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  1. Bahahaha... AHAHAHAHA... BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! In a DKV with 10 other FMs, it's always my Courage keeping up Burn... let alone a real raid ... (where we only bring 1-2 FMs and we're both selfish AF about DPSing)
  2. Umm... let's see... 5m = 5 meters A target will acquire the Freeze debuff upon acquiring 3 stacks of the Chill debuff. The skill Impact itself will inflict the 5m KB and the Stun afterwards (when it hits into an enemy with the Freeze debuff) And if you really want to PvP as an FM... you have a long and painful road ahead of you, start by learning how each and every other class plays in detail. Only then will you really begin to have a chance on FM.
  3. Umm... Embers are not relevant to FM dps and Burn is a shared debuff such that multiple FMs only need to keep up one copy of it. You, sir, have some fundamental misunderstandings about the functioning of FMs. and AP is a useless measurement for DPS... full BT gear @800 AP will do about 3x as much damage as someone at 1000 AP with no BT gear. And as for the OP... sounds like you're doing something wrong on your summoner, or you're just looking at 10 second fights. FMs do have some wild off-the-gun burst, especially in BT gear, though not the best.
  4. it means at 1000 AP you would get 1350 additional base damage on 2 ...
  5. It means +1.35x AP on 2. Why was that so confusing? LOL
  6. That actually changes my calculations quite a bit. Then assuming Tiger bracelet, almost every combination of Frost badges right now should produce the same damage output overall and... BT+Magnum wins out for burst but doesn't reduce Cold Snap CD at all. BT+Snowball and MSP+Magnum both work on 27s CD Cold Snap CD but produce ~10% less burst during Cold Snap. MSP+Snowball uses a 20 second rotation but produces ~20% less burst during Cold Snap. With Merged badges MSP+Blue+Green should pull ahead overall ~5% but remain ~10% behind BT+Blue+Green for burst during Cold
  7. On a completely random and unrelated note... Anyone else notice that you can ani-cancel RMB+LMB in frost build and it fires 1 frost, 1 fire, then 2 more frost shots :D
  8. Cold SnapMove 1 Focus Generation 3 Deals 300 ~ 350 [25.00x AP] frost damage over 10 sec Generates 3 focus per hit Again... to me that would mean 16s duration on Magnum effect... Have you tested it?
  9. Are you sure about the Magnum badge? I'm still farming mine to mess around with but it says Magnum effect on Cold Snap Hit. Which would suggest a 16 second duration for each Cold Snap ? Also on the Vortex Temple gear... it honestly confuses me, none of it looks like a significant gain over MSP + Blue+Green unless the purple badge can be merged.
  10. My meteor first hit deals 125k+ damage on a crit @ 913 AP
  11. For Fire... Skyrift Mystic Badge is best. For Ice... opinions vary and both are pretty viable.
  12. Check the rotation in the video you just linked... Then let's extrapolate with a little logic and currently available gear (+ merged badges, as I've noted several times only then does frost become really interesting imo) Cold Snap every ~27 seconds there - annoying to sync it with Tiger bracelet like this and even just keeping up Dragonfrost buff is somewhat awkward, not to mention not using Tiger on cooldown feels pretty bad (but is still more DPS than trying to use it on CD and losing more than half the effect) With Dual Dragons badge you have Cold Snap every 20 se
  13. Are you suggesting using Green+Yellow over Green+Blue? I have a hard time believing anything can beat the Magnum badge (Blue) for Frost. For example the Yellow badge + 3pc BT is 20x AP per Cold Snap. Magnum is is 3x AP per Glacial Beam = ~75 AP per Cold Snap. So you must take the Blue badge for Frost - working from that premise, I can't see Snowball Mystic badge or Impact Soul Badge being particularly useful even though they do produce a comically hard hitting Snowball unless you really think you're going to miss most of your Cold Snap. Even with V
  14. That's why you need ALL BT GEAR to use Dragonchar. 90% static crit + 15% from procs + focus regen from proc will allow you to spam dragonchar indefinitely.
  15. It's not about focus from Raven... it's about applying Raven effect 2.5x as often.
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