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  1. Greetings Looking for a clan here . returning player.. Also may i know What time zone people of this clan ?
  2. usually i sell the weapon at Ah and buy the correct one later .
  3. i'm playing at Yunwa . while i don't conisdered myself as expert at game , i can help if you want . my ign : Tatsumaki Yun
  4. it still drop last week . i drop it when i help friends doing runing there .
  5. if you play at yunwa i can help my IGN: Tatsumaki Yun when you happen to meet me at LFP . i can assure you that at very least i will clean up the mob when i have lvl 20 in party. and yeah no idiot rushing .
  6. i think he means faction quest at mistywoods. it gave 14 ss if i remember correctly .
  7. try doing above ^^ try to get diamond with attack power 25 + also if your 24 man isn't dead , u can do poh 24 man for siren bracelet . it should fetch u around 15 gold
  8. My IGN Tatsumaki Yun i try to add friend on savast , but doesn't seem to be online you can add me or invite me whenever you have time .
  9. i wonder if you still recruiting ? i'm planning to apply to this clan . i play actively on weekend and can install discord if necessary =)
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