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  1. FM Soul shield question

    fire dps > ice dps. So it's obvious you want to have 2x dmg on inferno , which you can cast 2 times :)
  2. FM Soul shield question

    123 BT , rest MSP if you can or 123 xanos
  3. Balance Whirlwind please.

    @Zedonia My point was that you if you don't do BT now u won't claim top 30. However new legendary pvp weapons should come one after galaxy path
  4. Balance Whirlwind please.

    and eventually vortex people fight vs vortex people, but better cry here ofc
  5. Just wow, look I mean that you can obtain till end game gear right now with 2-3h play. I played GW2 myself and you need to do some end game event blabla top top end wasn't easy to get as you say. Plus GW2 back in days was B2P model
  6. PC Suggestions

    got myself Asus x370 + r7 1700, I dunno but I don't shattering anymore and it's feels smoother (had before Asus z97 hero 6 + i7 4970k), still sitting with 290x Stable 60-80 fps (drops on BT and MSP raids dropping around 30 fps time to time) but fps is mine VGA problem... since I got freesync, going to wait till VEGA now with hope :) Since I don't just play (need to do virtualisation of Ryzen is just great for that)
  7. 12/04 Maintenance delayed for 1hour

    well if they won't extend anymore servers will be up almost at 23h. I did expect extensions but well.....
  8. 12/04 Maintenance delayed for 1hour

    @Terra Every dev in a nutshell xD
  9. Blade and Soul performance on Ryzen?

    forget to mention that all consoles run on AMD APU :)
  10. Blade and Soul performance on Ryzen?

    well, let's put it this way R5 > i5 in any case (unless you care about 2-3 extra fps and and you do only gaming), r7 is a not pure gaming CPU it's loosing to 7700k but it's wins if you do more with PC. Many said and I may repeat Ryzen is future proof CPU and you know it's good to have competitor back on stage anyway!
  11. FM class after patch

    I mean freeze (aka root) needed not only in NF, it's also needed in BT 4th boss on fat add. Yeah speaking of NF root you just keep 2 stacks on him always, ofc press 3 way easier.
  12. Come 4/12, will we be losing AP and other stats?

    with HM lvl u were getting: AP HP Evasion Defense Block those stats will go
  13. FM class after patch

    Wat?! I spec RMB to chil, every 3rd RMB freeze = snare target did I missed smth?
  14. High-End PC, Low FPS

    Get MSI Afterburner and configure it to check CPU/GPU Utilizations
  15. High-End PC, Low FPS

    i7 4970k 16gb 290x after last updates haven't seen less than 30 fps even on turtle/bt (raid content).
  16. Will wardrobe be free on 12 april?

    @FlameWizard Well thing is that you can buy costumes with HM coins , which you can get simply by selling gold in Ctrl+C
  17. gg,bb,p2w,grind in short MMO's are made to have grind in them otherwise. There is no point in MMO if you play 1h per day and 2 days in a week. Why you even bothering or you expect to came after absence and get gear that others were getting in a months?
  18. Vulkan API

    Right, its been a while when last time topic was raised. I not dev myself (scripting doesn't counts). I'm going ask noobish question is it possible to get such support for Blade and Soul? If yes that's need to be done (please don't start they need redo whole game, because animation and models are all in already). As for my understanding all textures need to be re rendered to UE4 and UE3 replaced with UE4. Please correct me if I wrong. Don't just flood asking real question.
  19. Vulkan API

    @Kaigame I have i7 4690k 16gb 290x (some MSP lags are there) But it's not about 3 extra or less, it's about getting rid of Windows
  20. Vulkan API

    @Kaigame It's very simple Vulkan is platform independent , performance decrease yes 2fps on 4k rez very noticeable :)
  21. @Mirryn EU servers are in Germany just saying
  22. Ap for dungeons

    @Dlacik well according to calc from reddit we loose stats from current system and ye that's makes sense because we won't have point system anymore for skill, just whole thing gets revamp. Eventually we'll know that for 100% next thursday ;-)
  23. Ap for dungeons

    @Dlacik I know but still I'm HM12 atm with 809ap after things change I get 899ap (you loosing ap per hm level don't forget that)
  24. Ap for dungeons

    pure increase is 150, you get 100ap after successfully iframed