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  1. i never said i wanted to join El higher upto El u can join if u have upto seraph or baleful 10. U cant even join even if u wanted bec u need the higher weapon tire to do it the first missions in the quest know ur dead is upto nf then a mushin tower f 16 which is relatively easy if u have the weapon tire up to 9-10.and i get it we work then we play games i do the same but how much time will it even take to complete a dungeon with one low lvl and completing a dungeon doesnt take 30 min it just takes 10 to 5 minimum if u have 5 / 6 players who r high lvl. hell they kicked me from ebondrake
  2. Blade and soul id dead u cant do anything if u r new player. Bec no one is willing to help an new player bec it is a waste of time. when i started to play i ask for help they said to check out the new player guide so i checked it there everyone said to complete the side quest which give a goo amount of draken cores and money which will help u get ur starting gears so i went in ask for help and got kicked from party but they r not willing to help bec i am undergeared. so pls explain HOW AM I GOING TO GET MY GEARS IF I DONT GET ANY HELP IN COMPLETING THIS QUEST.?? some said join ra
  3. hello can i join ur clan?? i am a lvl 55 warden new player looking for a good clan who can help me with the pve stuffs thank you in advance..
  4. why isint the gm responding.r they even working on it did they even see this post...
  5. I am starting this topic to report many bugs whic recently came to being after the gunner patch was released. 1- there is a huge fps drop all of a sudden (perticularly in all range class meele class is doing fine idk why) no matter where i am or wht i am doing( includes standing still).my fps drops from 50 to 10 and then the game crashes.i belive many players r reporting the same thing.. 2- it is showing the runtime error all of a sudden which also started after the gunner release.. 3-i cant get the verification mail when i am trying to long in through the client it is showing
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