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  1. Hello there, Returning player looking forward new stuff in game. My old clan is pretty much dead. Are you guys filled or nah? Are there AP requirements in order to join? thx in advance
  2. Hi everyone, returning player here :D Pretty much as the title says lul XDDD. Also, is the new "simplified combat" option thingie actually good for SF? Thanks and excuse my taco english.
  3. The Great General. Please, please, please, please MAKE IT HAPPEN NCSOFT ( T__T)
  4. Hi folks. So I'm coming back to this game (left it at the beggining of this year) and I have a few questions, would appreciate very much if someone could answer. - Is Mushin server still the server with most people? - Is gear progression still expensive af? - What's the current endgame dailly stuff to do? - What's a good website that translates korean patches? (like Freedomplays used to be). Sorry for my scrub english. ty
  5. Yes I do actually need to get better, that was the whole purpose of my post. And so far far people were actually helping me. And I don't know if that was you, I don't really care much about the hairstyle of my oponents.
  6. I'm starting to get slowly better against FMs. Those tips were really useful. Thank you for this, I aprecciate it.
  7. just don't equip that outfit on your char if you didn't like it
  8. Hey, thanks for the replies guys and sorry for my late response. Life aggro is too op these days. Of those, I don't use 1 point for SS. Neither Smite specced for follow av. strike. Also, I don't have any HM counter right now. I'm level 50, Hm5. How does their guard break works? I don't what's happening, these silver fms have HM skills on silver rank right now. wth are they doing on silver yet, lol. My bigger issue with them is that they seem to zip on my back way too often. I don't know much about their freeze status thingie (the ones which you get roo
  9. Aaaaaaaaaand now I can't. wtf. Did they get buffed or something? Are you guys having a harder time against them lately?
  10. holy *cricket* nuts so many flat tire thighs jersey like gons
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