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  1. This. This is nice to read. Thanks for the info and please try to communicate that kind of things more often ! It feels great to have info even when it's not something positive !
  2. Finally decided to take a bit of my time to share some screenshots of my scumm and my SF ! And no, I definitly don't know how to share pics properly. I promise I'll try harder next time !
  3. The main problems is not actually the physical servers, but the net code. Take it as the game is running on your computer, but the server is also running programs, and those programs are badly optimised. So even if they bought some crazy servers, it wouldn't change much sadly. They actually talked about that said optimisation when they released the 64 bits client a while ago, nothing about it since then...
  4. Preach. I know that nowadays it's almost impossible to get a group to do the Wyrm. A new player would see it and motsly give it up not seing a single soul passing by since there is no reason nor to stay there as an evolving player, nor to come back there as an experienced one. So taking it out sounds reasonable. But to anyone going the way of : "if you're not happy leave" "Finally it's getting removed cause my sorry ass couldn't really do it since I was not playing at the time it was actually something" "New content is *BeTteR*" You're
  5. Something I don't want to believe but that seems odly possible from NCSoft, is that they decided to make the raid 12 players because of the fact that many ppl can't do it with the lag they have. Blade and soul not being an optimized game, it seems likely they would actually do something like that, instead of investing in the game optimisation. I wish I'm wrong on this one, but hey, we know NCSoft. As for the Wyrm, it trully is a shame that they would decide to take it out. Now my question is ; does the Wyrm still exist in kr/tw etc ? If it doesn't then it was only following a plan
  6. Je te conseille vivement bns accademy. C'est en anglais mais c'est ultra complet et à jour !
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