i could easily farm 20+ sacred orbs and couple of elysians by doing every daily challenge, now i got 2-3 sacred orbs if i get lucky, and the crystal drop rate is a joke as well. you not only have to be well geared just to qualify to some people's requirements to have a fast run, you have to find a decent group with no toxicity, spend 2 hours playing countinously and get around 50gold with quest gold
  13. nowadays all classes benefits more with 8/8 ss so its the same situation for us as well. ive recently learnt info about the upcoming changes so for the future, 8 sec cd soul (ascending and cosmic after) will be the meta for sf, since the focus chi cooldown will be reduced by half. checking rankings (f11) also helps, choose your class ranking and check various pvp-pve content top rankings, you can get information about what people mostly use.
  14. here we go again bt elemental accesories (skybreak spire), bracelet from naryu sanctum (divine dragon), hm rmb/frost storm/chi burst/counter for ice, and you want to have hm lmb for earth. i dont know what badge you talking about but if its sagewood, thats good, but you need some raven gear to maintain focus for that. sf uses long cd soul until leg badge combinations, thats a long road ahead so stick with that. after stage10 the outcome is rng, if you get 8sec, swap to 1min. its all about that burst :) a lot of sf's are playing with short cd soul with non-legendary badges, dont go
  15. Thank you for fixing the F2 bug which has been troubling the players for two weeks straight. Oh wait, its still there, nevermind. :))
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