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  1. event weapon, and alts (or not)

    Different events? Stage 4 takes 1-1.2 million dps. The weapon is gated behind stage 4 iirc? "Early Retirement: Defeat Admy Hae Mujin 10 times at the Outlaw Arena" i.e. kill stage 4 event mujin 10 times Generally events are made so everyone can enjoy them. I can understand that people who already got to 1 million dps feel like others should do it too however the point that it is a badly designed event is a strong one. Ungeared players dont feel rewarded because they only get to do half the event at most. Geared players believe the entire thing to be trivial and faceroll it after the time spent amassing gear to reach that damage output. Maybe drop a guide somewhere of how people get the 470k dps required for stage 3 within 1 week somewhere. Newer players/returning players with 800ap avg would be grateful
  2. PreFilled Blood Frenzy

    if its about keep others out of combat that eliminates your soul flare and your 4 leaving V and maybe E if that ever can give blood. In theory you could spam V until everyone else is ready.
  3. Warden hongmoon points?

    warden's job is to tank. shift your points to tank and the rest to attack. If you're dying too fast put max to tank, 20 to hp and the rest attack until you figure out the rotation which is REALLY easy if you try on the practice dummies.
  4. Is warden easy to use??

    both are easy to use. everyone wants alpha call to support soul flare(warden)/soul burn(warlock) either is fine both are equally easy. Warden has more endurance compared to gunner considering Wardens are tanks that don't need to manage focus but their hp. The difficulty the game implies comes from the fact most of your skills drain your hp as the casting cost instead of focus/chi/thebluestuff.
  5. if you can counter with impact you can block slow moving orbs. Ranged dps barely loses anything from blocking orbs.
  6. focus return gear and warden...

    Why it would be broken if it fully restores resilience and then you press e which would add none?
  7. focus return gear and warden...

    IF they change it to restoring Resilience would that be broken?
  8. Sunspark Rotation (Sentry Mode)

    Anyone have any good ideas for rushing sunsparks to get access to Sentry? Safeguard(E) move 2 grants 1 (cooldown 60s) Sever(4) on first hit generates 1 (cooldown 30s) Warning: Seems to add a spark if you hit a target or not. Soul Flare (Z) on cast generates 1 (cooldown 90s) Looks like we could start a battle with VZ2444F then TAB gaining access to sentry. Afterwards Divine Flurry, Divine strike and Sword Salvo spamming. Genesis Soul badge seems interesting considering Sword Salvo affects Blade Ward (I'm aware people want courage for legendary badge fusion for the extended time duration on Sentry of 2s to the 6s base)
  9. Warden..

    Celestial Basin. 30,000 peaches gets you two badges.
  10. Warden weapons in wheels/dungeon chests?

    People use those for skins at most. the progression weapons are enough. Each major city seems to offer those weapons for purchase as skins. GHS, Hogheads hamlet, Yehara's Mirage, can't be certain of Jadestone. Never made a purchase.
  11. Guard skill description seems vague

    What's their source? has errors with badges. Better to test it in game since that's the only source. Strafe is another evasive action. Available after sever step or guardian stance which is guard(1)
  12. Guard skill description seems vague

    q/e for strafing for all classes. Warden has both in Q gain it on using Q or while 1 is up. thats my assumption.
  13. Frost single target skills

    Sentry should be up if you're that low.
  14. Ps4 controller playable class?

    Yes. Panning on skills may be an issue that happens rarely.
  15. Warden build

    I've heard others say something different. Heard many state lightning is slower and drains more until you access fury which lasts for 6-9 seconds? Is it constantly up every 5s?