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Louyang > Crimson | PVE/PVP | English | Active, Social & Friendly w/ Discord

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IMPORTANT UPDATE AS OF 01/05/2020: Someone joined our server by the name of Fluffy but later impersonated the leader of our clan, changed their name to hers and now has the Discord ID of Fushui#9755. If you have been sent a direct message of this person, they are not the real Fushui because she is only online in the clan server and has the Leader role. Please note your friends and other clan members of this. Thank you.





FACTION: Crimson









Louyang is a clan full of friendly people from all around the world and in all ages who likes to talk about all the silly things and likes to joke around a lot. We strive to help our members enjoy the endgame content and help them with gearing up.



✦ Must be Active (both in game and in our discord)

✦ Must be able to understand and speak English.

✦ Must have a Discord account and join our clan discord server.

       → Discord is a requirement for raids and updates.



✦ Dailies and Weeklies
✦ Temple of Eluvium (VT)
✦ Nightfall Sanctuary (TT)

✦ Clan PVP = Tuesdays and Thursdays 


Come and join our Discord if you would like to join!



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News of Impersonation
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Would love to join if you guys still havw spots open. My husband is new to the game and I’m a returning player. We’re both finishing up the most recent arc of the story.    We’re looking for a



We still have 10 more space in the clan!

Hoping to recruit players who are above HM level 8!


I added a Discord link for those who wants to talk to any of the veterans and to the leader, in real-time.

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On 1/3/2018 at 10:23 PM, KaiMaxwell said:

Greetings Looking for a clan here . returning player..

Also may i know What time zone people of this clan ?

Aye sorry for the late reply. As for your question, we dont really have a set timezone but we use UTC whenever we organize 12-man raids. Since we have members who are all over the continent, we make do with whoever are online on the time. If you want to ask stuff directly, you can stop by our Discord server o/

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I may start to become less active in the forum but the link to our Discord server will always be there and open for people who wanna join our fam. If you have Twitter account, you may as well follow the clan twitter (@bns_Louyang) or my personal (@jazd801) for quicker response if ever you have questions!!


- Jazzy (Clan Advisor)

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Hello there,

Returning player looking forward new stuff in game. My old clan is pretty much dead.

Are you guys filled or nah?

Are there AP requirements in order to join? thx in advance

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