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Seraph bangle

sephy Kun

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Wouldn't it better to use seraph bangle in TOI?

For example if you're going up against a destroyer you'll be able to use C and HM dragonchar more frequently which will decrease your time in that fight

Same thing against BD's and summoners

And also the fact that you get resets the more you get hit, which is great against summoners 

I dont really have much experience in TOI but i want to know if seraph would help in any way. I just think it offers better utility than baleful but i havent really tried that

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If you wait for resets the fight will take too long anyway. Everything below 6 floors is not enough on later floors so you have to burst them anyway so no time for resets. Against summ you dont even need it. Because he will always attack you, you can spam dragonchar what is better than using short fuse sometimes. If you cant burst him down before the cat awakes the fight goes too long anyway on later floors.

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