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  1. 64-bit mode option is missing

    Works now after reinstalling the entire windows. Redownloading and reinstalling the game +cleaning registry files didn't help at all.
  2. Raven Soul Shield better than MSP legendary SS?

    Of course raven is better if you are a whale, but for casual and f2p players, like me, it's easier to get Full8 MSP with critical on each shield + 2-3 layers of upgrade which is better than 1st random 8set from Skybreak spire, that also takes longer to get if you are not whale as I mentioned.
  3. No, according to data logger it runs in 32b. EDIT: I tried everything possible from redownload and reinstall to using backup point and system restoration for possible registry issues.
  4. And there still not fixed missing option to change game client into 64-bit mode.
  5. New to BD. Eletrical Surge?

    Actually Electric surge grants also 15% Crit hit .
  6. 64-bit mode option is missing

    I don't think you have checked my post properly. I don't have any option to switch between them. And according to logs it still runs on 32-bit client mode.
  7. After long and hard effort of dealing with 02024 error I finally managed to run the launcher and wanted to set it run in 64b mode, but couldn't find the option is settings. Note: The game is fresh installed. And yes my OS is 64b aswell.
  8. The new patch, harder dungeons?

    Yep it was buff applied to all 6m Silverfrost dungeons and it was +20% AP, not 100AP Now it's gone because it was there to help lower AP players get the 35-48 AP diamond or whatever you spent coins for.
  9. Can't start the launcher

    So, I would like to know how is this gonna be managed. I tried game reinstall, checked PC from viruses, repaired registers and ran HDD defragmentation. Nothing helped so far. Now most likely I must wait till NCs0ft finds root of the problem and fixes it which is gonna take min until next maintenance at best. Until then I have no other way to get into the game and do the event daily beside other dailies of course to get the amethyst. Just tell this fair for players when we are given update that wasn't properly tested? It's cool you finally implemented 64bit client, but what is it good for if I can't even start the game.
  10. Can't start the launcher

    That was first thing I tried, but still getting this error
  11. Can't start the launcher

    Got home, exited to see the changes and this is the only one I found..not happy any available fix? I will be thankful.
  12. Amethyst going to be impossible to get?

    In other words you need to have 9 characters in an account and a lot of free time.
  13. 669ap WL First time EC & DT

    Shame on me I did my 1st run not that long ago with more AP then you have :). I got perfectly learned the guide from freedomplays and was little confused when people wanted me to do things other as it was in the guide(at last boss). But nvm here is my advantage: 1st boss: Learn who and when to attack (actually you will find that very easy after 1st or 2nd run) 2nd boss: Learn being mark for missiles or DPS(stays close to ironhart the whole time) and tell party you can do only these 2. 3rd(last) boss: Learn marking and tell other party members you can do only mark. Because marking stays same for all tactics so it's easier to avoid problems. Everything else you will learn from practice and little look at written guide. Videos are good too, but I don't like them because you can miss many important steps that actually might be essential during fight.
  14. Amethyst going to be impossible to get?

    I hope so. Howerever it's not 100% sure only according to matching names. Like there are several exactly same items that have same name and still stacks cannot be
  15. Make Zaiwei Ruins Great Again

    I think, soon or later, People will start farming zaiwei again as price of Ivory scales will reach certain value on market and some groups of people will find it prifitable farming it.