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  1. Hi there, thank you for the invite but I'm a little unsure of whether to join or not, I'd have to switch factions completely for one. Is there an easy way to do that without losing all the progress I have in one?
  2. <Azure Paradise> Cerulean Order clan recruiting

    Hihi, I was wondering if this invitation is still open?
  3. Hi there! I just got back from a long time playing other things and focusing my life in other directions and just recently got back into computer games! I'm looking forward to playing blade and soul again as I remember how much I had waited for it when it first came out. I hope to meet lots of new people to play with!
  4. Uncrowned — Cerulean Order (Jiwan | Discord | PvX)

    Sorry for the late reply! I'll try to come on discord tonight :)
  5. Uncrowned — Cerulean Order (Jiwan | Discord | PvX)

    Hihi.. Is it alright if I post here? Or do I need to post at your website =x Can I talk to an officer about your clan one on one maybe?
  6. A General is also an officer. I didn't think that you would be available, perhaps I should have asked for you specifically. Can we talk somewhere more privately?
  7. Hello Clan Eterna. Is there an officer I can talk to in private on behalf of your clan? I want to ask some questions. -S
  8. old post

    I'm also looking to do the same. I was toying with the idea of making my own clan, but I'm kind of inbetween joining and forming one still. I've dropped all my other games for this one (mmos anyways). Talk soon. -S