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  1. For a player like myself that is already at Dragon Spire 3 and wants to use the Transmitter from the Silversteel Chest at Soul Boost Level 41, do I still need 80 Silversteel Ore and the other mats to go from Dragon Spire 6 to Silversteel 6? Obviously there's no Silversteel Ore in the Soul Boost since the Snowspire Weapon Evolution Stones allow you to skip the material costs to upgrade Silversteel weapons but that doesn't help those of us that were already on the non-raid weapon path. If we're at Wingong weapon we have to go Thornbreaker then to Silversteel which requires an Empress Stalk (or
  2. When are we getting the Equipment Upgrade Path (Ctrl+I) back? UE4 has been out in the West for 9 months now and we were told that we would be getting this feature back. How long is this supposed to take?
  3. 9 months later and this still hasn't been added back into the game ..... I guess I shouldn't be surprised.
  4. Look at all of these whale cry babies that apparently think they're entitled to more than what NCSoft is offering. LMAO! This is some hilarious ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤!
  5. How do we know the bonus modifiers are still working as expected? When the bracelet "procs" and I mouse hover over the buff on my buff bar, it only shows a blank box. I think the "visual issue" here is that the buff is showing up on the buff bar but the stats are not actually being added/adjusted. I feel like my DPS is lower than it should be right now.
  6. Seems to be all peach quests are doing this. What's the point in giving a 30% peach bonus to Premium Rank 10 players if the system is going to give us 10% less peaches than what the screen says it's going to give us?
  7. I just started farming peaches and I got a quest to "Defeat the Naryu Dreadnought in the West Ritual Chamber." for 1004 peaches... http://prntscr.com/gqmnp8 After killing the Naryu Dreadnought it said I completed the quest and said "Gained 906 Celestial Peach(es)." instead of 1004 like it said I would get... https://prnt.sc/gqmtqw This was also the last of my 3 quests so it gave me new quests, as you can see in the previous screenshot. One of the quests was to acquire the essence from the Naryu Dreadnought that I had just killed and the screen said 1004 peach
  8. Anybody else having issues with the shop right now? I went to "apply a code", put the code in, clicked Activate and it just sat there and did nothing. I went back to the Blade and Soul site and click the "Apply A Code" option at the top and now the shop.ncsoft.com website isn't loading ..... it's just sitting there spinning with a white screen.
  9. I've been playing Earth Destro since launch and in BT gear, I'm nearly always in the top 5 for DKV/BT runs as well as top 2-3 in NS. I've only run IF a few times but I was top 2-3 in all those (all but one IF run was AFTER they removed awakened wrath). Shadow is indeed clunky and boring. You also shouldn't switch based on what you read on reddit or these forums. The "best spec" constantly flips back and forth, depending on gear, for a Destro so just save yourself a headache, pick the spec YOU like to play the most, and stick with it no matter what.
  10. Per the image below, it appears that Cleave damage was nerfed. However, there is nothing in the patch notes about this (not in KR patch notes either) so I believe this is a bug. Please hotfix this ASAP so I can have my full damages back. Thanks!
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