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  1. I've achieved top 30 in every single game mode since the release of the game, except toi so yes i play high rating and thats why i can say the classes werent anymore balanced, at least regarding 6v6 , my ms is 170+ so i cant fully say whats balanced 1v1 wise as the top 5 is crowded by people with 100 ms or less rather than actually skilled players but yes in 6v6 ranged classes always had an unfair advantage since they were as tanky as melee and did much more damage with no risk compared to melee
  2. Idk what you all are crying about, this is the most balanced classes have been in awhile in 6v6 Why do you think a RANGED CLASS THAT DOESN'T NEED TO CC AN ENEMY TO DAMAGE THEM should be as tanky as a melee class that has less dps? Or a ranged class that can just aerial u to kill u while u have no choice but to watch I agree kfm and warden are absurdly strong for a melee classes though they have 1 shot damage and the ability to stall Dest deserved this badly though, sure dest has 1shots but it is much harder to pull off compared to kfm or warden
  3. so im going to post this thread often until an actual person at ncwest actually responds to this im actually pretty pissed off that this bug hasnt been fixed yet. every destroyer that has the bracelet should be given compensation at this point. If your people don't know how to fix a game item in 7 weeks, im SERIOUS... FIRE THEM they clearly do not know what they are doing
  4. holyyyy.....does it seriously take longer than 5 weeks to fix something like this? do the people running ncwest not give a damn at all about this game?
  5. the bracelet has been glitched and worthless for about 5 weeks... FIVE WEEKS holy ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ I would fire anybody so incompetent that couldn't fix it in such a large amount of time. Ncwest is EXTREMLY lazy when it comes to fixing bugs..or anything for that matter. I'v sent multiple tickets and all I get is the usual BS response "this is a known issue we are working to try and resolve it" how much time do you people need to fix a single in game item?
  6. When exactly is this getting fixed? This was a HUGE buff for destroyer in 6v6 as without fury, destroyer didnt have any means of killing any player because fury is o ur only source of damage. And even after 2 weeks theres still no sign that the bracelet will get fixed... is ncwest just being lazy? this isnt a huge problem, it could have been fixed within the first week if ncwest actually WANTED or CARED that it got fixed so what the hell is going on exactly?!
  7. there should be aransu mats accesories and badges in shop available for purchase if u kill it 10 times, for like 100 wings or so to make it fair because rng can go to hell
  8. I'd prefer banning those whales from clan 6v6 altogether(should be easy to see if somebody reports them and ncsoft did an actual investigation on how often these whales join a brand new clan and 6v6 on that clan) but this works too
  9. Agreed, RNG should NEVER be a factor in a COMPETITIVE game, of course the BNS devs aren't capable of understanding something so simple. I mean they haven't changed it so far and it's been years. Kappa Also, Frost orbit should be removed from FM (or just remove block approach in this game there really isn't a need for this anymore) You shouldn't get punished for catching and comboing someone,ever. Just makes FM a completely brain dead class, on top of having the best defenses in the game
  10. How about, leave the 18sec spin alone, thats fine BUT... one spin makes you use up ALL of your heart essences, that way im sure people could still get it I honestly believe this would fix things while still making it somewhat difficult
  11. Could you give some links as proof of the aransu being stronger/changed for earth dest? Im rather interested in that
  12. Ask yourself why they hate and don't do it. A game mode shouldn't be as rage inducing as this..EVER. If you are going to defend it, YOU are part of the problem
  13. Well you see just because people complain about this specifically, doesn't mean you or someone else can't complain about something else. And again you gotta understand that something like this is easily fixed which everything else people complain about isn't. Understand that if Ncwest isn't even fix something as easy as this then they either really don't give a damn about us (which im pretty sure is the reason) or they aren't capable , which is just sad. Also understand that it isn't just this dude..do you really think people would be so pissed off over just exp charms? This whole
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