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  1. Hackers in pvp...

    What the hell? There are so many of them now. 50% of the times i pvp it's a hacker with bullshit 0 cooldown on skills I went up against a kung fu master and holy shit the grapple spam is real
  2. Snowball secret technique

    what are you talking about? frost FM IS viable even without the HM snowball. more importantly, why do you think Frost Fm needs that skill to be viable?
  3. Whoever thought of this is brilliant

    This is actually one of the dumbest argument i've ever heard about this subject. What if i don't want to be time gated? What if my playstyle is to get everything faster than everyone else? Why should i waste hundreds of hours farming for powder when i can farm moonstones or gold? This argument makes no sense, i want to get my gear fast. It was already slow enough and now they made it even slower. Fyi i had enough materials and gold to get to raven 9 that i farmed EASILY but now i can't upgrade because i have to spend twice that time to farm element powder. It's stupid and ridiculous. Not to mention im pretty busy irl and i dont want to spend half of my playtime salvaging weapons and soulshields. What kind of stupid gameplay is that?
  4. Whoever thought of this is brilliant

    Is this a troll post? I can't tell.. But anyway، this change is completely stupid. It is much more expensive and time wasting than the previous method. They should have never removed it. They have to reduce the cost to atleast 5g and 3 elemenrs/jewls for this change to be anywhere near decent. Atm its just horribly bad and very poorly thought out
  5. FM Badges (Fire)

    No you don't use impact in those 2 seconds, you simply continue with your nomral rotation. 2 blazing beams without burn>1 blazing beam with burn+impact. You're playing it wrong. If you search in reddit this has already been tested a long time ago For example At that time we used skyrift mystic badge instead of aransu badge so meteor shower was boosted even more. Courage still came out on top of primal force. The higher your gear is the less you're going to rely on meteor shower damage, and the more you'll rely on blazing beam damage. Feel free to use whichever you want though
  6. FM Badges (Fire)

    You're underestimating the importance of the 10 seconds burn that courage gives. It removes the need to use impact, so instead of using it every 5 seconds you use it only when you want to insta cast inferno. This allows you to maximize the amount of blazing beams that you do in combat because for every impact you're not using you're gaining a blazing beam instead. This is specially significant when you get raven gear which boosts your blazing beam damage. The other badges sounds nice in theory but they do have flaws. Legacy allows a more relaxed rotation that doesn't require any thinking. But it doesn't provide much in terms of damage compared to the other badges. And if you miss dual dragons then half the benefit of that badge is lost. Invincible on the other hand gives more hits/second than any other badge which triggers more weapon and accessory procs, however you still have to use impact to apply burn which is a dps loss at this stage of the game. And it is difficult to manage. In Kr test servers they are making impact have its own gcd so you can animation cancel it with other skills and only then will you use invincible, however they will have to change what courage badge does because it will be useless if this change happenes. We'll have to wait and see. Ancestral is the best badge currently
  7. Frost FM gear questions

    No its the chilling flame elixir one. You MUST get it if you want to play frost
  8. idk why i get anxiety about running dungeons

    I do get the same thing ever since i started the game. My answer to it was to read guides and gear up way beyond the minimum requirements for it. But the best thing you could do is run it with your friends and let them teach it to you. After a few runs it wont be so intimidating anymore
  9. Frost FM gear questions

    For soulshields avoid BT soulshields unless you want to play 6v6 or until they buff it (and they will) Get 5set MSP soulshields and 3set of something that gives you crit damage, like xanos soulshields. And keep them until you can get VT soulshields Mystic badge revelation is the best so far for pve Soul badge get magnum asap and then fuse it with the purple soul badge An alternative build would be to go full VT, with legendary mystic badge and purple+lime soul badges. But its too early for this build Hm skills: get HM 2 and you're set. Maybe HM impact stage 1 too.
  10. Tachun vs Elemental Soul Shield for end game ?

    Its for the next raid in KR. Its way better. And its especially strong for ice build
  11. FM DPS and survability ?

    This shouldn't be the case at all. You have everything in reverse, actually. Lol Specially at low levels FM should be at the top of the dps and its the easiest class to level up, even more so than summoner and gunner, by far. Are you sure you have your blazing beam? Or are you playing with dragonchar? That could explain the low damage. Spec into chill rmb as well and you can perma freeze everything until level 50+ you don't need survivability skills if the boss can't even turn around to hit you. And if you're up against multiple mobs, just use ice build. 1-2 hit everything in your way at once. Speaking of survivability skills, a good FM can hold an entire team in their place in 6v6, you're almost unkillable. Fm has an assload of defense skills such as your impact, (one of the strongest defense skills in the game, and unlike BM's block it can't be broken), fire storm, frost armor, frost Sheath, divine veil, frost orbit (the most annoying thing ever next to bd spin) Chill stacks (disables approach skills), a random buff that grants you up to 60%(?) more defense that no one talks about, and you can even stall with frost burst. Your entire frost stance revolves around protecting yourself and your party and annoying the hell out of your opponent in pvp. You're definitely doing something wrong if you think bm has more survivability and damage while leveling up.
  12. FM Dynasty Mystic badge is the new MSP garbage

    Pulse mystic badge is without a doubt the worst of all mystic badges in pve, even with the added damage from the soulshields. Yes it does more damage than dynasty but snowball, unlike shadow grasp, uses global cooldown. Snowball also has a higher CD than shadowgrasp at end game gear. And Revelation decreases your cold snap cooldown, goes well with bracelet, and makes your rotation smoother so its also better than pulse. Also 2 hits from fire fm's legendary badge is NOT higher than dynasty's damage. You actually need 3 hits to just barely equal it in damage
  13. you can keep buying weapon chests until you get 6 slots. don't settle for 5 since rng can screw you over again and also, don't worry about your stage 6 weapon. it's very cheap and you can farm mats really easy now.
  14. It does in the skill description "Increase bonus flame damage from equipment by 40% and then increases it by 100 for 15 seconds"
  15. Full build and gear [Help]

    FPS is frame per second Blade and soul is heavily dependant on FPS and ping. VT= Vortex temple = Temple of Eluvium. Everyone calls it VT in the game Eu, Jinsoyun, but I don't play anymore :(
  16. Full build and gear [Help]

    Ah sorry! The site logs me out, so i only log in when i want to answer things in threads. You're welcome :) In pve: For high ping/low fps fire is better For low ping/high fps they are about the same at end gear For tower of infinity fire is better For 6v6 frost is better All in all they are about equal, so play what you like.
  17. Full build and gear [Help]

    Fire build Soulshields: Start with full msp that you get from quest, and then try to get 5 pieces (or atleast 3 and then work your way up) of Skybreak spire soulshields aka Diametric soulshields. Don't get 8 pieces, only 5. And the rest msp. After that get VT full set Accessories Ring: awakened black ice (fire) from desolate tomb or legendary ring from ebondrake citadel (dont go above stage 6), both are fine. And then get fire ring from skybreak spire when you find a good raid Earring: fire earring from ebondrake sanctum, and then get fire earring from skybreak spire. Necklace: legendary necklace from desolate tomb. Don't go over stage 6, not worth the price. Bracelet: pinnacle/solak bracelet until you can farm naryu sanctum and get legendary bracelet from there. Tiger is always better than dragon. Belt: legendary belt from naryu foundry, you can max this one if you like since its BIS, but i'd rather focus on pet for def instead. Soul badge: courage Fused soul badge: courage+glory Mystic soulbadge: skyrift from celestial basin first and then aransu. Frost build: Soulshields: same as fire Accessories: same as fire except go for ice element instead of fire. Bracelet: tiger Badge: magnum Fused badge: magnum+alluvium Mystic badge: revelation from celestial basin and then dynasty.
  18. WHAT is FM's block?

    You only have impact and fire tab Here's the thing tho, if you miss with impact the ball will just go through you and you're screwed either way. Just practice the timing and you should be okay Impact "blocks" (its not really a block, its different than any block in the game) for 0.5 seconds, same as fire tab so the timing should be the same.
  19. What? Why would they remove that? Please keep it :/
  20. Level 55 patch: EXP Event

    You can still skip blue quests and get to level 55 as it is
  21. Soul fighter is really good in 3v3
  22. help with choosing a class

    range i'd go for Force master everytime, it's the most fun for me. melee i'd choose destroyer. same reason. could be different for you.
  23. Its still hard to level up past that stage, if you don't spend any money, or have no idea what you're supposed to farm.
  24. Can you show us your gear? Weapon isn't everything, and i kinda need to see your gear to give you better alternatives
  25. That is still terrible. A month and a half to basically get only 3 oils if you do EVERYTHING.