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  1. First Impressions/Questions

    Not sure about walking through boulders, but invisible walls are common in games that have flying/gliding. I probably had the least issues with this in WoW, but both BnS and Aion have invisible air walls all over. Bots aren't as active in dungeons as they used to be at least the ones I've been running. Higher content tends to have less. The same is true for pve and pvp. When you reach a certain pvp rank there tends to be less bots. There has been however a wave of hackers showing up in pvp (have not seen this in pve aside from soul stone plains which is a mix of pve/pvp). The controls feel pretty normal to me, so I don't really have any input/advice on that. While the occasional bot in arena or afk in a dungeon is annoying, I still find the game interesting. Joining a clan or making some friends to play with goes a long way imo. The game isn't very community heavy, and you can progress through everything solo. However, as I get bored doing the same dailies over and over, it's mostly my clan that keeps me logging on. I also love the costumes. Make friends and play the game at your own pace. The game isn't for everyone, but I think it is a good game. Not sure what level you're at, but I'd at least get to 36+, preferably 45. Content approx 22-24 and under is pretty much still tutorial. And there's not much challenging until 45. Around 36 I'd say you'd have a good feel if you like the game or not as you get a decent idea what the dungeons, story, quests, dailies, etc are like. This is just my opinion though, so play and figure out how you feel about it.
  2. Mmm personal tastes I guess. I find the costume just okay to start with, so a recolor is worthless for me.
  3. Ehh...Wintertide is just a recolor of the Crimson Legion misty woods insignia costume but with an extra scarf. Not worth imo. Midnight Detective is super cute though!
  4. E Fleet and Nightshade Harbour?

    That is what I said, that it's 9 times total. ;o Guess it was unclear.
  5. E Fleet and Nightshade Harbour?

    I don't think it's been changed, but both are correct. The first time you enter it asks for a Naryu Silver. Every time after that it requires a Naryu Coin. Usually I'll accept a party request, especially if it's the party tag mobs. However, if I'm in a rush to plow through the place, I'll often just go solo as it's often faster than dragging people along and waiting for them to catch up or ressing when they die. Most people requesting parties are also doing all of the quests and sometimes I'm just left with waiting for Poh, so I'd rather run around to the bosses than stop along all the other quests. It can be hard to find people to run it with now, but imo it's more worth to just continue leveling and do other content. If you're in a clan, you could probably ask someone to accompany you. I don't really bother with E.Fleet/Nightshade anymore unless it's a daily challenge, but if a clan mate asks for help I'll usually go and duo it with them. Not sure if someone already mentioned this, but the last boss of the Nightshade and E.Fleet (Mysterious Man and Poharan) do not spawn until the other 3 main bosses (Thrasher/Munitions/Widows and Sobo/Chef/Slashimi) have been killed 9 times total. Some days it can be tiresome waiting for boss spawns so you can repeatedly kill them to get the final boss.
  6. Infernal Grass

    Not completely sure, but it says from Infernal Battlegrounds. Wasn't that the event NCSoft accidentally added to one of the patches a bunch of patches ago and then disabled the event later to correct the mistake? Disabled Infernal Battlegrounds As far as I'm aware it was not added back into the game. The item exchange merchant and any crafting that uses it probably doesn't exist yet if the area isn't active.
  7. The marketplace tax is retarded

    They've gone up to 28s as of today, but that's how much they were before on NA.
  8. Failed to upload photo

    If you mean in game character profile image, it's been disabled since mid March. As far as I know, it has yet to be enabled again.
  9. Something similar will eventually come to us if the text is correct. If you look under the first tab of your weapons/accessories you'll see a little icon that mentions resealing charms (which we don't have yet afaik). I'd guess from crafting or hmstore and probably expensive. Most likely more for changing mains than swapping gear for alts all the time.
  10. That would depend on what you want to do with it. The common "sets" are Forge/Radiant + Stone/Prosp, Cauldron/Earthseer + Fish/Herb, Potter/Soul + Tree/Thumbs, Taste + Trapper. You can mix and match whatever you want though if you're okay with purchasing some of the base components. A lot of people go Merry Potter for the refiners/bowls which are used in many other crafts and combine with Soul Shields to craft transformation stones, but it is completely up to you what you want. I skirted that issue by making enough alts to level all of them. Gathering: Stonecutter - rocks Prospector - ore Fish Network - fish, fish oil Herbside Service - herb, flower Green Thumbs - clay, crops Tree Fellers - lumber, sap Trappers - meat, bones Crafting: Forgekeeper (Prospector, a few Stonecutter) - useless weapons (imo), weapon skins (not that nice and super expensive to make), repair tools Radiant Ring (Stonecutter) - Gems (can be expensive to make, pouches based on rng if you open them but can make a decent profit if you're willing to put in some gold first), Jewelry (the recipes for these don't seem to work...) Silver Cauldron (Herbside, some Fish Network) - healing tonics, antidotes, extracts (some of these can make a profit but as with all crafting need to watch market) Earthseer (Fish Network) - unsealing charms (usually profitable), escape charms, return charms Acquired Taste (Trappers, some Green Thumb) - food (not sure if it's profitable) Merry Potters (Green Thumbs, Tree Fellers) - jars, pickaxes, bowls, refiners (most other crafts use bowls/refiners for some recipes, is often one of the most recommended crafts along with soul wardens) Soul Wardens (Tree Fellers, some Trappers) - transformation stones (usually cheaper to make if you also make your own refiners, not always that much if any profit), soul shields (the crit ones are usually profitable)
  11. The marketplace tax is retarded

    Most games (at least the ones I've played) have market fees for posting and sometimes for successfully selling as well. I would agree that the posting fees BnS has for the market is a bit overly complex with the different fees (posting, commission, daily commission, premium rank discounts, quantity fees, increased fees on some things for increasing time posted, instant delivery). I think games usually have fees as a money sink. It helps prevent inflation in small ways. May I ask what you were posting? I have not seen the posting fee be more than the amount I posted it for, though I have heard other people complain about it. It sounds more like a bug to me, since posting fees are, as far as I can tell, calculated from a percentage of the price you posted it for (plus factoring in premium rank discounts and quantity costs). A singular item posted at 5s with 0 Premium Rank, should have a posting fee of 10c with a sales commission (if item sells) of 15c, assuming the item was posted for 6hr (or cost did not change with time). The way fees are listed is a little confusing though. Below the red boxed section shows that the "additional registration fee" has already been calculated in the "Fee". Also if you have premium (don't think they've fixed it but I dropped my premium so dunno), the fee that shows up in the registration window is the non premium price though the charged amount is correct. The delivery fee depends on your level. At level 50, the fee is 51c. If you go to the vault/market/mail npc and pick it up in the mail tab, it does not charge the delivery fee.
  12. List of dailies to do?

    I don't recall where I found this spreadsheet (if it was on these forums or on reddit), but it seemed decent. List of Dailies
  13. Gem Slots Question

    O.O one that's depressing
  14. Gem Slots Question

    So I only did a quick search, but I don't think i found my exact answer. I know when you upgrade to silverfrost weapons the slots get rerolled. For me, the 3 characters I've done so far went from 4 to 3 slots. Question 1: Is it actually possible to roll higher or lower than 3? Question 2: Does anyone know if we might be getting the 4th, 5th, and 6ths slots during the weapon progression at some point? Or is it probably safe to spend gem hammers to get those slots open now? Sorry if I missed the answer somewhere and thanks for any info people might have. :)
  15. Not sure if I'm misunderstanding your wording, but that is not correct. You get 1 chest free per character per day. By default this chest will open to 2 random items, of which you can only purchase 1.