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Which legendary weapon for FM


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I dont know what will happen after legendary stage 12 but as long as we have baleful and seraph, use baleful. You will never get a cd reset from seraph (maybe in 6v6 against 4+ extremely low enemies but thats not relevant). CD reduce of short fuse is also useless. Take baleful.

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I went the Seraph path on my FM and I don't regret it. The cooldown reset for baleful is not that great and my playstyle benefits more from white weap.


Tho.. I looked one thread above and what I'm hearing almost makes me gregret my choice. Ice fm boost? So maybe all baleful fms now did the best choice cause ice is being buffed.


Well once a seraph fm always a fire build major..

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No matter the build I dont see how seraph should be any useful. Cooldown reduce of C is by any means almost useless. It does no high damage, you don't have any focus problems anyway and you can burn the target with 1. For what do we need more short fuse? For bleeding? Not really. Baleful gives you cd reset (extra double inferno + double meteor on every reset), additional damage sometimes and slightly more damage with RMB. I dont see any point in using seraph.

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Myself, I'm using Baleful and am quite happy with it since it offers CD reset for valuable skills: Meteor Shower, Inferno (absolutely invaluable if you've Primal Force badge!), Short Fuse, Glacial Beam, Cold Snap, Divine Veil, Frost Armour S1/2…

One of my clanmates wears Galaxy Bangle and likes it very much.

Read this post about Galaxy Weapon too.

Can't say anything about Seraph. In theory, it'd only be useful in some solo dungeon with an incredible HP regen on bosses, and I doubt that such dungeon will ever be introduced, so I'd recommend go for Baleful/Galaxy.

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Seraph shouldn't even be on your radar...


Your choice should be between Galaxy and Baleful...



Baleful is the PvE weapon - it will remain relevant until we proceed to the next stage of PvE weapons, which will evolve from Baleful (or Seraph...)

(Chokma's buff makes 2 deal ~40% more damage)


Galaxy is the PvP weapon - it is arguably as strong as (or possibly slightly stronger than) our current Baleful, and it makes you hilariously durable, but its upgrade future is heavily PvP focused.

(Emperor gains cooldown reduction on 3)



And while you could make your decision based on what's best right now (probably Galaxy, but as a Galaxy user, I'm probably biased)...

Unless you have unlimited resources, you'd probably be better served to pick the one that's focused on the part of the game you most enjoy.

If you have unlimited resources... make both ;)


Note that we're talking about 6v6/OW PvP here - arena is gear equalized.

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