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FM and Toi

Charas Blade

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Hi guys,


   I was going through tips and suggestion, but I really get nightmares from sins and bd's. Also I watched Bevv video on destro, his destro avoids kd on fire tab, all my destro doesn't care literally (so I use same principe as for sm with dragonchar).


Anyone can tips for BD and SIN, thx. Also Bevv links to skills expired, anyone maybe have them saved?

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For BDs I use S3T3 Shadow grasp for litle time for skill burst plus using frost tornado to disable their spin, save TAB escape for grab and rest is about HM impact and chill stacking. Daze dragonchar is doing it's job well too.

About SINs I have no idea, it's really corrupted since it's all server sided and they keep using decoy while FMs skill is already in air so that's really fked up and at higher floor I am always running out of time. That's what really bothers me I can't escape between 2 CCs because apparently those bots have 0 ping and unhuman reaction times.


I am also welcoming any tip, mainly SIN and DESTRO.

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13 minutes ago, sephy Kun said:

I think once the new skills come out TOI will be really easy


All i can do now i exploit bot mechanics but it takes way too long to kill 

And i can't win against summoner

New skills? You must mean the Lv55 ultimate skill right? Well I am not sure if they are allowed to be used inside ToI and if so you won't use it more than once since the charging takes a very long time and even if you save it for the 5th run it's still risky skill according to long animation it has and doesn't make you resistant to CCs while casting, anyway that damage ain't that big tho.

What might actually make it better in future are new badges and legendary SS from black tower. Unfortuantelly we will probably get different(weakened) stats for EU/NA than they are on TW or Japan servers.

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Here're my own tactics. Additional I post my best floor from last season (under 700 AP without legendary Items except pet). I checked no guides, it's my own way to beat them, but ranking last season told me, it works very well compared to other FMs (most of them had much better gear around ranking #100).


Against BD:

Best choice on chooseable skills:  30% hp damage over 1min; other dmg increasing skills (best use after tab escape)

Needed skills: https://bnstree.com/tree/FM?b=BknrHNpIe other skillpoints are up to you how to use.

Tactics: stack frost orbs and save them. If BD grabs you, stun him with Impact after he got frozen by your frost orbs. At start wait a little bit (use normal dmg rotations) until BD used his resist skill. Then you can burn him with C  and use Meteor Shower. Stay there and don't run away that he get the whole damage by Meteor Shower. You also can use Multiple Blaze if you think the time is right. He may interrupes you with cc, but if you can use it the whole 5 seconds, it's a big dps increase and can't get deflected! After you got stunned and BD is next to you, you can use Second Wind. It's not a defense skill for you in this case, it's offensive! Start attacking instantly and when he get out of kd use stun befor he's able to deflect your spells and do some damage again. Just make sure that you don't knock back him against a wall - that interrupes your combo. You Impact T5S1 is usefully to block BDs ccs. Don't spam it, use it when you think he wants to cc you.

Best floor victory: f46 - 3 floors up


Against Sin:

Best choice on chooseable skills: stun 7s; 30% hp damage over 1min; cooldown reduction 3s every hit

Needed skills: https://bnstree.com/tree/FM?b=H1AUqVpLe other skillpoints are up to you how to use. Impact should be stage 1 or 2, not sure what's better (better range vs block).

Tactics: Second Wind, Meteor Shower and Multiple Blaze are exactly same like against BD. Use 7s stun after Second Wind instead of your normal stun (you can use it after those 7s too). Against Sin it's much worse to use Meteor Shower and Multiple Blaze. Ice Rain isn't best always, but if Sin is next to a wall, use Ice Rain. He cannot escape back (because of wall) and so you may have a chance to do alot of damage. But most times Sin will walk out of Cold Snap. Anyway, even with less damage Ice Rain can be helpfully (Sin doesn't use Decoy, but may cc you). If you have 7s stun you should use Ice Rain after Second Wind and 7s stun spell.

Best floor victory: above 40 (not sure which one) - most times only 1 floor up in higher floors and if I'm unlucky ... can loose at floor 30 too.


Against DS:

Best choice on chooseable skills: 20s cc resist; 30% hp damage over 1min; 7s stun; cooldown reduction 3s every hit; 1% dmg per hit up to 20 times

Needed skills: https://bnstree.com/tree/FM?b=SkOberp8l other skillpoints are up to you.

Tactics: Meteor Shower and Multiple Blaze works very well most times, so spam as much as possible. Never use Second Wind if he put that lava under his foots, but every time else it works like against BD. Use 20s cc resist if possible - you can use you Ice Rain the whole 15s with full damage! Else use Ice Rain to do some damage. You will get deflected, but you can use Ice Rain 2-5s every time befor you get deflected (better then instant deflect) or use Frost Fury (no deflect possible at stage 2). If DS grabs you, wait until he will put on ground - use Antigravity [2] in the right moment ... you can't stun him to 95% of time while grabbed. 20% extra heal on Frost Armor Badge can be very helpfully. DS sometimes hits very strong.

Best floor victory: not sure, but I think I never would loose ... but cannot get much floors up


Against Summoner:

Best choice on chooseable skills: damage increasing skills

Needed skills: https://bnstree.com/tree/FM?b=Hy49XS6Ig otherskillpoints are up to you.

Tactics: Kill pet first! Ccs by this cat are too strong to kill summoner in higher floors, so we need to burst cat down first. Therefor you can put healing Divine Veil to save you against summoner attacks. Start to use Ice Rain when cat use spot (cat lies on ground), use Cold Snap to increase damage and stop Ice Rain shortly after cat attacks you again. Start your normal rotation with [LMB] -> [RMB] -> [F] or [1] . Use your damage increase skill if you got one. As faster as cat is dead as faster you can kill summoner. Normaly I kill a cat in 30s-1min. Summoner should be easy to kill now. Stack Ice Orbs and don't use them. Use [LMB] -> [RMB] -> [1] while summoner is attacking you (so he gets frozen automatically). Use C and Meteor Shower if you can and use Multiple Blaze if Summoner saves himself with projectil defense (don't know spell name ^^) or walk away (summoner runs to you). Use Divine Veil to heal yourself if needed. You may have another tactic then Ice Rain that works well to against Sin or DS, but against Summoners Pet there's nothing better then Ice Rain, I'm sure.

Best floor victory: f45 ... 1 floor up (got no summoner on higher floors)


Try it out if you want and have fun. :) If you don't like my tactics, don't flame me, just don't use them. ^^

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Sounds interesting, IMO I am not lucky with Multiple Blaze, they tend to move out of that quickly, CC me or dash into me, maybe just my bad luck. I am more familiar with Shadow grasp+burn + meteor shower combo, they only rarely get out from that.

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Against Sin it's same for me. But if you use it against Summoner, he will hit you while you have frost orbs, so he get frozen on ground and after using escape, summoner can't run away -> using aoe then. For BD and Destroyer always stay in meele range and use it after BDs resist skill. Then only cc can interrupe you, but only sometimes. They don't walk out of your aoes, because they want attack you in meele range.

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Yeah, summoners are different category. Snare/Root is very painful if SS is on CD. Usually I am taking advantage of 2 enemies and trying to trigger galaxy buff with skill such a Cold snap then trying to kill cat 1st since it has all the CCs and when summoner is using Petal storm all I can do is use dragonchar which cost 3 focus and any other skill will just heal the summoner also they escape grab in second as I use it plus their skills are not melee so Impact won't KB them from the Petal Storm. There are really essential those 3 ice orbs otherwise no chance.

Another way I sometimes do:(Set locking target to max in options) Grab pet and put it sleep and use blazing beam instead of dragonchar to don't hit it accidentally with AoE.

Tbh I don't have much experience with ToI doing prolly only for daily and not really trying to sweat blood by getting on highest floor. It's no longer challenge since my ping doesn't allow me react to enemy's responses in most of the times that's why I suck at Destro so much.

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I just treat Sins like SF:


Don't ani-cancel (or even touch LMB/RMB) and they won't do anything until you get past floor 50, they'll literally just run around and SS into the wall / use flower occasionally.



Summoner - frost orbits, KO pet, (root summoner with dragonwhorl if petal storm), go to town with pve HM char...

Don't waste SS on their skills (unless it will be up again) - you need it to KO the pet in a good place.

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Update: I tested it, but he used Decoy only 1 or 2 times, most time he doesn't use it while Ice Rain. But Sin used other skills ... depents on your luck I think. But Sin is after FM bot the worst class you can get. Nothing is worse then FM (f40+ with cd reset on Divine Veil).

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Teste it aswell. So far I didn't notice any change in SINs pattern, it's actually still same type skill, but the animation is different. However when I use cold snap they tend to decoy or relocate you so there goes my conclusion. Ice rain without boost from cold snap does really crap damage and therefore not useful in anyway for pvp (with our current skill mods).

Still I would prefer having a Daze Dragonchar if they use Smoke screen.

3 hours ago, Half said:

 But Sin is after FM bot the worst class you can get. Nothing is worse then FM (f40+ with cd reset on Divine Veil).

FM is very annoying yes, that 100% crit rate stacking chills on you is unfair however at least it's not able to kill you like summoner when you use Divine Veil and all his attacks are going through.

Btw which stage Divine Veil do you use? I use S1 for all classes except summoner,warlock and sometimes FM depending on skill bonus I receive

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T4S1 for all. It has less cd, stronger heal, higher damage reduction and additional heal projectils. So I can use pve soulshields in higher floors too. Special for Summoner I never would use stage 2. Against FM I was thinking about using stage 2 too, but I decided to use the lower cd S1 since FM bot is spamming Divine Veil, too.

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If you're getting countered+combo'd by a Sin below floor 50 or so... you either ani-cancelled or used LMB/RMB (even just once once will engage their AI) ... don't do that...


... Sins are a free kill, not quite the speed kill that you can get off WL/Summ/Destro - but they should never hold you back either...

Your problem is you're trying to be tricky - with good ol' Blazing Beam just Burn > hold 2 until focus gets low > F/1 for focus

(you can also use 1XFXF but don't let it ani-cancel, wait out the GCD to avoid triggering their AI)



FM you can also absolutely obliterate if you get Bevv's openner right - but if you fail the opener, expect painful stalling, as it's really hard to restart that fight properly if you don't get the kill right off the start.


and Bevv's openner for FMs is: Frost Orbits > Veil before they get orbits > let them impact you until they use Q/E/SS > get behind, pve


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