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Which Crafting and gathering Guilds is The Best?


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That would depend on what you want to do with it. The common "sets" are Forge/Radiant + Stone/Prosp, Cauldron/Earthseer + Fish/Herb, Potter/Soul + Tree/Thumbs, Taste + Trapper.  You can mix and match whatever you want though if you're okay with purchasing some of the base components. A lot of people go Merry Potter for the refiners/bowls which are used in many other crafts and combine with Soul Shields to craft transformation stones, but it is completely up to you what you want. I skirted that issue by making enough alts to level all of them.



Stonecutter - rocks

Prospector - ore

Fish Network - fish, fish oil

Herbside Service - herb, flower

Green Thumbs - clay, crops

Tree Fellers -  lumber, sap

Trappers - meat, bones



Forgekeeper (Prospector, a few Stonecutter) - useless weapons (imo), weapon skins (not that nice and super expensive to make), repair tools

Radiant Ring (Stonecutter) - Gems (can be expensive to make, pouches based on rng if you open them but can make a decent profit if you're willing to put in some gold first), Jewelry (the recipes for these don't seem to work...)

Silver Cauldron (Herbside, some Fish Network) - healing tonics, antidotes, extracts (some of these can make a profit but as with all crafting need to watch market)

Earthseer (Fish Network) - unsealing charms (usually profitable), escape charms, return charms

Acquired Taste (Trappers, some Green Thumb) - food (not sure if it's profitable)

Merry Potters (Green Thumbs, Tree Fellers) - jars, pickaxes, bowls, refiners (most other crafts use bowls/refiners for some recipes, is often one of the most recommended crafts along with soul wardens)

Soul Wardens (Tree Fellers, some Trappers) - transformation stones (usually cheaper to make if you also make your own refiners, not always that much if any profit), soul shields (the crit ones are usually profitable)

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I've talked to a few people at level 45+ who are in Earthseers and love being able to craft Unsealing Charms so they don't have to spend a lot of gold buying those charms every time they have to unseal a soul shield piece to see if it's high crit/stats or not (which can take 3 charms each to unseal). However IIRC, unless you are also in Merry Potters, you are not going to be able to make your own refiners to craft the Unsealing Charms in the first place.

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Merry Potters/Soul Wardens and Tree Fellers/Green Thumbs for the materials to supplement them. That is pretty much the only combination with a decent amount of self sufficiency. While others become important later on, it is best to have alts for that.

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5 hours ago, SpyderBite said:

Trying to determine the "best" anything in a MMO is a pretty futile practice.

Not when starting out, no. "Best" anything avoids bad choices that, while most likely inconsequential inconveniences, still are waste of time and resources that are a little annoying to replenish.


Also, you shouldn't expect everyone else to spend Ncoins on extra character slots.

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