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No more effects in the description of Aransu and both bracelets for Destroyer (still procs)


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On 5/16/2018 at 11:55 AM, PhoenixMitra said:

Greetings Kx7,


We are aware of this and working on it. We can confirm that this is only a visual issue. The bonus modifiers are still working as expected.


Thank you for the report!

How do we know the bonus modifiers are still working as expected?  When the bracelet "procs" and I mouse hover over the buff on my buff bar,  it only shows a blank box.  I think the "visual issue" here is that the buff is showing up on the buff bar but the stats are not actually being added/adjusted.  I feel like my DPS is lower than it should be right now.

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The pity is much lower! If you do not have a VT badge and only Aranzu you will realize that this is not true! Had done much more damage before the last patch than before.
Seems to be known among players Destros are now often kicked out of the lobby and replaced by other classes that are not bent!

Sorry for my bad englisch.

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