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  1. I qualified for the costume immediately. Must have played more than 50 rounds of Titans over the weekend alone. B)
  2. No issues here before or after gameguard was replaced.
  3. I wouldn't notice if they increased server performance. I have a top of the line gaming rig and fast unthrottled/unlimited internet. I don't experience the problems other's complain about.
  4. Blows my mind that people still spin disks. On the other hand, there are still 19 million people out there running Windows Vista.
  5. This isn't EQ2 or WoW where people "hang out" in game. Interaction for groups and such is done via the in-game system or within a guild. If you just want to chat, use the in game chat.
  6. There are options.. 1. Get a job or a better job 2. Rob a 7-11 or Quik Trip 3. Steal money or credit card from your parent/guardian's purse or wallet 4. Offer personal services in trade for pre-paid debit cards 5. Play on one of the Asian servers And please.. do not pull the "I'm poor!" routine. $12/month is less than most spend on coffee in the US and EU. Poverty doesn't explain the cost of a gaming rig you play on.
  7. With high speed internet just about everywhere today; how is a "speed hack" supposed to work? Originally, it was a hack used to cause huge lag spikes and sometimes even disconnects for people who were on slower connections when 57kbs was the fastest speed available unless one was playing on a T1 connection. It was called a "Speed Hack" because it would appear to the person on the slower connection that the attacker was skipping or warping across the screen. In reality, this in itself, was not the hack. That was just a symptom of the lag in which the game couldn't download the data fast enough
  8. I've been getting pretty good fps before and after the patch. Only time I get any kind of deterioration in fps is when I play from work where I'm on a crappy DSL connection.
  9. l2p? Just sayin'. I'm am not having any issues with FM. Perhaps try different build?
  10. Why? reselling only takes revenue away from the game. I don't understand the point. Buy something from the store.. resell it for gold, when its possible that it may have sold on the store instead. So we don't need development teams and the servers no longer need electricity or bandwidth?
  11. Ignore what you read on the forums. People don't jump on the internet to joyfully declare how happy they are about a game, service, product, etc. They jump on the internet to rage about how unhappy they are about any of the above. This has been common sense since around 1996.
  12. Heh. A business wants to make money. Go figure. How dare they turn their hobby in their garage into a money making endeavor that pays people like developers and engineers. Better yet.. how dare those employees demand a wage for their services. This is just unacceptable.
  13. You must be new to MMOs. Things progress when you go away. So you have to catch up. Uninstall and move on or adapt and catch up. Don't see the purpose of crying on the forums. Not like they're going to do a revert for you all the way back to the day you quit.
  14. You literally quoted the definition of a modern F2P game. Spend money or grind for hours. That's how it works. The development and server costs aren't funded with HM coins. Sheesh.
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