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  1. It appears that after the Skybreak Spire update the game client refuses to get along with the most of the software on my PC. Every time I try to run Discord, Firefox, Proces Explorer, my music player etc, I get the '<appname>.exe has stopped working'. If I launch affected software before starting the client, everything runs ok. Problem happens with both 32- and 64-bit versions of B&S. Checked for viruses and found none. I belive the new gameguard must be the issue, because what other component could interfere with the system?
  2. Stuck in combat bug!

    This bug extremely annoys me as well. I noticed that it typically occurs in dungeons like old BSH, CS and Deso, especially with Wl or Sum in party (Thralls and kitties belive they're still fighting, how cute). I also noticed that when we use the escape, the stamina bar becomes green at the same exact moment we click on 'Escape'. That probably means there must be a command implemented to force char to drop combat stance and it is executed right before tping char to the escape node. Why not make this command available outside of escape? For example, /sheath — and poof! you can sprint again. CD may be 1 min, if that command needs CD at all.
  3. Disconnected from server. (1000)(132,10054)

    Forgive the necroposting, but it appears that I'm getting the good old (1000)(132,10054) every 10-15 minutes or so after the last maintenance. My connection seems fine, ISP is ok too.
  4. Old weapon Salvage / cursor problems

    Having issues with the cursor while moving items too. No such problem with the 32-bit client though.
  5. Which legendary weapon for FM

    Myself, I'm using Baleful and am quite happy with it since it offers CD reset for valuable skills: Meteor Shower, Inferno (absolutely invaluable if you've Primal Force badge!), Short Fuse, Glacial Beam, Cold Snap, Divine Veil, Frost Armour S1/2… One of my clanmates wears Galaxy Bangle and likes it very much. Read this post about Galaxy Weapon too. Can't say anything about Seraph. In theory, it'd only be useful in some solo dungeon with an incredible HP regen on bosses, and I doubt that such dungeon will ever be introduced, so I'd recommend go for Baleful/Galaxy.
  6. Sorry for late reply, but yes, I had to go through it. Some updates: turns out my reason behind having no animations for the Deso 6/4 main boss was the Japanese voice pack after all! As soon as I installed it and went for Tomb 4 run, the issues appeared again. What's more, this voice pack also removes the voices of the first bosses (Twin Sisters) in Shattered Masts so it becomes harder to know when to expect 5x strike/ranged AoE. Downloading all the game files again atm, got no time to discover other cure than this one. All in all, it would be great to see an official option to change game voice to KR/JP/CN.
  7. I don't think you have to download BnS Lite Installer again :) I had to do so only because I deleted it a long time ago.
  8. [KR] Test Server changes to FM Skills

    I hope I'm wrong here too. Or, in case the HM skills will be removed and available for all players, the people who have unlocked HMs will at least get a refund of some sort.
  9. Hi again, @Bronn, Almost a month has passed, yet I haven't got my well-deserved 100k experience charm and 3 ToI tokens that I should've received on 23th of November. My clanmates still haven't got their weekly rewards too. Could you at least tell me whether or not we should expect our rewards, please?
  10. [KR] Test Server changes to FM Skills

    Hi, thanks for posting your opinion. I feared I am the only one who doesn't like the test server Skillbook :) I'm considering quitting B&S for good too if we'll have the skill Tiers removed. I view both Tiers and Stages as an essence of our Martial Tomes and the thing that influences combat style as well as skillbuilding diversity the most, i.e. one HM11 pvp player relies heavily on their Inferno landing a 100% crit on stunned/dazed target and on the 5m Shadow Grasp while the other is happy with a simple instant Inferno and would rather spend their invaluable skill points on Multiple Blaze, or on 16 m Phantom Grip. We're going to see a lot of players using the same skills each and every day, and that will make the game dull. What about the HM skills? They'll simply get removed. A real kick in the teeth for all the players who were grinding and saving money for the coveted T5 skills.
  11. Just uninstall the game client via 'Programmes and components' (or via CCleaner etc), download the B&S executable again, reboot and install. Should take care of the issue in the Foundry too.
  12. [KR] New Skillbuild in Testserver

    > The skill tree of all classes will be simplified and enhanced. The current system is too complicated with many “stages” and “tiers”. After the skill tree revamp, skills can be learned by simply selecting “stage” (no more tier). The total SP will be reduced accordingly since much lesser points are required to learn a specific skill. Refer to the video below for the test server preview of the new skill interface. DO. NOT. WANT. Do not want so bad that I'm considering quitting B&S for good if this skillboard comes to the final version :) Both Tiers and Stages are the essence of the whole Hongmoon Skillbook, I think. They form Talent Trees that are awfully pleasant to behold. Seriously, devs, please, don't ravage our beloved Hongmoon Skillbooks.
  13. Screen shaking effect, please make it stop!

    Yes, please, make an option to disable the screen shake! When I lay down 2 AoEs as FM, the screen goes crazy with shaking, FPS drops too. Quite annoying.
  14. I'll just leave this here.... (FM in TOI)

    Clanmate dropped 2 KR test server videos in Discord today, by the looks of it, something is going to change in FM skills pretty soon :) Notice the Heatwave/Fire Storm and Impact/Force Blast bound to separate keys! I just hope they won't force us to choose between Glacial Beam and Force Blast… Would be downright cruel. On a side note, the new skillboard looks so ugly. The current board with its Tiers and Stages is way better imo.
  15. Fixed the problem by re-installing the client the regular way. No idea what caused the bug though. Can't be the Japanese voice pack I had.