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Louyang > Crimson | PVE/PVP | English | Active, Social & Friendly w/ Discord


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On 9/23/2018 at 7:10 PM, Andriza said:

Heyo! I need a good clan to start running dungeons and gearing up on the endgame stuffs. Cant do my dailies running solo or pug groups!


Are there any openings in Louyang?

Hi there! Not sure if you're already in clan or not yet, or still looking for one but we can make slots any day. You can always join us in our Discord!

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On 4/21/2019 at 7:56 PM, TerrorDerr said:

Heya Jazzy, I have a question. Will your clan be doing TT raid anytime by chance?

I think the clan is planning to do TT soon. Not sure though. All I've been seeing is them looking for static VT parties. Well, you can always join the Discord.

1 minute ago, LilyDango said:

Hello o/

Do you take new players?

I'm still level 18, but I'm slowly trying to grind my way up the levels.

Louyang is open for any kind of players.


You can join the clan discord, if you'd like.

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On 9/27/2017 at 7:22 PM, Jazzy27 said:

Hello everyone,  just a quick update, we are currently looking for players who wish to gear fro clan PvP.  We currently have several well geared members but unfortunately not enough for a full team.  Also we always have spots for anyone with an interest in playing this game and making new friends.




SERVER: NA - Zulia

FACTION: Crimson









Louyang is a clan full of friendly people from all around the world and in all ages who likes to talk about all the silly things and likes to joke around a lot. We strive to help our members enjoy the endgame content and help them with gearing up.



✦ Must be Active (both in game and in our discord)

✦ Must be able to understand and speak English.

✦ Must have a Discord account and join our clan discord server.

       → Discord is a requirement for raids and updates.



✦ Skybreak Spire (BT) = evening of weekdays

✦ Temple of Eluvium (VT) = evening of weekends

✦ Clan PVP = Tuesdays and Thursdays 


We also have a WEBSITE

Come check it out here: https://louyang.leprd.space/


EDIT: I'm no longer a member of this clan. If you are interested to join Louyang, however, feel free to join their clan discord.



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Someone has joined our server by the name of Fluffy but later impersonated the leader of our clan, changed their name to hers and now has the Discord ID of Fushui#9755. If you have been sent a direct message of this person and asked you for RL money for gold, then they are a scammer and impersonator. The real Fushui is only online in the Louyang clan Discord server and has the Leader role. Please note your friends and other clan members of this. Thank you.


They even sent me a DM saying that they were an old member.

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Hi there, so I'm currently looking to join a clan and all that good stuff. Like, friendly and not so elitist;  is this such a clan?


If any open positions, that is. 


I am new to the game, and I'd love to have someone teach me a few things if possible. Also, ya know, making friends is a plus. 

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hey returning player did the work to build up still doing so. Not sure what discord is but idm d loading it if u teavh me it. Just wanna b ina active fun guild i can do dailies n lvl with. I guess message in game Padawun.crimson

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