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  1. Bahahaha... AHAHAHAHA... BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! In a DKV with 10 other FMs, it's always my Courage keeping up Burn... let alone a real raid ... (where we only bring 1-2 FMs and we're both selfish AF about DPSing)
  2. Umm... let's see... 5m = 5 meters A target will acquire the Freeze debuff upon acquiring 3 stacks of the Chill debuff. The skill Impact itself will inflict the 5m KB and the Stun afterwards (when it hits into an enemy with the Freeze debuff) And if you really want to PvP as an FM... you have a long and painful road ahead of you, start by learning how each and every other class plays in detail. Only then will you really begin to have a chance on FM.
  3. So what's the problem? If you're going to whale that hard, you can just buy a slot in a run with one of your server's top clans... ???
  4. Did you know that you take 3x the ELO loss for leaving, vs losing? ... Guess not? If you can't carry them, you don't deserve your ranking.
  5. Mirryn

    top dps?

    Soulburn is a pretty ridiculous buff for FMs as well... I can't speak to how it effects other classes, so you might be right about KFM at the highest gears getting a bigger bonus, but there's something else to consider: FM's soulburn skill gets locked out during a knockdown or grapple (this was fixed in other regions and we should be getting that fix soon) - at which point they are gaining very little benefit from soulburn until the kd/grapple ends (as compared to the 2-3x damage from soulburn skill)
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