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  1. Hi I made a Warden too, and I found this link. Maybe it will help you like it did me. I still need to learn what all the stances do and how they connect, but this is a start anyway =) https://pastebin.com/kq6WnGAH
  2. Jinsoyung-FoxyRose WronG I like your pictures, they make me think of an anime character hehe. Annevly I like the your first picture the most coz of the horns and the colors.
  3. Hi, I made myself a warden with the voucher we got. I'm just wondering if anyone could tell me the best way to spend my HongMoon Points in P. Should I just put everything into defense and Threat? If it's important I think I want to be lightning atm, I heard I do more dps then while tanking. Edit: I've never played a tank class in B&S, so total noob here. Edit2: And I'm into PvE.
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