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  1. Shock Fire

    In patch notes you have changes, but in that case they didnt change anything beside adding cooldown and renamed it (2 first dots). They also made it more annoying for 2 and more FMs in party cause one will fail using it in same moment.
  2. Shock Fire

    Hello, can someone explain to me how Shock Fire should works after patch ? I mean the 3rd dot in patch notes cause I think they ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ed up this skill. I was talking with support they kinda got it what i was takling about but they has no clue how this skill should work tbh.. or maybe I don't know If anyone can see same problem with Shock Fire I can paste my conversation with support..
  3. LFP for VT Raid - I'm FM

    Hello everyone. I'm searching a VT group. I'm learning fast :) Check attachment. Contact in game: Tagon. Ask about everything you want :D
  4. [LFP] Spam Desolate Tomb 4m

    Hi, I'm looking for a group for spam Desolate Tomb 4m. I'm FM 705ap and i have done 54 DT already. Nickname: Tagon Regards !
  5. Requirements for solo Yeti

    I have a question, how much AP, Crit and Crit Dmg should I have to solo Yeti as Force Master?
  6. Should I chose Baleful Bangle or Seraph's Bangle? Which weapon will be better in the future?
  7. This event was only once? and when it was
  8. I trying to find item Feline Frisky, but only what i found is that I can buy it from Shin Bihye (Merchant of Wonders) when he appear after few dungeons with random stuff. I'm not sure if there is still a chace to meet him. Here is my question: How can I get Feline Frisky? is there any way ? is it obtainable or I can forget about it?
  9. So many replies ;o but after I read all, I will create BM that's can be cool experience of playing melee and the next one will be Assassin. Thenk you all for recommending :D
  10. I can't decide between Blade Master and Assassin. I already playing FM, but I wanted to try something melee. Which class would you reccomend for me? I don't play PvP so I want make some fun on PvE. In the other way Sword looks cool, but dagger is so shitty however Sin can more easily solo bosses than BM, am I wrong?